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My New EDC.

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Black Toe Knives, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    My very First Folder. Just finished my new EDC. I been wanting a New EDC. I been carrying a Buck Rush. But I wanted my own knife. Well I have it finally. It said the last person to carry his own knives are knife makers.

    Blade is ATS 34
    Blade Length is 3''
    Overall is 7 1/4''
    Handle is Titanium
    Hardware is Stainless Steel.
    Weights in at 2 oz.

  2. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Into the world of folders!

    I hope you won't give up making fixed blades now that you have a "swinger".
  3. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    HSO, I have 1/4''x 4''x 16'' Alabama Damascus billet on it way, what do you think?
  4. Highpower1

    Highpower1 Well-Known Member

  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    You going to use the AD for the blade or the frame and blade? Thought about some Timascus for that frame yet???:evil:
  6. heron

    heron Well-Known Member

    Wow, two ounces! Looks very nice; straightforward, simple, utilitarian. Good job!
  7. Leadhead

    Leadhead Well-Known Member

    Looks beefy but low fat at the same time.... Nice!

    Are you going to clip it?
  8. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    Leadhead I will clip it if requested. I don't clip mine. I always lose them that way. The last one I carried I found it twice laying next to my jeep. My friend found it once in her yard.
    That when i dropped it deep in my pocket.
  9. BRad704

    BRad704 Well-Known Member

    Looks great as usual... I like clips on mine, but that's just me... Don't like the bulk getting down into the bottom of my pocket
  10. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    Brad, You ain't carried one of these. There is no bulk. The Knife is only 3/8'' thick and only weights 2 oz. Plus I hate losing a 300 plus dollar knife.
  11. Leadhead

    Leadhead Well-Known Member

    Losing any knife is a bummer but I've never had a problem with clips so far.... this knife being so light might go missing without a guy realizing it I guess.

    How do you figure you keep loosing them when clipped?

    Is it from pulling large items out of the same pocket and dislodging the knife or from a sitting position that has somehow pushed the knife right out of your pocket?

    Just trying to understand your experience...

    A tear away leash might help...or a nice sheath would do the job as well I guess.
  12. Limeyfellow

    Limeyfellow Well-Known Member

    My wife lost a Kershaw Leek that was clipped into her pocket, but that was with trousers that where very slippery to begin with. I would recommend not using clips if wearing the likes of 1970s polyester jumpsuits when going disco dancing.
  13. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    This one is so light it get lost in your pocket.
  14. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    I have one about like it and there's no weight to it either.
  15. Black Toe Knives

    Black Toe Knives Well-Known Member

    HSO you have a Sebenza?
  16. pictoblu

    pictoblu Well-Known Member

    Nice folder, Black Toe.

    The handle resembles those made by that boy over in Alabama, who had worked for Parker, back YEARS ago. His name was Randall Gilbert, or something like that. Memory fades as the years add up. He had took knifemaking lessons from James Huckeba, who is dead now, was called Huck by many folks. If I remember that his name was not Randall Gilbert, I'll come back and post it. But Randall used to do the orange peel finish on some of those folders he made, titanium handles.

    I prefer tip up pocket clip, but others like tip down.

    Again, nice folder, keep up the good work.

    Just hit me-Randall Gilbreath. That is who made handle like that. Then the copy cat extraordinaire, the fellow in Cordele Ga, can't call his name right now, he made some of those type folders also. Sheesh. Old age is a trip. Good grief.

    Edited to add this:

    Here's a picture of one of the many of R Gilbreath's folders that I used to own. Took this pic at least 5 years ago, maybe longer ago. You can see the same basic handle slabs but very different blade shape. I can't remember the blades steel. Maybe the same as yours, maybe not.

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2010
  17. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member


    I carry a Sebenza, but I have one of the Randall Gilbreath folders like pictoblu in my collection. That's the one I was referring to. The Gilbreath is nearly weightless compared even to the Sebe so I know your's is lighter than my Sebenza.
  18. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Great looking Folder!

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