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need help to find disassembly guide for ruger p89

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by blondebombshell, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. i am getting a ruger p89 limited edition and would like to find a guide online to show how to disassemble it. does anyone know of a site that has it. pictures would be helpful.
  2. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    If you are buying it new, you will get a manual with it. If not, you can write to Ruger and they will send one free.

  3. i was planning on finding a guide online so i can have it on my computer. i tend to loose paper items easily.
  4. flashman70

    flashman70 Well-Known Member

    There is a website where a guy posts manuals from lots of guns. stevespages.com. I don't know if he has the Ruger, though.
  5. HammerBite

    HammerBite Well-Known Member

    Download it from Ruger.
  6. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

  7. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre Well-Known Member

  8. 4thunder

    4thunder New Member


    That is good info and links for a field strip, so thanks, but what about a complete disassembly? I have the general users instruction guide, but would like to be able to tear down completely for a thorough cleaning.

    Thanks in advance.


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