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My new Richard Heinie built 1911!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by nwilliams, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member

    A couple years ago I picked up a used Colt 1911 customized by Richard Heinie and all I knew about it was that it was marked as being one of his builds. Well a few weeks ago I got an email from Richard Heinie stating he recognized the gun and that it was one that he had built it for himself many years ago. It was a very early one marked "RH24" and he asked me what I would take for it. He made an offer to me of either a Nighthawk or another one of his custom builds. Of course I opted for one of his builds and told him what I was interested in. He emailed me back and told me that he was currently building a gun for himself using a Kimber Pro Carry II and said it would be done in a week or so. So we did an even trade, the Colt he wanted back for the Kimber he was building.

    Well today i picked up the Kimber and I couldn't be more happy with it. Obviously it is a masterpiece of a 1911 if Heinie built it. What's even cooler is that he was building this gun for himself and not for a customer. From what I've heard Heinie stopped taking orders a few years back so to get a brand new gun built by him is pretty awesome!

    On a nice final note I emailed him to ask if he was happy to have his Colt back and his response was, "I took it out the other day and shot it and forgot how much I enjoyed shooting it" and that too me was all I needed to hear to know that I made the right decision in doing this trade with him. I'm glad I could reunite Mr. Heinie with his old Colt and in return I got really nice gun and I have a great story to go with it, this is a gun I'll keep for the rest of my life, there's no doubt about that!

    Here is a list of the work that was done to this gun:
    *Heinie Ledge Straight Sights
    *McCormick beavertail grip safety
    *Scallop Front strap
    *Flatten and scallop mainspring housing
    *Cylinder & Slide hammer, safety and disconnector
    *Nighthawk trigger
    *Tool steel ejector
    *Beveled mag well
    *Throat and polish barrel
    *Cut barrel flush with slide
    *Deep recess crown
    *Wilson BP thumb safety
    *Wilson BP slide stop
    *G10 Grips
    *22# recoil spring installed
    *Marked "R. Heinie" under serial number
    *Marked "RH471" under thumb safety




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  2. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member

    More pics....



  3. CPshooter

    CPshooter Well-Known Member

    Very cool story! Thanks for sharing!

    Nice gun too! Says something about Kimber pistols if Mr. Heinie himself was choosing it as the basis of his very own gun.
  4. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    very nice.... esp cool "pay it forward" type score. Looks a lot like my WC Professional.. I like the non standard Bull barrel look.
  5. sleepyone

    sleepyone Well-Known Member

    very neat story indeed!
  6. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    Very cool indeed, and yes you did the right thing and probably made a friend.
  7. splithoof

    splithoof Well-Known Member

    Now that is an artwork!
    After 20K+ it will be going strong.
  8. Stringfellow

    Stringfellow Well-Known Member

    Very nice!

    I don't like checkering, but I have really come to like that chain link texturing.
  9. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    Neat! Definitely a win-win situation for both of you. Enjoy your new custom Heinie/Kimber Pro Carry II.
  10. PowderMonkey

    PowderMonkey Well-Known Member

    You sure know how to place light, and how to capture it with your EOS 5D. : )

    Well done shots sir, and a beaut of a single stack. Nice story.
  11. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Very nice, very nice indeed.
  12. gspn

    gspn Well-Known Member

    That is really cool. I love a gun with a story...and that story has a happy ending for all involved.
  13. KTXdm9

    KTXdm9 Well-Known Member

    Sexy! I really like the way the stainless trigger pops against the rest of the pistol. Also a big fan of that style of front strap checkering.
  14. tuj

    tuj Well-Known Member

    That looks outstanding, let us know how it shoots!
  15. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    You are very lucky ! Heine guns are the schizzle IMHO. While I don't understans why he would start with a Kimber, after he goes thru it it no longer really matters. He did mild functional work on my Officers Light weight 20 years ago and it runs like a top! One of the few true 1911 masters still around.
  16. tarosean

    tarosean Well-Known Member

    He replaced the guts and that's where Kimber skimps... They have always had nice looking guns.. Just never been fond of the internals..

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