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Necessary powders

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Oldnamvet, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Oldnamvet

    Oldnamvet Well-Known Member

    I look at all the powders I have for reloading a dozen calibers. :confused: I wonder how many powders are actually necessary for reloading all the various pistol and rifle cartridges. I tried to come up with a list but got a headache. :D And then, years ago everything was loaded with different granulations/charges of just black powder. How far we have come.
  2. scott5

    scott5 Well-Known Member

    Hey oldnamvet,
    They are all necessary :evil:
    Sometimes you can find powder cheep(on sale) or someone is getting rid of their reloading stuff and moving away (at least I do ocassionally at the flee market):)

    But depending on how many calibers you load for in rifle and pistol you may be able to cut it down to just two or three each, but what fun is that.
    You have to have a reason to experiment:D

    Of course you knew that already didn't you:)
  3. oscar

    oscar Well-Known Member

    The vast majority of my loading is for handguns. Therefore, I could get by with either 231 or Unique, but I prefer to have both. I need WSF for the 12 gauge and WW 748 for the rifles.
  4. xring44

    xring44 Well-Known Member

    I'm probably not the best to ask, I have,,,too much....
    But IMR4895 for rifles.223 to 458 Win. Mag
    Bullseye...handguns..most all
  5. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    I would need four powders...W-231 and W-296 for pistols/revolvers and W-748 and H4831SC for my rifles...Just four and I could survive....:D It does seem rather limiting though...Can't we have a couple more canisters of powder or is Oldnamvet going to make us reduce our stock...:eek:
  6. Malfader13

    Malfader13 Well-Known Member

    I have varget for .223, 6mm, and 30-06, though I may be changing the verget for the .223, as it tops out at 3300 fps according to Hornady. I use Power pistol for my .45 ACP and .9mm. Any way there are my two cents worth... hope they are worth more then two cents to you. :)
  7. m0ntels

    m0ntels Well-Known Member

    I agree that if you load both rifle and shotgun/pistol, it's good to have 4 powders on hand if you want both target and heavy loads. I'm still experimenting so I got about a dozen right now, but so far I could live with Clays and 2400 for pistol and IMR-4064 and H335 for rifle. If I wanted to narrow it to 2, I'd pick Unique and the 4064.

  8. xring44

    xring44 Well-Known Member

    Only a couple cans of powder will take care of most,,,,,;)


  9. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Xring44...I couldn't help but notice that you have the large scoop for those extra large cases:D ....Show off....;)
  10. scott5

    scott5 Well-Known Member

    I have a few but It's not as good as Xring44's.

    These are some of my stash.

    Attached Files:

  11. YellowLab

    YellowLab member

    Ditto on the 4895 for gas or bolt rifles and bullseye for auto/relvolvers.

    Of course a reloading manual will tell you what you can/cannot use.
  12. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    So far, Bullseye and IMR 4895 do everything I need. Someday I'll try something else.
  13. molonlabe

    molonlabe Well-Known Member

    Depends on what types of firarms you have. I have fast pistol powder that can be uses for shotgun and magnum powder for .357, 44 and .30 carbine. I use three types of rifle powders with slightly different burn rates for .223 to 30-06. I don't own any magnum rifles otherwise I would have to stock a proper powder for that depending on case size. There really isn't any hard rule.
  14. caz223

    caz223 Well-Known Member

    I have really cut back in the last few years.
    I'm down to: (In order of use.)
    Blue dot, H110, power pistol, unique, H4198, and trail boss.
    I still have leftover: HS-6, HS-7, bullseye, H335, H322, titegroup, 2400, and WSF.
    I figure in a few years I'll be just down to: power pistol, blue dot, and trail boss. Maybe a little unique and/or H110, who knows?
  15. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    im really liking imr 4895 lately for rifles.
  16. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    About a year or so ago, I looked at all the space my many small (and expensive!) cans of powder was taking up, checked my shooting records, and am now standardized on #231 for pistol, everything from 9-mm Mak through .45 Colt, and #4895 for rifle from .223 Win through 8-mm Mauser.

    I buy in bulk, and the #4895 is surplus. Besides my powder cost really going down, there's no confusion about what is in my powder measures!:D
  17. USSR

    USSR Well-Known Member

    Gotta luv IMR4895 pulldown at $10 per #.

  18. m0ntels

    m0ntels Well-Known Member

    I load for 7 calibers right now, and my last count shows 17 different powders. Like I said before, I'm still experimenting, and wish to get my count down once I find some good loads. The way it looks though, most of my fast pistol powders are flake, the magnum pistol powders are ball, and the rifle powders are mainly stick. If I knock it down to 3, I should be able to load for just about everything and tell at a glance what powder I have in front of me.

    I just dont feel that a single pistol powder could keep me happy. All my pistols I look at as plinkers half of the time. I dont want a rip-roarin' load for everyday use, and the super fast powders wont give as much oomph as a slow burner will. I like shooting 38 wadcutters as much as hot 357 mags. For rifle, I dont shoot any cast (right now anyway) so a moderate burning powder covers me from 223 to 308.

    I already have most of the calibers I feel the "need" to have, and 3 powders could cover them all. If I get something else later down the line, no super big deal if the one powder I have for that type of cartridge isnt THE ONE, it does enough other things I probably wouldnt bother testing again unless it is some fancy bench type gun.


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