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My Wife this Morning on WLS Chicago for Concealed Carry

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by swan hunter, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. swan hunter

    swan hunter Well-Known Member

    My wife is spokesperson for IllinoisCarry.com
    She sent out a news release about the murder of 5 women in Chicago the other day and was invited on the show this morning. She had her crap together and MADE ME PROUD! About 10 minutes long

    I don't know if we will ever get this messed up state fixed but, it isn't for lack of trying!


    Then download the program
  2. ilbob

    ilbob Well-Known Member

    I just listened to it. She did good.
  3. Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams Well-Known Member

    A darn good job. Give her a hug for me.
  4. orionengnr

    orionengnr Well-Known Member

    Your wife is a great spokesperson for 2A.

    As a former Illinois resident, it is one of my great regrets that I could never voluntarily live there again due to their ludicrous 2A laws.

    Perhaps that may change one day. :)

    Keep up the good work.
  5. Don Gwinn

    Don Gwinn Moderator Emeritus

    Yeah, it's great, but it doesn't really belong here. I'm going to move this to General (it'll get more views there anyway.)
    We'll leave a redirect here so no one misses it.

    Tell your wife I said "Thanks."

    And now I will nitpick the WLS . . . . well, the webmaster, since realistically, that's probably who wrote this. I'm glad they gave Mrs. Rowe a chance to present our side, but it does look like they, like a lot of people, think there are women walking around with Illinois CCW permits. There's no such thing, and there are certainly no women with CCW in Illinois except police officers with federal permits under HR218.
    It's ridiculous of me, I know, but it bugs me.
  6. ColinthePilot

    ColinthePilot Well-Known Member

    Outstanding. Congratulate your wife for me on a job well done! I have a friend who lives in Illinois, but unfortunately he'll be away for work on the Lobby Day.

    good luck and keep up the good work!
  7. Skirmisher

    Skirmisher Well-Known Member

    Good job! In Florida it was a woman Marian Hammer, who worked to get shall issue CCW and many more states women took the issue to the forefront. Now is the time for the great push in IL with the murder of those defenseless women at the Mall. Your wife sounds like she can be that leader at this time. Love the Bill number, 4544! People will really remember it.
  8. Duncan223

    Duncan223 Well-Known Member

    I agree, that is a stupid statement considering it is illegal for women (or nearly anybody) to carry in Illinois.
  9. romma

    romma Well-Known Member

    Your wife did outstanding swan!
  10. #shooter

    #shooter Well-Known Member

    Bravo! She did great!
  11. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member


    One thing I really appreciated...WLS radio..Chicago..Stickin' it to Emperor "DICK" Daley II in his own front yard!

    Ohio's CCW law is still kind of screwy, but it IS getting better. I liked her point about having to stop at the state line, and put her defensive arms away, out of immediate reach.
  12. Dihappy

    Dihappy Well-Known Member


    Im not from Ill, but say thank you to your wife for me.

    1 state at a time :)
  13. MarshallDodge

    MarshallDodge Well-Known Member

    Good for her! She did a very good job of explaining the good side.

    As an ex-resident I really hope you guys can get your law changed.
  14. tuckerdog1

    tuckerdog1 Well-Known Member

    Very nicely done. And thank you WLS. Hope she reached a LOT of people.

    Best of luck IL.

  15. greenflash107

    greenflash107 Well-Known Member

    She did great. I like the part about the current bill "4544" Thank her for me.
  16. Slinger

    Slinger Well-Known Member

    We listen to WLS (Don & Roma) every morning. I caught the end of you wife's interview, looked over at my wife and raised my eyebrow at her. Been trying to talk her into getting her Indiana carry permit. I think the interview might have opened her eyes a little more.
  17. hotpig

    hotpig Well-Known Member

    I love your wife.;)
  18. txgho1911

    txgho1911 Well-Known Member

    So what is her full name. I think spelling will count in write in votes for POTUS.
  19. Bobo

    Bobo Well-Known Member

    Your wife is a great spokesperson! She has a very nice sounding voice, she speaks clearly and at a good speed, and she has very good way of expressing her thoughts clearly and concisely.

    I saved the audio file to my hard drive for future use. My state (VA) has very good carry laws, but just yesterday my wife told me a friend of hers is thinking about buying a gun and getting a concealed carry permit. I will ask the woman to listen to your wife's testimony. I think it may help to give her a gentle push in the right direction.

  20. catfish101

    catfish101 Well-Known Member

    Nice job.

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