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My son wants a Mosin!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by AnthonyC., Dec 22, 2007.

  1. AnthonyC.

    AnthonyC. Well-Known Member

    My son came up to me today and said "Dad, I would like a Mosin-Nagant for Christmas", ....I didnt know what to say, He has not been very intrested in mil-surp guns at all. He is 15 and I was wondering if I did get him one, what could I do to cut down on recoil? I want this to be a good experiance for the both of us, if I do get one for him for Christmas. I have never shot one. The biggest caliber we have ever shot has been a 30-06 Remington 700 with a factory recoil pad. and He said that it kicked hard and hurt his sholder a little but he loved it. so what kind of a recoil pad should I get him to go along with the rifle and what should I expect to pay for an m44? or a carbine?

    Thanks very much,
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2007
  2. bensdad

    bensdad Well-Known Member

    Mosin's can still be had pretty cheap. I paid less than $100 for mine. The ammo is still pretty cheap also.

    Recoil? It's on par with a .30-06. If you really feel the need, I'm sure there's a slip-on that would fit.
  3. bvchurch

    bvchurch Well-Known Member

    Just for informational purposes I would start here:

    And also for other information look here:

    Anyways, several things to hit here. First you need to make the choice of a carbine (m38, m44 etc) or a full length rifle (m91/30 etc). Myself, the recoil seems to be less noticeable from the M91/30 compared to my m44. My m38 I enjoy shooting quite a bit. Price ranges on the standard, refurbished, imported firearms probably ranges from $60 on up with shipping, or if you live near a Big 5, Gander Mountain, Joes Sports, Dunhams, you should be able to find them there on sale for around $70 to 80.

    Recoil: I use a Limbsaver Slip On recoil pad as it works well and it is easy to get on and off, as I found out in below freezing temperatures the other day when I was switching between guns. These run around $25 (check your wal mart out)

    I reference this site:

    It gives you an idea though not all prices are current. Expect to pay at least 15 cents around after shipping, but still not bad. I order my ammunition through Century as shipping is only $12.95.

    Hope this helps.
  4. TimboKhan

    TimboKhan Moderator

    Good for your kid! The carbine will be a tad lighter, but the rifle will soak up more recoil, although your probably splitting hairs for something thats going to be a range gun. Check around, because it is usually possible to get the rifle, plus accessories for around the $100 to $125 mark. Jensen Arms in Loveland, CO had two crates of carbines in, so if your son doesn't mind waiting past Christmas and you can't find anything around where you live, give them a call.
  5. cbn620

    cbn620 Well-Known Member

    Definitely get a good example M91/30, look for clean examples with smooth machining and matching parts. The heavier weight and longer barrel make the recoil a lot more manageable. The 91/30's recoil is comparable to the average .30-06, maybe even a little lighter.

    Ammo is cheap, I recommend either Brown Bear or Silver Bear for the price. About 8 bucks gets you twenty rounds, usually.

    The M44 is the carbine version, some of them can kick like a mule. They also sometimes present accuracy problems and need to be tweaked due to the side folding bayonet. For a new shooter, I would avoid the M44 in my humble opinion. Like I said, the stout recoil and possible need for maintenance might discourage a new shooter.

    Prices for all of these should be 70-100 dollars before taxes/fees, depending on condition such as all matching parts. I stress all matching parts--make sure especially that the bolt matches the receiver's serial number with no line-outs/force matches.
  6. cleardiddion

    cleardiddion Well-Known Member

    I say your son's got an excellent taste in milsurps!
    My first gun was an MN, still have it actually and ironically enough I'm considering dolling it up and presenting it to my father as a present this christmas!
  7. cracked butt

    cracked butt Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a lot of 91/30 hex receiver and ex-dragoon rifles in stores recently- look around carefully and pick one of these with a good barrel- far more interesting than the rough crap made during the war.
  8. U.S.SFC_RET

    U.S.SFC_RET Well-Known Member

    Get him a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant. Look around, they can be had and they shoot pretty accurate.
  9. jrfoxx

    jrfoxx Well-Known Member

    A simple, cheap, slip-on recoil pad will take the bite out of the recoil nicely.Still a decent shove like 30-06, but the pad will keep the steel buttplate from hurting, and the rubber helps keep the butt in the right place, as steel is a little slippery, and a slipping rifle butt tends to make recoil worse.
  10. GD

    GD Well-Known Member

    If you are willing to pay about 2-3X what a Russian mosin will cost, I would highly recommend a Finnish M39. Wholesale Guns and Ammo will ship an antique one to your door or you can have a non-antique sent to your favorite FFL. You will get an accurate out of the box rifle that you will be able to preview at their website:
    If money is a factor, you should be able to find a Russian mosin at Big 5, Dunhams, etc or at any gunshow for $100 or less.
  11. AnthonyC.

    AnthonyC. Well-Known Member

    I think we might go up to Gander today just to check them out. I think I may let him pick one out, and I may have to pick one out for myself as well! Should be fun. Defidently going to get a recoil pad for him. Not sure if I am going to need one yet but we will see.

    Thanks for all the help,

  12. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    Dunhams sells the Mosins for $69.00 to $79.00. They laminated stocked Mosins sell for Apprx. $120.00

  13. Clipper

    Clipper Well-Known Member

    Drop a 91/30 into an ATI stock, and it will shoot like the 30-06.
  14. dgray64

    dgray64 Well-Known Member

    Good for him! Get him a shooting jacket (it's winter) with a shooting pad at the shoulder. With good ear plugs, he won't hear it and he won't feel it. They are great shooting guns (mine's an M44 carbine) that are very accurate, sturdy and since they have already lasted forever, they can be trusted to probably outlast him. The investment is low and the fun is forever. Make sure you have a good, secure shooting area as the bullets, like the 30-06 goes through the target, backstop and forever. You need a good berm behind the target area. Merry Christmas!

    Dave :neener:
  15. mudslinging79

    mudslinging79 Well-Known Member

    i would go with either an m38 or the m44, both are under 100$ on sale at big 5. as for the recoil, i use a limbsaver slip on butt pad. cheaper than the ati stock, and no modifications needed, unlike the "drop in" ati stock.
  16. Clipper

    Clipper Well-Known Member

    Just a cotton pickin' minute! Get your facts straight... My 91/30 dropped into the ATI without any mods. I could, however, see how the bayonet might have to be removed (a real liability when you've put 5 rounds into that deer and he's still attacking), or the forestock relieved in the case of the M-44 only.
  17. wrench

    wrench Well-Known Member

    Your son has wonderful taste! I do love my mosins. I'd get a nice 91/30 to start with, good balance, nice size. I like them better than the carbines.
    For recoil, get one of these:
    You can wear in under your shirt, so no one knows:), and makes it easy to switch from rifle to rifle.
    You could also look around for some of that czech training ammo that's been around, big blast, but recoil like a .22
    Careful, it's corrosive, though.
    Good luck!
    And check out this website, where the mosin nuts live....
  18. highbrow

    highbrow Well-Known Member

    Get a PAST recoil shield. Strap it on your son and he will be ready for all guns. They work very well and you don't have to do anything to the rifle.
  19. cridertj

    cridertj Well-Known Member

    my son was 10 years old when i got him a m44 and the recoil was nothing for him
  20. TauZero

    TauZero Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to get him what he wants. By that i mean does he like the long look of the 91/30 or the permanant bayonet of the shorter M44. Does he like the look of a laminated stock or does he like hardwood? Either rifle is cheap and fun to shoot. So get him the look he wants.

    Also don't forget to get the headspace checked. Make sure his gun is safe to shoot.

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