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Need help deciding, input welcome!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by one45auto, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. one45auto

    one45auto Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, help me out. Here's my dilemma...

    I attend a gun show yesterday and happened across a sweet, near mint condition, matte stainless steel Colt Python with original box. (I've lusted after one for years) The barrel was clean, the lock up tight, no endshake, the forcing cone fine, trigger smooth, finish intact except for one minor scratch, etc. ~ all for a cool $975.

    So far, so good, right? Not so fast...

    After putting down my money and filling out the necessary paperwork my date and I strolled back over to another table where I'd found a beautiful Bushmaster M-4gery for the exact same price. Hmmmm. Now I don't currently own an EBR (Evil Black Rifle for the benefit of newbies) but have been planning to pick one up ever since they lifted the ban and definitely intend on purchasing one sometime before Bush leaves office - just in case we get another Democrat.

    Well, there I was torn between the Python and the Bushmaster. I have to confess that price was playing a role, because I was having a hard time justifying (no matter how badly I wanted it) the forking over of nearly a grand for a handgun. On the other hand, the rifle normally runs in that price range so it would be an expected expense. Of course my date was all for getting the Python, in fact she was the one who helped talk me into it at the table with her "You might as well get it, you know want one. Besides, you'll shoot it more often than a rifle." Then there was the guy next to me saying he'd buy it if I didn't, because those guns are collectible and going up in value, and so on and so forth.

    Still.....I cannot help feeling a little guilty for shelling out that much for a handgun. I'd come to the show thinking maybe I'd get lucky and stumble across a nice Ruger New Model Vaquero in .357 Magnum (as if...:rolleyes: ) or perhaps drop $500-$600 on a Glock 30 or another Smith & Wesson snub. I never dreamed I'd be taken in by the siren song of the big Colt.

    So, what would you guys do? Stick with picking up the Python? Or cancel the sale and grab the Bushie?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2005
  2. MM

    MM Well-Known Member

    I, too am looking for a nice python and they have proven to be fairly rare, at least for what I want. So, I would advise getting the python and waiting on the bushy.

  3. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    Pythons are hard to come by. M4gery's aren't.

  4. Gunpacker

    Gunpacker Well-Known Member

    Buy a good Smith and save half your money

    My opinion is that Pythons suck. They are beautiful, and I once fell for one. When I got it, the double action was awful. Now they can be tuned, but there are few people capable of doing the job. I shoot double action, so I got rid of it, and bought another Smith. Colt may be a little more accurate than a Smith, due to different twist, but likely you will shell out big bucks to get one tuned properly for a good double action. If you only shoot single action, then the Python is OK. Not to say that you should forego a good one if the action is already smooth, but that is unlikely. Pull the trigger DA, and you will likely feel a big stackup and rough pull.
  5. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    Get the Python , Getting rare and it has the box.
    You been wanting one for years and it is not going to get easier as time moves on to find a nice one.
  6. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    I'd get the Bushie, but I'm no collector, firearms are just tools to me. No reason to spend that kind of money on what is essentially a backup weapon...
  7. Azrael256

    Azrael256 Well-Known Member

    Python. No reasoned answer, it's just the one I'd want more.
  8. benEzra

    benEzra Moderator Emeritus

    If you've been wanting a Python for years, get it and immediately start saving up for an M4gery.:)
  9. Reddog1

    Reddog1 Well-Known Member

    I got my Python back in '71 NIB and wish I could find another to go with it. Been happy every time I take her to the range. 6" and as smooth as they come. GO FOR IT :D :)
  10. Kramer Krazy

    Kramer Krazy Well-Known Member

  11. Kurt_M

    Kurt_M Well-Known Member

    Python. Bushmasters are a dime a dozen (figuratively speaking). You can't order minty Pythons from your local gun shop anymore.
  12. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I'd get the Python; then again, I've been adopting Pythons in need of a good home for years.
  13. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Well-Known Member

    you can buy another AR15 today
    the nice NIB Python might be a wee tougher to find.
  14. phoglund

    phoglund Well-Known Member

    Python...this from a guy who wouldn't even consider purchasing one. You've always wanted one and may never have another opportunity. You can order the Bushmaster any day of the week.

    I do find it a bit interesting that you are considering two guns...both of which are named after snakes. :neener:

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