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NAA Mini-Mag

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by ruger357, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. ruger357

    ruger357 New Member

    Picked one up yesterday with a box of CCI .22 magnums. This is actually the second one I have owned. Very impressed with the quality. Anyone else own them and how do you like them.
  2. 22luvr

    22luvr New Member

    Hello Ruger.....I've owned 3 of them...

    I bought the .22 LR first but found my hands/fingers were too large to safely handle it. My current one is the .22mag with the 1 1/8" barrel. I installed the oversize rubber boot grip on mine (part GMM-M on NAA's website) and it made a world of difference in handling, aiming and firing. I normally carry and fire CCI Maxi-Mag+V or CCI Maxi-mag TNT. When I cannot tote my Smith 340SC, I will carry the mini in an Uncle Mike's size 1 soft, flexible pocket holster. This is one I'll never sell. (famous last words)
    Have fun practicing and don't get discouraged; it takes time to get proficient with the mini.
  3. coldshot03/04

    coldshot03/04 member

    I went out to buy one a few weeks ago.But, I came back home with the KT P32. My friend has a NAA 22mag I like it. Ill get one sooner or later.:D
  4. schapman43

    schapman43 New Member

    How much do those run?
  5. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Greeting's All-

    The little NAA .22's are cute, cudley, and a quality
    firearm!:rolleyes: I own both, a 1-1/8" barrel .22 magnum,
    and the shortest barrel (?) .22LR. :) The only negative
    remark I care to make, is the fact that the grip on the .22
    LR is really small; not leaving much to hold on to!:uhoh:
    But, it makes for an excellent "hide-out" weapon for
    LEO's assigned to drug task force duties.:uhoh: :D :)

    As far as price goes, in my locale the 1-1/8" barrel .22
    magnum starts at approximately $189.95, for the basic
    gun. Then you can add different grip's, auxillary cylinder,
    etc. at extra cost.

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  6. tbeb

    tbeb New Member

    I had one in .22 long rifle caliber with a 1 1/8" barrel. Quality was excellent. It was hard to rapid fire. Even at close range the bullet keyholed the target. I sold it because a small semi-auto or revolver works better for me.
  7. ruger357

    ruger357 New Member

    Mine was used, but looked unfired in box. I paid $130 for it and my dealer threw in a box of CCI Maxi Mags for free. It has the 1-1\8 size barrel.
  8. 22luvr

    22luvr New Member

    Here's the grips I got......

    Here is a link to the grips that made my mini a real handler and shooter:


    I have the GMM-M.

    Best $24.00 I ever spent to make a gun better.
  9. ruger357

    ruger357 New Member

    Thanks 22luvr, but my hands are not that big so the grips that came with the gun work well. I am thinking about the pearlete grips NAA offers.
  10. mguffey

    mguffey New Member

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