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Need installing help on a Kimber 45, Installing a Wilson Ambidextrous Safety

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by TerryR, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. TerryR

    TerryR Member

    Hi guys any help would be appreciated. Got a Wilson Ambidextrous safety for my Kimber Gold match. It fits in but won't go down to relaese the safety.
    Also on the other side (right) is a pin that protudes out, the wilson doesn't have a slot.
    Has anyone installed one and had problems with the functioning?
    Thanks alot!
  2. JRadice45

    JRadice45 Well-Known Member

    You have two problems. first you would need to change the hammer or hammer and sear pins as the kimber ambi safety on your gold match will use an extended dovetailed pin if it is a newer model.

    Second is fitting the thumb safety lug to the sear to get the proper clearance to swing the lever up and down but you have to get the fit correct so that when engaged the thumb safety blocks any and all sear movement.

    if any of the above sounds like a foreign language I would suggest keeping the safety setup stock, or if you must have the wilson parts have them installed by a gunsmith who is intimately familiar with fitting parts to the 1911.
  3. TerryR

    TerryR Member

    Thanks for the info. Contacted Gunsmith and I'm sending her off.
    Thought I could do it.
    Take care Terry
  4. Jolly Rogers

    Jolly Rogers Well-Known Member

    Wow Terry...that was refreshing!

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