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Need help finding a Madison essay

Discussion in 'Legal' started by MacPelto, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. MacPelto

    MacPelto Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    I'm writing a paper for my judicial interpretation class, and am hoping that somebody out there knows where I can find a copy of James Madison's essay Sovereignty in print. I have the text of it on-line, but am looking for a hard copy of it to use for a citation. It can be contained in a collection, microfilm, whatever, but it would ideally be library-accessible.

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. BigFatKen

    BigFatKen Well-Known Member

  3. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    I did some searching and this is what I found. Have not yet been able to verify that this essay is indeed included in this book, although several postings alluded to that fact. You will have to check further.

    A valuable one-volume compilation of Madison's writings is Marvin Meyers, ed., The Mind of the Founder: Sources of the Political Thought of James Madison (Hanover, N.H., 1981). ISBN: 0585269408 0874512018

    Go to this link and you will find three libraries in Texas that have this book.

    Abilene Christian University, Brown Library
    Abilene Public Library
    Amarillo Public Library

    I hope this is helpful.

  4. MacPelto

    MacPelto Well-Known Member

    Excellent, thank you Ralph! I foresee myself using the website that you linked in the future.

    It will be a simple matter to find out if the essay is in this book, we have five copies of it here on campus, in various libraries!:cool:

    if you don't mind me asking, how did you find out that it was (possibly) included in there?

    Again, thank you,

  5. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    I just started chasing things around the internet.
    I started by looking for the essay.
    Then after reading some posts about this book I Googled the book to see who might list it besides someone wanting to sell it and this Find in a library link showed up.
    Glad to be of help.
  6. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy Well-Known Member

    How about The Papers of James Madison? Should be able to find it at the UT library.
  7. MacPelto

    MacPelto Well-Known Member

    I'll look there, too. Thanks

  8. MacPelto

    MacPelto Well-Known Member

    Well, I looked in both of those, and no good in either one.:(

    Anybody else have an idea?


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