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Need pro-gun expert for TV

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by lwaldron, May 9, 2004.

  1. lwaldron

    lwaldron Well-Known Member

    Hello, all--

    I work at TV station "somewhere in California". Take a look at this that came off the wires, then please read my request below.

    Million Mom Marchers Kick Off National Campaign to Save the
    Assault Weapons Ban
    To: National Desk
    Contact: Peter Hamm of the Million Mom March United With the
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, 202-289-5792

    WASHINGTON, May 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was
    released today by the Million Mom March United With the Brady
    Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:

    -- "Halt the Assault Tour" Will Travel Across the Continent to
    Raise Public Awareness of Pending Expiration of Landmark Law --

    Thousands of committed activists today kicked off a national
    campaign to save America's assault weapons law, scheduled to
    expire in September, after a day of pleas that President Bush
    keep his campaign promise to rescue the ban.

    The activists waved farewell to a 26-foot pink recreational
    vehicle that will travel the nation and stop in dozens of cities,
    starting with a visit to the site of the Liberty Bell in
    Philadelphia this coming Thursday. The tour will cover at least
    20 states and include stops at both the Democratic and Republican
    national conventions.

    "America doesn't want to turn back the clock, and see these
    reckless killing machines return to our streets just as our
    children are going back to school," said Shikha Hamilton,
    national spokeswoman for the Million Mom March. "President Bush
    has the power to save the assault weapons ban. All he has to do
    is pick up the phone."

    "There are 127 days left, beginning today, before the assault
    weapons ban expires. There are only about 50 legislative days
    left -- when Congress can receive President Bush's clear call for
    action on renewal," said Michael Barnes, president of the Brady
    Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence united with the Million Mom
    March. "We will not rest. We will do everything we can to
    ensure that all Americans are aware of this deadline. There are
    literally lives hanging in the balance."

    The kickoff followed a day of observances and entertainment.
    Speakers included renowned American leaders from the religious
    community like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, writers including best
    selling authors Richard North Patterson and Marianne Williamson,
    public health leaders including former Surgeon General Dr.
    Antonia Novello and special guests from the entertainment world
    including commentator Jamie Foster Brown, comedian Richard
    Belzer, rapper Doug E. Fresh, folk singer Peter Yarrow and jazz
    singer Barbara Montgomery, a Million Mom March leader.

    The "Big Pink Rig" will be visiting, among many other cities,
    Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; St. Louis, Missouri;
    Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cleveland, Ohio;
    Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Portland, Maine;
    Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; Detroit, Michigan;
    Denver, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Phoenix, Arizona;
    Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. The Rig will likely
    tour California, New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois and other
    states as well.

    In each city where the Rig stops, local gun violence
    prevention advocates and victims and survivors of gun violence
    will enlist the support of law enforcement, spiritual leaders,
    elected officials and public health officials to urge President
    Bush to get Congress to renew the law.

    For more information on the tour, visit

    /U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/

    Okay, so what I'm wondering. Can any of the THR folks recommend someone with good credentials who can argue the pro side of things? It would need to be someone who is in the San Diego County area.

  2. DigitalWarrior

    DigitalWarrior Well-Known Member

    Prefer not to, but...

    If no one else steps to the plate, I would be willing. I would hope to have some time to prepare to rebutt this womans lies.

    Reasons I am not the best choice:
    1. Only credential is that I am a former Marine.
    2. I am fat. I will perpetuate the stereotype of "fat, white, male gun-lover"

    However, I am level-headed and speak well under pressure.
  3. larryw

    larryw Well-Known Member

    Calling Jim March...come in Jim...
  4. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    Ya, I can handle this. It'd be a long motorcycle ride but worth it :).

    About me: I'm the California field rep for the Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) - I'm also a registered state lobbyist.

    I've been a "professional" in this area of activism for...lesse, about 8 months now.

    I've been active in the self defense rights movement since 1997.

    I'll discuss this further with the gent who posted above in EMail.
  5. natedog

    natedog Well-Known Member

    It seems like everyone in Congress is afraid to touch the issue, after so many who voted for the AWB were voted out.
  6. lwaldron

    lwaldron Well-Known Member

    Mr. March--

    It doesn't seem like the pink anti-gun bus will be in California for a few weeks, yet. But if does come to SD County, it would be helpful if our station could get another point of view. We seem to have a hard time finding the other side locally when these stories come up.
    I'd be appreciative if you'd email me: lwaldron@nethere.com. I'd like to present a balanced report when the time comes to cover this.

    Thanks a lot,
  7. atek3

    atek3 Well-Known Member

    Ha, I'd like to see the bus roll into Northern Idaho or Wyoming.. :)

  8. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo Well-Known Member

    What, they're not coming to Atlanta? They could have a nice stop-off in Kennesaw, where I'm sure they'd be ESPECIALLY well-received...
  9. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    Mr. Waldron, did you get my EMail, titled "Gun-related TV show..."?

    You should also be aware that if we're talking about the "Million Mom March", they are now a different organization from the original. The original was destroyed in a financial scandal some years back, in which they were proven to have defrauded the city and county of San Francisco of between $5mil and $8mil over the course of almost a decade.

    I was the one that broke that scandal and caused them to do a "midnight move" :). The "brand name" was bought out by Sarah Brady's "Handgun Control Inc" back east, which is now called "The Brady Center For Somethingorother Allied With The Million Mom March"....see also www.bradycampaign.org

    The full chronicles of how Nadja Adolf and I took down these con artists is at:


    Pay particular note of the front-page SF Chronicle article of 4/12/01, the text of which is linked.
  10. lwaldron

    lwaldron Well-Known Member


    Yes sir, I did get your email, and a response has been sent.

  11. PromptCritical

    PromptCritical Well-Known Member

    Is this coming to San Diego? If it is I'll be on it like stink on Feinstein.
  12. Jeff OTMG

    Jeff OTMG Well-Known Member

    No stops in Texas or Oklahoma are planned either. Gee, maybe they figure that it wouldn't do any good.
  13. P95Carry

    P95Carry Moderator Emeritus

    This in particular really sticks in my craw ..... classic verbage. As ever .. ''the guns'' are solely and singularly responsible for mayhem!!

    I guess it's the only way they know how - to hype the rest of the anti camp.

    Hope Jim can help with a suitable rebuttal.
  14. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    There's really only two core issues:

    1) Is armed self defense legal, moral and practical?

    2) What are the real causes of societal violence?

    ANYthing else is a distraction.

    The most common distraction is "Goldilocks Gun Control". "This gun is too big, this gun is too ugly, this gun is too small ("Pocket Rocket"), this gun is too accurate, this gun is too cheap and inaccurate."

    Ad nauseum.
  15. WingZero

    WingZero Well-Known Member

    I don't live in Cali, but I'd be glad to help in anyway possible. I won't claim to be an expert, just an opinionated egotisical smart ass.

    I watched the c-span coverage of the Million Mom March, and I laughed so hard I cried. I loved the fact that not only was the representative of the Hip Hop Summit there stating that hip hop is supportive of the march, but that Ludacris' mother was there. God that was hilarious. I also love that
    c-span and all other coverage of the rally never said a word about the counter rally by the Second Amendment Sisters that took place across the street at the same time.
  16. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

    I see they're coming to Raleigh... I tend to get irritated and short with these types of people, but you can bet I'll be standing there lending a voice to their naysayers. Is there anyone in Raleigh that would like to step up to the plate to argue against them? I'll handle the coordination of someone is willing to lend their .02.
  17. crewchief

    crewchief Well-Known Member

    I am about a 2 hour trip from Raleigh coming from Eastern Carolina and you give me a date, time, and place and I will be there.
  18. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

    Excellent! I'll keep and eye out and do some research to see if I can pinpoint when they'll be in Raleigh. I'll also contact GRNC and see if we can organize a counter demonstration that'll overshadow them both numerically and intellectually... ok, one of us overshadows them intellectually, it's more the numerically side that we need to show.
  19. KMKeller

    KMKeller Well-Known Member

    Well lookee here... smack dab on their website!

    Million Mom March

    May 9 Washington, DC
    May 18 Richmond, VA
    May 20-22 Raleigh, NC
    May 26 Trenton, NJ
    June 1-3 St. Louis, MO
    June 3-4 San Antonio, TX
    June 7-10 Minneapolis, MN
    June 14-15 Milwaukee, WI
    June 26-29 Cleveland, OH
    July 2-7 Pittsburgh, PA
    July 9-13 Philadelphia, PA
    July 17-19 Phoenix, AZ
    July 18-20 Portland, ME
    July 22-23 New Hampshire
    July 25-28 Boston, MA
    August 1-2 Detroit, MI
    August 2-3 Denver, CO
    August 10-11 Seattle, WA
    August 16-17 Portland, OR
    August 23-24 Albuquerque, NM
    August 29-31 New York City
    September 1 New York City
    September 13 Assault Weapons Ban Expires
  20. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-Known Member

    lwaldron - I would be happy to do it and have appeared on tv for Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Sisters in the past, but it'd be a bit of a stretch from Virginia...

    Have you tried asking here?


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