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Need Help: HBE vs. DM Bullard for J Frame

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Texan29, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Texan29

    Texan29 New Member

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum even though I check the forum daily for the past few months. I need y'alls help!

    I've been carrying my J-frames almost exclusively for the past few months and I need y'alls opinions to help me choose between two different holsters. I'm trying to decide between a DM Bullard Dual Carry with Snap Loops or a HBE COM III with Snap Loops. This will be for my J-frames. I am trying to find a holster with a small profile to fit IWB without any unnecessary bulk. It looks like these two are fairly similar but it appears the HBE COM III may be slightly smaller because the loops are placed closer to the body of the gun and not mounted on the leather wings like the Bullard Dual Carry.

    A little about me. I'm 6'4" 235. I'm cursed with "no-butt" syndrome and I always have to find small and thin iwb holsters to minimize an abnormal bulge in my waistband at 4:30-ish. Upon seeing the pictures below at the holster makers website it appears that the COM III is the way to go because the bullard appears wider.

    BUT! I'm looking for people who have actually worn these holsters to give me advice on both fit and quality. The price difference between the two (HBE $109 shipped and Bullard $90+ Tax and Shipping) is negligible.

    From the maker's website:

    Note: Mine would be finished in Black Cherry not Shark

    D.M. Bullard:
  2. rdrancher

    rdrancher Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'0" 215lbs, and also a member of the "no-butt" crowd. I don't have any experience with the HBE holster, but I do carry a SP101 in DM Bullard's Dual Carry conceal at 3:30 / 4:00. The holster tucks the grip in tight to the body, and my pants actually stay up better when I'm using it.


  3. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    Any holster with clips is going to be wider and larger than a holster with loops. The loops affix to the holster body at one point with a snap, the clips affix to the holster body by being sewn into leather panels.

    However clips will flex less than loops and hold the gun more stably (not that both holster designs aren't extremely stable). HBE also makes a variation on the COM with clips called the DC Special (I used to have one for a Kahr MK9 I used to own. EXCELLENT holster. I also owned one of Eric's earliest works, a pro holster in blue suede for a Makarov).
  4. bradvanhorn

    bradvanhorn Well-Known Member

    I only own leather from four different makers: HBE, Alessi, Sparks, Del Fatti. Eric has done a large percentage of my work, and everything he has made has been superb. I tried the COMIII for my Colt Defender and I found the COMIII is the best IWB I've ever tried (including most, if not all, the Sparks models). I ultimately chose to stick with a high ride pancake holster because IWB carry has just never fit me right or worked comfortably for me. I can't comment on DM Bullard's work, but it looks good in the pics at least.
  5. Gideon

    Gideon Well-Known Member

    I'd go with the ComIII from HBE or look at an AJ Concealco IWB. Personal preference but I don't like metal clips of any kind.
  6. StorkPatrol

    StorkPatrol Well-Known Member

    You will send HBE your money, then he might send you a holster... or he might send you nothing. I got the "nothing". Take your chances. --Stork
  7. Texan29

    Texan29 New Member

    Thanks Stork, but it appears HBE has turned his business around. I ordered my holster and had it in three and a half weeks. He didn't ask for my money until three weeks in when we was ready to cut the leather for my holster. Sorry your experience wasn't the same. My experience was nothing short of amazing.

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