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National FOID?, gun law idea

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by ewlyon, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. ewlyon

    ewlyon Well-Known Member

    Hey all I wanted to know what you think of an idea that I have been thinking about for a while.
    I think that it is time for a national set of comprehensive gun laws to be adopted to replace most state gun laws as well as the relevant federal laws. I also think that the best way to make this happen in a way that would benefit everyone involved would be to introduce hurdles to ownership that the individual could have removed. I do not like the idea of restricting what can be owned, and believe that it is important to protect the rights of the person who owns 1 gun and the person who owns 100.
    So what I am thinking about is a national FOID system. This would differ from the IL system in that people without FOIDs would still be able to purchase firearms, but may have to deal with waiting periods and certain other hurdles to ownership, so long as they are reasonable and do not allow room for bureaucratic ownership restriction.
    Individuals with FOIDs would be able to purchase firearms without the hurdles, however the application process for the FOID would be on the order of a few months and acceptance would be based on all current criteria for legal gun ownership as well as having a record clean of substance abuse indicators such as DUIs and possibly a drug test. In addition they would have to notify their CLEO (notify only), and keep a record book of transfers. Basically it would be similar to getting a C&R but it would apply to all firearms. This would also possibly allow a change in the laws so that modern firearms could be shipped to the license holders home.

    All of this is just an idea that I am working on but I am interested in getting a outline written for a set of laws that would simplify ownership for collectors and frequent buyers while not unreasonably complicating ownership for others.

    Here are some of the other elements of this that I am considering,
    Should all transfers to an unlicensed individual go through FFL?
    Would it be possible to provide for individual purchase NICS checks so that a seller could call a number and verify the validity of the buyers license?
    Waiting period length for unlicensed transfers?
    How could we do mental health background checks for license applications efficiently and without violating medical privacy?
    Should the license administration be handled by the states or by the federal govt?

    I know, this is a lot of ideas and questions. I appreciate any thoughts on this, even if the thought is that this is a horrible idea, so please let me know what you think or how you would structure such a law if given the opportunity.
  2. gun addict

    gun addict Well-Known Member

    How about nooooo???!?!
  3. Avenger29

    Avenger29 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely NOT.

    Here's an alternative- NO laws governing firearms. Not a single one. What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" is not clear?
  4. Texan Scott

    Texan Scott Well-Known Member

    Been through this, recently. The power to GRANT the RKBA is logically also the power to DENY IT. This is a power the Constitution specifically FORBIDS the federal government to exercise over the States - PERIOD. (Bill of Rights, amendment 2, Q.V.)

    The answer is NO. A federal FOID law is unconstitutional and unacceptable.
  5. okiewita40

    okiewita40 Well-Known Member

    Not a chance in blue blazes. Why would I or anyone else need a foid? Seems like some stupid thing a Liberal would come up with.

    This is a stretch but hear me out. Nobody has to go to the fed's to get a drivers lic. So why do I need a lic. to buy/own a firearm? I know not everyone is like me. I am private citizen of the U.S. of A. I am also a veteran and an LEO.

    Further more it is in the U.S. constitution and my state constitution to have the right to keep and bear arms. There is no reason for the federal govt. to need to know what kind or how many guns I own or how much ammo I have. As long as all of my firearms have been legally purchased.(which they have)

    This would be nothing more a step to do away with my rights as an American. Next thing you know they will want to take away free speech or limit the size of an event. NO THANK YOU.

    If you want to live in a country like that. Then all I can say is feel free to move to country with those kinds of laws. I don't need anymore people trying to change this great country for the worse.
  6. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

  7. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    Absolutely NOT.

    sorry Avenger, saw your post and agreed with it so much had to steal it
  8. DJW

    DJW Well-Known Member

    They had one in Illinois and that is one reason I left there more than 20 yrs. ago. It was a pain and the list WAS distributed to state police after it was specifically stated that it would NEVER be!
    None of my possessions has ever broken out of my safe and hurt anyone in the last 60 years that I have owned and used them. Keep your silly and potentially dangerous rules to yourself.
  9. kwguy

    kwguy Well-Known Member

    Boy, people just loooove to swing at that "good idea pinata", and nothing but crap falls out of it. A national FOID? What would be the point? Just because? In no way would that have stopped what happened in CT. People have lost sight of the objective and have started down the rabbit holes of "good ideas" just for the sake of it. FOID? Why? Registration? Why? For what purpose? To find the owner of the weapon? We already KNOW who owned the weapons in these latest incidents. And if it's stolen, then there IS no lawful owner. There is no good purpose that can come of any of that. People need to stop swinging at that pinata.

    The road to hell is paved in good intentions.
  10. sonick808

    sonick808 Well-Known Member

    solves nothing
  11. Centurian22

    Centurian22 Well-Known Member

    I'll add another resounding "NO!"
  12. OneLiveRound

    OneLiveRound Member

    I'm not in favor of that Idea...but since we're talking about new cards, how about a national CCW permit reciprocity act. It would function like a drivers lisence, issued in your state but valid throught the land.
  13. kyletx1911

    kyletx1911 Well-Known Member

    Nope nope and nope
  14. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    We have FOID in Illinois. It does absolutely nothing but generate more money the state then wastes...
  15. DoubleMag

    DoubleMag Well-Known Member


    I responded to individual sections within your post as a highlight here goes!!

    Look this is real, real simple this is all about crime control not gun control, medical control...thought control or whatever. And no one's talking it. Lets try this...if you do a mass shooting you're a terrorist, stripped of citizenship via judiciary process, all lands and goods confiscated and given to the victims, and given life at hard labor in a military camp. Bingo...these types of mass shooting goes to virtual ZERO. Real punishment fits the crime...what a concept
  16. Hacker15E

    Hacker15E Well-Known Member

    Nope, also not any better of a guarantee than any other laws. These guys are suicidal when they do this -- threat of MORE laws isn't going to stop them, since they'll be dead.
  17. DoubleMag

    DoubleMag Well-Known Member

    Or perhaps reciprocity on gun purchase using existing reciprocity of CHL? CHL usually means you're a 'good citizen'

    Yes true...except also they want plublicity. Also many suicides are stopped by conscious position that the person will break the law. Should we therefore remove suicide as currently illegal seeing the prospective candidate is in fact, temporarily unstable?

    Just a thought!! Life at hard labor....gets through the head of gangbangers
  18. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    The Federal government is already far too involved in firearms law. It's involvement should be zero. What part of "shall not be infringed" did you miss?
  19. stonecutter2

    stonecutter2 Well-Known Member

    I know some folks (okay, most here) don't like these kind of ideas, and being from Illinois I have to agree that the FOID is kind of worthless and instead of helpful, it's intrusive.

    What I would much rather see, if some sort of licensing were put in place, is that it was state-controlled. The state firearm license would involve basic firearm training - maintenance, safety. I know people who own guns that are ignorant about them...and with something that has such a deadly potential for disaster when mishandled, there should be some sort of training for the general public.

    I am also under no delusion that anything will stop someone intent on killing themselves and as many people around them as they can. Maybe some sort of public safety announcements? We see drunk driving ads on TV, where some clown guzzles booze and gets in a car, why not anti shooting spree ads??
  20. stonecutter2

    stonecutter2 Well-Known Member

    I'm not directly picking on you, as several others have quoted the "shall not be infringed" thing and asked what part was missed.

    The Supreme Court has determined (and rightfully so, in my opinion) that the 2nd amendment does not grant blanket ability for an individual to own any weapon they like. There are in fact limitations to "shall not be infringed."
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