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N82 Tactical IWB Holster

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by DFisher3112, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. DFisher3112

    DFisher3112 Well-Known Member

    I am going back and forth between Alien Gear IWB and N82 Tactical IWB Holster for my first CCW holster. I haven't chose what gun I want to use but wanted to get an idea of what be a better holster and why. I have looked at reviews for both holsters and they both seem to be liked by everyone who uses them.

    So I am turning to everyone here at THR and wanted to get some reviews on N82 Tactical Professional Series IWB Holsters. In case you don't know what I'm talking about heres a link to their website...

  2. blahpony

    blahpony Well-Known Member

    I have a pro version for my LC9. It's very comfortable and conceals nicely.
  3. DFisher3112

    DFisher3112 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help. I found out that there company is about an hour from me so I may try and contact them to see if they have a showroom of some sort and allow people to go up there and check out their products.
  4. Joe_N

    Joe_N Member

    I realize this is a year old thread but I am considering a N82 holster for my M&P Shield and wondered if the OP purchased a holster from them. DFisher3112 and anyone else that has a N82 holster can you give a quick review and where do yo wear it? Is it wearable as AIWB?
  5. TigerCreek

    TigerCreek Active Member

    Had one for my Nano. Wore it in the small of my back. Very well made in the USA, adjustable and comfortable.
  6. JTQ

    JTQ Well-Known Member

    Up front, I have neither an N82 or an appendix holster, though I've looked at both options over the years.

    As far as appendix carry with the N82, I'm sure you could do it, but it doesn't have the typical characteristics of the popular AIWB holsters and that is the small footprint. It is probably soft, but it has a lot of material that you'd have to find a place for between your hip bone and your belt buckle. Depending on how big you are that may not be a problem.

    As far as the N82 in general, the analogy I'd like to use, is I think of the N82 like I think of Croc's footwear. They are comfortable, but if I had to run in them, I'd much rather have a different pair of shoes on my feet. I'm sure the N82 is plenty comfortable, and lack of comfort sure can keep you from wearing a holster, but if I have to do anything other than just wear it, like draw from it, or reholster, etc., I think there are better options.
  7. Gravedigger56

    Gravedigger56 Well-Known Member

    I own 3 of the N82 holsters. Two are the pro model and I must say after filling a box fool of failed holsters, these are a pleasant surprise. VERY well made in the USA! Not only are they the most comfortable holster I have ever owned they also offer the most protection for your prized carry pistol from the elements and sweat even on the hottest days. The pro model draws and holsters VERY easily with it's unique design.

    I had to choose the standard model for my Kimber Micro since they don't offer a pro version for it yet. While offering the same protection as the pro model, holstering is more difficult.

    As for AIWB, I think the standard model might possibly work ok but the pro model with it's molded design might be a little large or stiff (pardon the pun).
  8. Joe_N

    Joe_N Member

    Thanks for the replies. There are so many options out there and since this is my first holster I'm wanting something I can be comfortable with but I am really a function over form guy and want something serviceable. Everything I have read says I will likely end up with a box full of holsters. I just want that box to be as small as possible.
  9. ku4hx

    ku4hx Well-Known Member

    I bought the Original MicroCompact version for my LC9s and it works very well for me ... secure and quite comfortable. It also holds a Glock 42 securely and I suspect it will do so for all the other models listed as fitting.
  10. UpperAtmosphere

    UpperAtmosphere Well-Known Member

    Love 'em. Very comfy to wear, the backing prevents any part of the gun from touching your body, and you get some retention. Giving your gun the twist to release takes some getting used to, but is easy.

    I have two of the Pro models, one for my Shield and one for a Colt Mustang (I bought the model that fits the identical Sig).
  11. Joe_N

    Joe_N Member

    I decided to order a N82 Professional model for my Shield, received it 2 days ago, and have been wearing it around the house trying to find just the right spot. This is the first time I have tried IWB and the first time I have tried to wear any kind of holster for almost 30 years.

    First impressions - it is comfortable though I haven't been able to find just the right position or cant. The draw is a little awkward but hopefully will improve with practice. I have had a shoulder replacement and have discovered that any placement beyond about 3 is really difficult for me to reach. Part of the problem is the slight twist you have to give the pistol to remove it. My shoulder just doesn't want to let me reach behind myself. I have tried AIWB and I think that might be doable even with my rather large gut. Sitting with AIWB is not too uncomfortable and the draw is easier for me there. I think 3 is going to be the best position for me but getting the right cant is going to take some time to figure out. I won't receive my CHL for another 6 weeks or so depending on how quickly Texas can get all the background work done so that should give me plenty of time to decide just where I want to wear the pistol and time to practice the draw. I am beginning to understand why so many people talk about their box of holsters. I am going to give the N82 lots of wear time but I can see another holster in the future. In January Texas will allow CHL holders to open carry so I will eventually have to buy an OWB holster, probably for my FS 9, even though I don't plan to open carry very often if at all. Thanks to everyone for all the information.
  12. sfed

    sfed Well-Known Member

    N82 Tactical carry holsters.

    I bought a N82 Tactical inside the waistband holster which was made for my Ruger SR40, I can also carry my Sig SP 2022 and a Sig full size 1911. The only thing is the 1911 is a bit long for this holster since it was made for the 4 inch barrel on the SR40. I have to say the N82 Tactical holster is the most comfortable holster for all day carry, this particular holster has an elastic strap that secures the handgun to the holster which I thought would stretch out over time but after almost 2 years of almost everyday use it has not stretched like I thought it would. I will probably buy another N82 Tactical holster just for the 1911 in the future. Edited to add: Yes I wear it AIWB and even with just a tee shirt it covers the firearm really good, completely satisfied wearing it like that.

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