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My very first Savage.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by chrissmallwood, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. chrissmallwood

    chrissmallwood New Member

    Hi all. I just bought my very first Savage earlier today. I picked up a Mark II GL from Gander Mtn. I was just browsing through the racks and I thought to myself about how I didn't have a bolt action .22 other than my .22WMR Marlin 925M which can get expensive to shoot. I stopped when I got to the Savage's and this one piqued my interest. Now mind you Im actually right handed but I figured that since most of my shooting is done off a bench then the left handed action might work out better plus I thought it would be neat to own. Besides that the right handed models were 20$ more expensive and this one already had a set of weaver type scope mounts installed so I figured it was a better deal. All night I couldn't wait to get home so I could fiddle with it. Hopefully it wont be my last, Id like to buy a Stevens 200 in .223. Anyway enough of my babbling here are a few pics.


  2. jpwilly

    jpwilly New Member

    Oh, that wood it pretty! I'm a lefty so if you decide to sell let me know.
  3. gbran

    gbran Active Member

    Very good choice. I have 3 Savages.
  4. sarduy

    sarduy New Member

    Very nice rifle you got there...

    you'll like it even more when the first round is send downrange
  5. chrissmallwood

    chrissmallwood New Member

    Yeah Im excited to get it out and shoot it. Not sure if I want to put a scope on it yet shoot it as is.
    jpwilly, I think you'd have a better shot at winning the lottery then getting me to sell this rifle. Ive traded off and sold a few of my guns before but never a .22.
  6. jws527

    jws527 New Member

    I've got a Mk.II with the cheapo plastic stock.

    Hell of a shooter, especially for the money.
  7. Guvnor

    Guvnor New Member

    I just got the same exact gun last week. Its a great shooter with the accutrigger. The sights are kinda basic but work surprisingly well out to 50 yards.
  8. chrissmallwood

    chrissmallwood New Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Im hoping to maybe get it out to the range today or tommorow when time permits.
  9. chrissmallwood

    chrissmallwood New Member

    Well I finally got her to the range. Had quite a bit of fun with it but it took me a bit to get used to the left-handed bolt. I only shot her at 25yds to try and get her sighted in, once I finally got her close I was able to keep all of the shots within 1.5" if I took my time. This was with Mini-Mags and the Federal bulk stuff. Both pretty much shot to the same point of aim. Ill have to try and see if some differrent ammo will produce better results. All in all she performed flawlessly except when I loaded the magazines with more than 7 rnds. If I did then when I would try to chamber a round the bottom of the bullet would get pushed into the bottom of the chamber and get gouged, 7 rnds or less would feed fine. Im guessing that since its a new mag that there is still too much spring pressure with more than 7 rnds so I might try to work the springs for a bit to ease the tension on them, hopefully that will help. All in all Im pretty happy with it

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