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Need info on Savage single shot 30-30

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Plan2Live, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live Well-Known Member

    I ran across a Savage Model 2190 breech loading 30-30 rifle today. I came home and did a Yahoo search (don't like Google) and a Gun Broker search and found nothing. It's in reasonably good shape and looks like it was designed as a beginner hunting rifle. Probably a mail order catalog item from the 60s or 70s. I'm curious to know if they were plentiful, not so plentiful, etc. Trying to put a general value on it for a friend. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    You are describing a Savage Model 219 manufactured 1938 to 1965 and chambered in 30-30 as well as several other chamberings. Try a Google of Savage 219 and see if that isn't what you have.

  3. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live Well-Known Member

    Bingo, mystery solved. Yahoo (sorry, no Google for me) gave me hits for the 219 but I swear there was a zero stamped right behind the 219 on the receiver. Strange.

    The sites I looked at have this rifle as a hot/cold item, you either like it or you don't. Any comments on the 219 are welcome.
  4. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    They are a good simple no frills single shot rifle. The 30-30 was the most common chambering. They are more sought after in the chamberings like 22 Hornet. They have their little niche like other similar guns. Selling one won't put the kids / grand kids through college but may buy a few books. :)

    Oh, OK. Let's see enter the Savage 219 into the search engine of your choice. :)

  5. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

  6. Plan2Live

    Plan2Live Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the great info. We didn't think we had anything special, just trying to establish a fair price to offer for the lot that includes this rifle.

    Now it's on to trying to figure out a fair market value for the Enfield rifle that has been sporterized and has the deceased's social security number etched into the receiver and stock. :cuss:
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2013
  7. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    The Enfield will be hard to call, there was a time before identity theft was popular, to place one's SSN on their personal property. The rifle could serve as just a shooter or parts gun. Personally, in my area, I would hang a price of $250 on the Savage and see what happens and maybe $300 on the Enfield. You can always come down on the asking price. With guns like this, my experience is, any gun on any given day is worth what someone is willing to pay, no more and no less. Again, merely what I would do in my area.

  8. T.R.

    T.R. Well-Known Member

    This is a photo of the Savage 219. They've been customized by knowledgeable smiths for many years. In my opinion, the styling is elegant.


  9. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    So, you don't like google?
  10. Liberty1776

    Liberty1776 Well-Known Member

    219s are nice little guns. I've had two of them and always keep my eyes open for another...(6 grandkids now, you know...)
  11. clance

    clance Well-Known Member

    Could it be that what you were looking at was a 219D which could have easily been mistaken as a "O."

    The 219/220 and the 219A/220A were striker fired while the 219B/220B and newer had an internal hammer.


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