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Need a pistol for my apartment

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GotToyota?, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. GotToyota?

    GotToyota? Member

    I am looking to buy my first gun, primarily a pistol. I would like to have something to protect me in my apartment in the event of a break in or an intruder. What would be a decent pistol around the $200 to $250 range? New or used isn't a big concern.
  2. el Godfather

    el Godfather Well-Known Member

    In 200$ range you may find used Ruger.
  3. JVaughn

    JVaughn Well-Known Member

    Your range is a bit low for a reliable and well made weapon, which is usually what you want if you are going to protect your life with it. That being said, I agree with Godfather, used Ruger maybe in that range; but still hard to find. You may also find something like a Bersa Thunder used for that price.
  4. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    If it's for home defense only, you might consider a shotgun. They aren't hard to find in your price range. I got a Pardner Pump for about $180, it's not the nicest thing in the world but it works.

    As for pistols, it might be possible to find something used or surplus (like a CZ82 or Makarov). You could also consider a HiPoint, ridiculously cheap but they generally go bang.

    Really, if you could up your budget by about $100 (and I know how money can get tight) you open yourself up to a world of pretty decent handguns. Police trade in Glocks or new budget shooters like Ruger P95s, Stoeger Cougars, S&W Sigmas, etc.
  5. Silent Bob

    Silent Bob Well-Known Member

    Used Ruger P-Series are not hard to find in my area and are generally $250 to $300. If you can scrounge up another $100 or so you could get a new Ruger P95.
  6. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    A Bulgarian Makarov would also be a good choice, and the 9MM Makarov round (9x18) is a good choice for an apartment.
  7. Tim37

    Tim37 Well-Known Member

    +1 i have a mossberg 500 sitting by my bed right now. i paid the magic price of 200 for it used at a pawn shop. you can get a maverick 88 for around 160 new.

    the only hand gun i would consider for an apartment is a taurus judge loaded out with 410 the reason being is over penetration i would hate to have to use it and end up shooting the neighbor
  8. GotToyota?

    GotToyota? Member

    2wheels - where is a good source to find those? on all the auction and various websites everything seems to be at or near MSRP and the prices are all within $10 of each other. I can't find any decent used prices anywhere.
  9. MJD

    MJD Well-Known Member

    There are a plethora of police trade-in S&W 3rd generation autos out there that are good values. I would consider these strongly.
  10. Pilot

    Pilot Well-Known Member

    There's also a lot of used, good S&W .38 Spl revolvers out there for a decent price. Not as many as before, but deals are still out there.
  11. sargents1

    sargents1 Well-Known Member

    As others have stated, a used Ruger P-series gun is a good option. They are well made a reliable, but a bit clunky in terms of refinement. People typically bitch about the grips being kind of big and the guns being somewhat blocky and heavy.

    These gripes are bit overstated in my opinion. For instance, A Ruger P90 (.45acp) is the equal (in terms of accuracy, reliability and size) of the Sig Sauer P220 at about half the price.

    I have an old P85 9mm that is as reliable as a semi-auto pistol can be. It rattles like a coffee-can full of nails but it still holds groups in the 4-6in range at 20+yds.

    Not a tack-driver, but more than good enough for home defense.

    Cabelas sells new P95 Rugers for as low as 289$ from time to time. That would be your best bet for a decent quality gun in your approximate price range.
  12. 2wheels

    2wheels Well-Known Member

    I walked into my local sporting goods store and picked up my Pardner Protector for $180 new, plus they had a sale so I got $20 of free ammo.

    JGSales and some other sites have CZ82s and Polish P64s (ComBloc surplus 9x18 handguns) for $180-$200 or so.

    Can't tell you where to find good prices on used Rugers online (or any other handguns), though they commonly go new for at or just under $300.

    Really your best bet is to beat the pavement, go to your local gun shops, pawn shops, and any gun shows in your area. Maybe even check out local online listings for guns. Chances are you'll get a better deal locally, and you save by not paying shipping or FFL transfer fees.
  13. GotToyota?

    GotToyota? Member

    I might check out some shotguns then, a friend of mine said that might be a good option to go with as well.
  14. Pietro Beretta

    Pietro Beretta Well-Known Member

    A wally-world/big5/bi-mart special 12ga is awesome.

    If you do want a handgun though, you should go fire some. If cost is your issue SOME shops offer layaway, budsgunshop.com has layaway.

    There are a lot of outstanding people out there that have plenty of firearms and really are willing to give you a deal on one, you just need to make some "shootin'" buddys.
  15. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    Been said but I'll add my .02 to the mix.

    A milsurp or police trade 9mm Mak is appropriate for your application, as is a 12ga shotgun. Ammo selection is your next hurdle.

    But even more important than what you choose to purchase is getting training in how to handle both the gun and the potential defensive situations. Get training!
  16. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    You can get a brand new Ruger P-95 (in Iowa) for $300 any day of the week, that would be my choice.
  17. Panzercat

    Panzercat Well-Known Member

    I will be completely unpopular and say that Hi-point has proven its pistol line in the $150 dollar range with one of the, if not the best lifetime warranty in the industry. Contrary to some of the more emotional opponents that actually haven't handled the pistol, it will go bang every time you pull the trigger. Nobody will ever fault you for buying a 9mm Makarov- they're great pistols by and large -but hardly anybody ever mentions in the same breath that you can have .45acp sitting by your nightstand for much less.

    It is not a pretty pistol. It is not a conceal and carry pistol (I've carried it on my person under my shirt; it can be pressed into the role). But if this is a gun whose purpose is to sit by your bed and possibly be surrendered to the police if involved in an incident, you'll find few better candidates for the dollar. As a bonus it will keep nearly 100% of its resale value when its time to move up to something better because of the awesome warranty.

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2012
  18. toejamm

    toejamm Well-Known Member

  19. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Regardless, you better budget that much or more in ammo to train & practice with it.

    Just buying a handgun, loading it, and sticking it in your sock drawer is more dangerous to you then the potential bad guys will be.

  20. dnilson

    dnilson Active Member

    Get a shotgun!!!!

    Hi folks! I'm new to the forum, in fact, this is my first post. I agree with those who said "get a shot gun"! I'm sure everyone is familiar with the saying..."you use your handgun to fight your way to your rifle (shotgun)". I have a Mossberg at my bedside, locked, but not loaded. If anyone ever broke in, I WANT them to hear me load it!!!!! I have a TLR 3 on it. I know a lot of people don't like to have lights on their pieces, but I do. I've never been able to master the gun/flashlight technique. Also, I'm a women and even though I'm a pretty good shot, I have to use both hands to shoot well. Anyway, Mossbergs are great shotguns and pretty cheap, even brand new. A lot of people are fine buying used guns, but I always buy new. I'm just weird that way. Regarding handguns, I just took my CCW class and decided to look for my carry gun. After much shopping and research I ended up getting a Ruger SP101 with the 2.25 inch barrel. It's a .357, 5 shot revolver. For safety, I got the DAO model. Many have said it's "built like a tank" (like Glocks) and now that I have one, I can say that's a pretty accurate statement. I planned on getting a .38 special, but the more research I did, the more I liked the ruger. I'm VERY happy with my choice...I LOVE this gun! It's a little larger than a j frame, and made of good old fashioned stainless steel. The extra weight doesn't really bother me and it really helps with the recoil!!!! Also, I put Crimson Trace grips on it and the laser works great! Generally speaking, I'm a die hard Glock girl! I have a G30 (.45 ACP subcompact) that fits like a glove!!! I love it!!!!!:D. My glock has NEVER jammed, but I decided that if I was ever in a dark parking lot, or some other situation away from the house and had to use a gun, a revolver might be less likely to have problems. Plus, I have a TLR 2S on the glock, which makes it difficult for concealment. I also have a Judge, but it's too big for concealment...it's under the bed with a flashlight next to it. I can literally reach down and grab it. I have two .410s, then three long colts (.45 but HP). I figure if I woke up with someone in my room, I might not have time to rack the shot gun, but I can grab the Judge and just point and shoot. If the first two .410s don't do the job, I have three .45s waiting for him/her. Anyway, get yourself a good shotgun, then when you have some more cash, consider getting the Ruger. I paid about $360 for mine, brand new. I'm sure you could find a used one for less. But some day you've GOT to get a glock. Most people either love em or hate em. Like I said, I LOVE mine!!!!:D By then you'll have "the bug" and it'll be time for a nice semi-auto...did I say I like glocks? LOL!!! Sorry for the long post. I look forward to getting to know you guys!!!!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2012

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