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My new site linking all things RKBA!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Cavalier Knight, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Cavalier Knight

    Cavalier Knight Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone my name is Mr. Reynolds & I am from New York, NY. I would like to introduce you to my new website Small Armz. This site is brand new & I will continue to update it daily. The site is very basic and was created as a portal to “link” all things RKBA! Please feel free to contact me here or from the site via e mail if you have a website that you wish to include. Like I said it's a work in progress so some areas of the site may not contain much information yet but with your assistance it will begin to grow.

    I also ask that you support our 2A efforts in the upcoming election year. As an NRA Life Member & recruiter I ask you to please join or renew your NRA membership which you can also do from my site at a discounted rate of $25.00. This is $10 off of the standard annual rate! If one person joins & he or she asks one more person to join it can only help to strengthen our position.

    Please take a sneak preview of the site & let me know what you think. Don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend! If your friends & family are not members then "you're" supporting "their" 2nd Amendment rights so ask them to join too! Thanks in advance.

    Click here SmallArmz
  2. #shooter

    #shooter Well-Known Member


    It was a little slow, but it was nice to have many of the sites I visit all in one place. Good work!
  3. Cavalier Knight

    Cavalier Knight Well-Known Member

    It's a bit picture intensive so I apologize for the lag in loading. thanks
  4. camslam

    camslam Well-Known Member

    I've added it to my favorites. Thanks for your work and efforts to defend our 2nd amendment rights.
  5. Winter Borne

    Winter Borne Well-Known Member

    Welcome Mr. R from a former NY'r and NY pistol permit owner. Go Yanks! I love the site, and think you did a great job!

  6. hexidismal

    hexidismal Well-Known Member

    Hey mrreynolds, looks like a great start. I'm not sure I like the design particularly. It doesn't look very professional. Please don't take offense to that, I didn't intend it that way. It looks like exactly what it is, an informative and wonderfully pro-RKBA site which is clearly a very large undertaking by a non graphics pro.. and that's a good thing. That being said, I just so happen to be a graphics professional, so my eye is somewhat critical. AND should you wish to contact me, I would be willing to provide freely what consultation and graphics work in my free time I could, purely to promote the rkba cause in NY. And believe me, getting a graphics guy to say he'll work for free is a very rare thing.. hehe

    Just out of curiosity , where in NY are you located mrreynolds ? I think it's especially good to see pro rkba efforts from Ny'ers.
  7. Nomoney

    Nomoney Active Member

    Wow! That's a really nice site. I especially like the manufacturers page. I must say it is probably one of the most comprehensive list of manufacturers i've seen.

    Good Work!!:):)
  8. BlackBearME

    BlackBearME Well-Known Member

    +1 and my first bookmark on the new computer!
  9. Richmond

    Richmond Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the link to the site. Spent a little time there and it draws together a lot of resources, as well. Loaded OK for me.
  10. Mainsail

    Mainsail Well-Known Member

    The site is blocked by the firewall here on (a USAF) base.
  11. tuckerdog1

    tuckerdog1 Well-Known Member

    Many thanks.

    Already a very good site, and potential to get even better.
    Bookmarked. I see myself coming by often.

  12. Cavalier Knight

    Cavalier Knight Well-Known Member

    @ hexidismal: I'm from Harlem NYC.....& I will endeavor to be more creative in the future, lol. Everyone thanks for your support.

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