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Need help with choosing extra mags for my AR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gearchecker, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. gearchecker

    gearchecker Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to get a few extra 20 & 30 round mags for my DPMS AR-15 .223 rifle.
    Are their any brands to avoid, or any that are high on the should buy list?
    I'm thinking about Magpul, Pro-Mag or Tapco. Opinions on these brands?
    Are there any other brands I should strongly consider?
    Links to quality mags would be appreciated also.

    Appreciate the help on this.
  2. Techsan

    Techsan Well-Known Member

    I only own one AR and rarely shoot it, but when I bought it I researched mags and it seemed liked everyone Magpul P-mags. I bought some and have had zero problems with them.
  3. Jackal1

    Jackal1 Well-Known Member

    Buy yourself some Magpul P-mags and be done with it.
  4. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Yep. PMAGs or real USGI mags. Avoid Tapco, C-Products, etc.
  5. DougW

    DougW Well-Known Member

    Magpul. All I use now.
  6. Welding Rod

    Welding Rod Well-Known Member

    NHMTG 20s and Magpul are my favorites.
  7. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    magpul. enough said

    but some like standard GI mags.

    I avoid promag and tapco mags, too many problems with both for me to trust them
  8. CTW

    CTW Well-Known Member

    Stay away from tapco. Magpul are great. I like the brownells mags also, but for the money would rather get the magpuls.
  9. Steve in PA

    Steve in PA Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with C-Products. I have about a dozen of their 30-round magazines and about six of their 20-round magazines, never had a problem.

    Never jumped on the P-mag bandwagon.
  10. Quentin

    Quentin Well-Known Member

    I also like 30rd PMAGs and USGI. And like Welding Rod I'm quite fond of NHMTG and Colt 20rders. No trouble with an of those.
  11. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    P mags seem to be the current fan boy favorite. I have a few ad they are OK. I prefer gi mags with current anti tilt followers.
  12. Flintknapper

    Flintknapper Well-Known Member

    C-Products stainless steel mags are what I have settled on.

    NEVER had a problem with any of them.
  13. MMcfpd

    MMcfpd Well-Known Member

    NHMTG 20s (same thing as Colt 20s) are what I use most often; my second favorites are D&H mags. PMags are OK, but less desirable for me while ProMags are not satisfactory.
  14. modifiedbrowning

    modifiedbrowning Well-Known Member

    I like USGI and Lancer mags.
  15. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

    Before you believe everybody who says Magpul mags are teh shizziz, I want you to do the following test.

    Pick up your unloaded AR.

    Make sure the bolt is CLOSED.

    Lie down on your belly.

    Support the forearm of the rifle with your left hand.

    Let the butt of the rifle rest against the ground.

    The rifle will be in roughly a 45-degree relationship to the ground (muzzle pointing 45-degrees upward).

    Insert a magazine containing 8 rounds on the CLOSED BOLT.

    Pull the charging handle all the way to the rear.

    Let go of the charging handle so that the bolt/carrier is allowed to "fly forward."

    Did the bolt pick up a round from the MAGPUL magazine correctly? :rolleyes:

    Now try the same test with OEM aluminum mags. :cool:
  16. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Consistently good mags:
    Magpul Pmags
    Tangodown ARC
    Lancer L5 (most reliable of any in my use)

    Usually good:
    USGI aluminum mags from D&H or NHMTG or Brownells
    Cammenga Easymags
    Fusil USA steel mags (30rd)

    Sometimes good, not always:
    C-Products stainless steel mags (these seem to be better made than their aluminum mags)

    Inconsistent, can't recommend:
    C-Products aluminum mags
    TAPCO polymer mags
    Korean-made stainless steel mags copying the HK "high reliability maritime" mag

    Basically junk:
    USA mag

    You won't go wrong with Pmags or Lancers.
  17. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    What is the point of your post? I have never tried that particular combination of events but I have run PMAGs exclusively in my courses and never had any problems with feeding. I did have one damaged but that can happen with any magazine.
  18. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

    CMP competition rules require EXACTLY that sequence of events.
    (ETA - must load TWO rounds on closed bolt for CMP match - not eight)

    MAGPUL mags seem to work fine, especially when loaded from an open bolt, or when loaded with the muzzle pointing downward.

    Otherwise, you're on your own.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2011
  19. 1911austin

    1911austin Well-Known Member

    Yes!! No!!! No!!

    I have a lot of PMAGs and they have never failed me.
  20. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    Just tried it.
    Mine Work fine. What's wrong with your rifle/ammo? M4 feedramps?

    All my mags are Pmags now. I sold my GI mags.

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