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My wife surprised me today

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by gimlet1/21, May 8, 2009.

  1. gimlet1/21

    gimlet1/21 Well-Known Member

    A local gun shop had an inventory clearance sign out front today, as the wife and I are entering she says, "Don't ever complain about my trips to walmart, just this past week you've bought a .30-.30 Marlin ($250), a mossberg 500a($65), and now here we are stopping at another gun store."

    O.K. we split up, 2min later I hear her calling me. She has found what I think is a gem, and is discussing the sale price with the owner!:rolleyes: What a woman! Last year she bought the boys paintball guns and told them," Dogs no-way Cats OK.":evil: I think I found a gem 16 years ago:D

    Here is how she finished the deal, he wanted $175, she got him down too $100. I paid the man! I am very proud of her, irregardless of how this purchase works out for me.

    • Is anyone familiar with the Texan Autoloader?
    • What are its capabilities?
    • Was it worth $100?
    • How do I get started

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  2. lgbloader

    lgbloader Well-Known Member

    good shot shell loaders. Oldies but goodies...

  3. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Well-Known Member

    Nice deals, good bargaining.

    Just curious about why your wife thinks it's OK to shoot one domestic animal and not another?
  4. 472x1A/B

    472x1A/B Well-Known Member

    I have a model M Texan progressive. Bought it 22 years ago and still don't have all of the powder bushings yet. Had to have a machanist make most of the shot bushings for me. Wouldn't sell it for a $1000 tho. FWIW I think you got ( your wife) got a really great deal.
  5. elktrout

    elktrout Well-Known Member

    Hang on to that woman!!! Lot's of us would love to have our wives as involved in our sport as yours is.
  6. depoloni

    depoloni Well-Known Member

    Uhh... well, as a dog owner I'd have to agree. To each his own but I dislike cats.

    Haven't met one yet that's convinced me it wasn't out for itself. Rare to meet a dog that wouldn't kill itself for its owner. But I am absolutely biased so please (?) don't take that personally anyone. :D

    That being said, don't think I'd give my kids the okay to paintball either. More because cat owners have lawyers than anything else - I doubt he's "hunting" cats, and a paintball is better than a 22 from a cat's point of view when it's trespassing where it shouldn't be.

    Kind of funny - the story, not the sidetrack on the paintballs versus domesticated species. Your wife rocks. Mine? She refused to shoot much for years until I put a pistol in her hand and then repayed me by quickly outshooting me. Every time, still does too. Good for the ego, or was that humility?

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