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Need opinions on the Browning A500 please.

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Jim_M, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Jim_M

    Jim_M Well-Known Member

    Shown one at a local shop. Has an adjustable buttplate installed. And a
    very nice trigger job. They're asking $499.00 with some wiggle room by the sounds of it. I'm able to shoulder the gun and look straight down the bore to the sight at the same time, with very little pressure on my cheek. If that is some indication of a good fit, it does. Checking the web it appears choke tubes (Invector) are still available which is good. I should tell you I'll be using it for Sporting Clays almost exclusively. Thanks in advance! Jim
  2. Grayrock

    Grayrock Well-Known Member

    Is it the A-500 G or A-500 R? The difference is one is gas operated and the other is recoil operated. I have an A500R that was the 1st long gun I ever purchased. I like it. I shot my best round of skeet with it ever just last year. The gun looks great and works well. I had an extractor break on it about 12 years ago and that was the only issue I've had. I normally run only Winchester AA's thru it. A couple of years ago I loaned it to a buddy who used Wally World special cheap shells. He experienced a couple of stovepipe failures to eject, but I never had that happen to me. It is a great gun that I like a lot. The only reason I retired it was I dove hunt a lot and I got tired of picking up my empties from all over the countryside. Went to twice-pipes instead. The only consideration for Sporting Clays would be barrel length and availability of extended knurled choke tubes, as some people like to change chokes for each station. I just stick an improved modified choke in and use it for the whole course(maybe that's why I don't do as well at sporting clays- but that's another thread.) I think I paid $488 for mine in 1988. I say go for it.
  3. SShooterZ

    SShooterZ Well-Known Member

    I just sold one on Gunbroker in like new condition for $400.

    It's an A500G which is the more desirable model because of it's softer recoil.

    It's a cross-breed between an A5 and a Gold. Not a bad gun for the money at all.
  4. Bodine

    Bodine New Member

    Brn 500R

    I hunt with a dude that has been using one for about 6 years...It seems to be quite reliable and he likes it a bunch (ducks/doves). Doesn't appear to be weather sensitive.
  5. bgold

    bgold Well-Known Member

    Those Brownings just fit so nice, don't they? I would prefer the G model, but both are pretty good. I feel they have received a bit of a bad rap through the years, as it is pretty hard to replace the A5. All those I have knowledge of have taken years of abuse in duck blinds and keep ticking. IMO, if you can get him down to 4 bills, take it and run! Still not a terrible price at what he has it marked for.

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