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Need a shoulder holster for my super redhawk with a cutout for a red dot

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by ImARugerFan, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    I have a millet red dot on my 7.5" super redhawk. I would like to get a hunting holster for this, but don't want one of the very large bandolier holsters that is designed for a full size scope. They are just overly bulky for what I need. All I want is a shoulder holster with a small cutout so the red dot sits outside of the holster.

    I like a setup like this one, by levergun leather, but am curious if anybody knows of other holster makers out there that could do this, or perhaps an off the shelf solution that I could modify without making it look horrible.

    I'm assuming if I measure, levergun could make this holster with a notch in it.

    I'd be willing to use one with nylon straps, or whatever other materials to reduce cost, I'll admit that spending $200 seems a bit overwhelming when I could just get a nylon holster built for a scope for $35.
  2. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    I also like the looks of this one, but fear I'd make it look hideous if I tried cutting a notch out for the scope: [​IMG]

    This one is an off the shelf galco kodiak.

    I have a regular bianchi belt holster, I could consider modifying that, but to be truthful carrying this gun on the hip is awkward anyway.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2010
  3. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

  4. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    Do I need to find somebody local to do this? Levergun says he won't make one with a slot in it, and if he did he would need to have it in hand to make it properly.
  5. David E

    David E Well-Known Member

    He may just need the sight to put on his gun and not require YOUR gun in shop.
  6. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately he said that he doesn't do the slot style holster, and if he did he would need the entire gun with scope mounted in the shop. I'm sure with the proper measurements somebody can make what I'm looking for. I sent a couple other emails out to other makers, just seeing if anyone here has any particular recommendations. I've seen holsters out there before with slots much longer than what I would need, I only need a few inches so probably don't even need support around it.

    I see black hills leather offers one exactly like I'm looking for, going to see if they can make it so the gun is slightly angled instead of straight up/down.

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  7. Bogow

    Bogow Member

    I have the same gun with a scope on it. I took my holster to the local shoe repair shop and he was able to cut a slot with an x-acto knife and then stitch around the slot.

    The modification looks professional works great and only cost me $20 bucks.

    I did get a few strange looks from other customers that walked in and saw my SRH .454 setting on the counter while I was waiting.
  8. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's a great idea. I did find this guy at 'quiet hide holsters' who makes a nice setup. It's not a slot in the top, but a custom fit glove built to the exact size of your scope. In some ways I like this even better, I just wanted to avoid the genericly large 'scoped holsters' that are built to accept literally any size scope when all I have is a litte one.

  9. Try Ted Blocker and Rudy at Black Hills leather. Blocker's was offering a nice custom field rig for big guns, and Rudy used to be game to provide anything reasonable for his customers.
  10. ImARugerFan

    ImARugerFan Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks, I actually talked to Rudy and he makes exactly what I'm looking for. I also found this other place quiet hide holsters, who makes pretty cool silent nylon shoulder holsters with custom fit for gun and scope. I can get one of these for under $100 so I'm going to give them a try. If I decided to go leather I'd be going with black hills.
  11. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    If you have no holster makers locally, perhaps a saddlemaker could take a holster you provide along with the gun, make the necessary cutout and burnish and restitch the edges. ?

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