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NBC AR15 Piece Using Oleg's Photos

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Zedicus, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Zedicus

    Zedicus Well-Known Member

  2. novaDAK

    novaDAK Well-Known Member

    Seen that one before...so many things wrong with it.
  3. mr hanky

    mr hanky Well-Known Member

    Oleg, I think maybe a lawsuit to enlarge your collection eh? They used not one, but TWO pieces of your hard work. *rant off*.
  4. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    Aside from ripping off Oleg, it is a pretty good piece that shows your average hard working American enjoying a firearm, or should I say, an evil black rifle. They could have thrown some Bubba with 4 teeth and dressed like Larry the Cable Guy up on screen. I honestly believe that this might lead to other hard working Americans picking up the sport.
  5. atblis

    atblis Well-Known Member


    Where did they find that lady at? Not that she said anything unreasonable, just that she comes across as a little too....enthusiastic.
  6. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    It's amazingly balanced for the mainstream media. I expected something more rabidly anti-gun. Certainly there was a speaker from the Rand Institute, but they also featured a woman shooter who was intelligent and articulated some good points; namely, why should she be punished because of the criminal misuse of others?

    Anyone else notice the left handed Stag upper?
  7. obiwan1

    obiwan1 Well-Known Member

    It's a good thing that I don't have a pistol grip on any of my rifles - that way I can't shoot from the hip (I'm picturing the lead in to the old series "the Rifleman" in my mind....) :what:
  8. pbearperry

    pbearperry Well-Known Member

    Black rifles

    Maybe we are missing out on something here?I bet if we painted them all brown,the loonies in DC would be OK with them.It's the color of them that makes them scared.
  9. ieszu

    ieszu Well-Known Member

    Isn't Pink the new Black???? :)
  10. Gunnerpalace

    Gunnerpalace Well-Known Member

    I am getting sick of "high-capacity 30 rounds", its standard capacity.
  11. Legionnaire

    Legionnaire Well-Known Member

    I thought this was a fairly positive piece. Yeah, there are the regular pot shots from the antis, but this showed the pro side in a fairly positive light. As for ripping off Oleg, his images were used to support the "news" in reference to the many who advocate the purchase of black rifles for self defense. Again, that looks like a positive association rather than a "rip off." Good coverage overall, IMHO.
  12. bluestarlizzard

    bluestarlizzard Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't say its good coverage. Black Rifles? it seemed to be a little more subversive then other news reports. and the reporter sure didn't take the time to find out the correct use of a pistol grip or the fact that a 30 rd mag is standerd not high cap. i got the vibe that us poor misguided gunnies are not bad people, just misguided and selfish.
    to me thats more insulting that just outright lies.
  13. silverlance

    silverlance Well-Known Member

    that just reminds me... i have actually never shot from the hip! seriously, in over a decade ive never once shot from the hip. PG or no pg. i ought to try.

    I think any publicity is good publicity. Hey, OV, I wonder what would happen if you sent one of your pieces to NBC? as in a poster tube? hm.

    when i go on vacation in march, i'm going to start posting up pro-gun posters all over town. i just need to read up on the laws about public posting.
  14. Rokyudai

    Rokyudai Well-Known Member

    I thought she did a fine job. It's not easy to be featured in a news report knowing that the implications of what you say is likely going to be edited and scrutinized by the public. If she came off any other way besides enthusiastic,articulate, and assertive, she would probably have been labeled "some gun toting hick". I know some may take offense to that term. Others, I know are quite happy to have that label!
  15. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member

    I am amazed at how much ignorance someone can pack into 2:18 worth of video. I guess it takes a professional reporter to know exactly how to do so.

    It just makes you wonder why people get into the profession in the first place. I always thought news was meant to inform, and the only reason I would ever get into the field is to satiate a thirst for knowledge via first hand experience.

    Then again, the truth isn't very lucrative.
  16. GuyWithQuestions

    GuyWithQuestions Well-Known Member

    "Holds 30 bullets", don't they mean "rounds"? I thought that a bullet is just a part of the catridge and firearm's don't only hold the bullet but hold the rest of the catridge like powder, etc.
  17. BobbyQuickdraw

    BobbyQuickdraw Well-Known Member

    They say "fire from the hip" like its something you want to do. Guess what? Anyone here could fire any gun they wanted from the hip. Pistol grip or not. But we know you're not going to hit anything more than 7 yards out, so its useless.

    And "Black Rifle" is a derogatory, in my mind. That'd be like calling SUVs "Hearses" or something. They're clearly trying to associate the rifles with bad.

    Nothing makes me want to buy one more than the news butchering and assaulting my favorite past time - shooting.
  18. jonboynumba1

    jonboynumba1 Well-Known Member

    Good woman and good shooting...that is the American way. I think in the end all this piece will do is make liberals whine and wet their diapers some more and sell a LOT more rifles at the end of the day. Which is good...the gun industry is one of the few truly growing and productive industires in the US these days. A little free publicity goes a long way. Here's an educated well spoken woman feeling empowered by excercising her constitutional right and becoming a good operator with a weapon. She does this for fun and because she chooses to and finds it rewarding. She also knows if push ever came to shove she's got a rather large advantage over a few hoods with an attitude be they gansta punks with loricins or...well anyone else (never argue with a woman with an AR15!)

    That is what the second amendment is all about...nothing to do with hunting rifles....everything to do with military firepower in the hands of free and loyal citizens. That's why it scares liberals...they aren't beholdent to anyone else to protect them from "the boogie man" that's why you don't hear of car-jackings in my neck of the woods...aprox half the county has CC permits and nearly everyone has firearms in their homes. Yup some get stolen in burglaries... yet amazing how little violent crime and gun crime we have here VS. up North where I grew up with next to no legal guns in the hands of citizens. It's not rocket science...if you break into a home in AL. there is a good chance you will get shot at on the way in or on the way out and/or arrested. If you try to carjack someone in Colbert County you have about a 50% chance it will be a car with a CCW holder driving or in the vehicle....hhhmmmm.... I Wonder why people don't jack cars down here? :what:

    I don't want to be protected by a police state...I shoot better than their officers and have more common sense than about half of the ones I know. Plus if I ever need help...I'm pretty sure "I'll be there" ...I guess being a free citizen is empowering. The smart lady is right...I personaly couldn't pull off a pink top at the shooting range...so she's got me there to! -LOL :neener:
  19. Cannonball888

    Cannonball888 Well-Known Member

    I don't shoot from the hip. I guess I need to trade my pistol grip in for one of those ********** AR stock monstrosities :rolleyes:
  20. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    Actually, I get the impression they know exactly what spin they're working. Take the rounds vs 'bullets' thing. Which sounds more 'evil' to the general public? The pistol grip comment too. Then they interview an obviously over the top gun owner, which again...looks scary to the general public. Now if they had a more toned down individual driving a Honda Odyssey with 3 kids in the back, I might have been more impressed.

    Don't be fooled, it was definitely meant to put AR's in a bad light.

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