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Need factual sources for High School persuasive essay on teachers and guns.

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by Savage .250, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Savage .250

    Savage .250 Member

    My Daughter has a school project – writing a persuasive paper on the issue of teachers and guns. :D

    She has chosen to support the position of giving teachers the option/right to carry (openly or concealed) at school to protect the children under their care.

    Can anyone out there recommend some reliable and factual source material (articles, etc.) on this issue for her?

    Particularly useful would be material on stats, policy and or other “factual” materials. I sent her to the NRA-ILA site as well as “Guns Save Lives” but neither seems to have a lot of material specifically on the “armed teacher” issue. As you can imagine, most MSM stories involve “feelings” on the issue and generally lack the facts for developing a solidly grounded position.

    Thanks for the assist!
  2. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama Well-Known Member

    Make sure to look up Israeli teacher carry and incidents of school shootings.
  3. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

  4. Fryerpower

    Fryerpower Well-Known Member

    High school in Pearl, MS.
    Oregon mall shooting in Nov/Dec of 2012.
    Testimony of handgun owner in Waco, TX who had to leave her gun in the car. Her parents were killed next to her and all she could do was wish that she could have legally carried her gun that day.
    Mother of two who shot an intruder 5 time with a 6 shot 38 special in GA last month.
    The list goes on and on.
  5. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Get Airbrush Artist's account of how vulnerable and helpless he fealt with a bus load of kids and 2 of the girls he was picking up being accosted by a crazed man.

    Look at the instances where a teacher, administrator, or student went to their vehicle to retreave a firearm and stop someone at the school.

    http://guncite.com has a lot of information she can mine for her essay.


  6. 58limited

    58limited Well-Known Member

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