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Need Safe experts to rank these brand safes in order of best to worst for TL30x6

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by kurt123angle, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. kurt123angle

    kurt123angle Member

    Brands in alphabetical Order... please rank (or rate) for me and if u can name the model you like and dislike.

    Access Security
    Chubb (Does a TL-30x6) exist?
    Fichet (which model do you like)
    John Tann (Does a TL-30x6 exist)
    **Or other brand I didn't mention that's worth mentioning thats a tl30x6
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  2. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    There really isn't a best to worst list to be had. Different safes may have different advantages in certain areas.

    All of the safes will meet the same minimum standards issued by UL, and would qualify for the exact same insurance coverage. All of them will keep amateur burglars out for far longer than they are rated.
  3. kurt123angle

    kurt123angle Member

    A1 I respectfully disagree! Even though most of them meet the same UL requirement their are still MAJOR differences in protection in both burglary and fire! Some of the safes on the list were split open with ease I heard and some weren't. Just wanted to use this forum as a confirmation as to which safe brands are the best average or worst in their particular 30x6 league for burglary and/or fire protection.
  4. Abear

    Abear Member

    "Some of the safes on the list were split open with ease I heard and some weren't."

    With no disrespect, this can't be true. If a safe achieves a U.L. TL-30X6 rating, then experienced safe crackers, with blueprints, with heavy power equipment, failed to breach the safe in 30 minutes. The 30 minutes is also actual attack time (tools touching the safe).

    I am sure there would be a difference between a $5,000 Asian import and a $20,000 European safe but to state some were split open with ease makes zero sense.

    Back to the OP's original question, maybe they could be ranked into Tier A, B, and C. Even a Tier "C", keeping in mind we are talking TL-30X6, would put the best RSC to shame.
  5. Lagarto

    Lagarto Active Member

    Having witnessed 2 dozen UL tests on my products I can assure you that nothing that gets a UL rating get's split open easily.

    The guys that attempt the attack put their pride on the line in every test and the go like hell for the entire time. Once the design meets the requirements UL approves the specs and they can not be changed without retesting. In some instances a change in the source of materials may require retesting.

    European testing standards are even touger and much more costly ( about three times as much ). Tests are conducted at the Technical University Braunschweig, and then you have to pay for an inspector to come over twice a year to inspect your facilities.
  6. beatledog7

    beatledog7 Well-Known Member

    The key to getting a safe open is being able to cut or pry and having time to accomplish whichever.

    Effective prying requires that the safe be firmly affixed or on its back, and time. Cutting requires power tools, and time.

    So, the common element is time. Given enough of it, every safe is breachable. Our priority has to be to shorten available the time element by creating layered defense that includes obvious indications to thieves that they will not have enough time to breach the safe and escape.
  7. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    Then you will need to be a lot more specific. All of the safes on your list will provide a minimum of 30 minutes against forced entry.

    Which one is better? Better at what exactly?
  8. kurt123angle

    kurt123angle Member

    So far on the thread i started i haven't seen at least 1 attempt to even rank what brand they think is best and why!! I haven't even seen a attempt to mention another brand tl 30x6 safe i didn't mention either!

    I heard the saying that all gps's are "about" the same <--not true
    I heard all web search engines are "about" the same <--not true
    I heard "all" products from asia are inferior to american products <--not true

    1)I am looking for good safe brand and model that's less than 2000 pounds!
    That is pry, peel, wedge, sledge,cut, grind and drill resistant! which brand survived "YOUR" personal test the longest.

    2) Which brands are best and worst for bugulary?
    3) which brands are best and worst for fire?

    4) which one has the highest and lowest psi strength
    5) which one has the best and worst steel cladding specs..

    I can go on and on lol I just want to see how you rate each brand in general!

    Lagarto said= "Having witnessed 2 dozen UL tests on my products I can assure you that nothing that gets a UL rating get's split open easily"

    My response to LARGATO would be = TELL THAT TO A "GROUP" PROFESSIONAL SEASONED WELDERS WITH A THERMAL LANCE and other "SPECIAL EQUIP" :(... a TL30x6 is not torch resistant or torch proof.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2013
  9. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you should visit your local safe company and take a look at some of these safes first hand. Perhaps some of your questions would be better answered in a hands on way.
  10. Lagarto

    Lagarto Active Member

    " TELL THAT TO A "GROUP" PROFESSIONAL SEASONED WELDERS WITH A THERMAL LANCE and other "SPECIAL EQUIP" ... a TL30x6 is not torch resistant or torch proof."

    You are correct. The TL30X6 spec is what it is. However you did not mentioned torch resistance as a primary criteria. If torch resistance is a primary requirement for you, ranking those units becomes "Fool's Errand", since none of them meet your needs.

    In addition to going to a local dealer, perhaps you should consult your insurer. They determine what rating your unit needs to obtain or maintain your coverage.
  11. kurt123angle

    kurt123angle Member

    lol I still don't see an attempt to rank yet lol geesh
  12. a1abdj

    a1abdj Well-Known Member

    It is like asking for a rank of sports cars, with 30 on the list. The ranking would depend on the specific needs of the buyer.
  13. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    You come here looking for help, ask a very non specific question (for the subject), then get mad when you don't immediately get an answer, and do not ask specific questions when asked to by the very guys you are looking for help from.

    You are not starting off on a good foot. Relax, and ask specific questions. Most of the time folks who are asking questions get irritated with nondescript answers. You should be glad they are asking for more info to try to help you.

    If you just came by to show how much more you know than the resident experts, they will soon tire with you.

    Try something like.....I have studied a lot on TL30x6 safes but still have some specific questions I would like help with, and then ask them. :)
  14. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    I thought that was some pretty clear and polite answers to a question that needs more specifics.

    Be wise of you to imitate the other posters. :scrutiny:
  15. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    I would think a thermal lance would burn the house down before it opens the safe. It will make a hole in the safe... and the floor... and the roof...
  16. TheSaint

    TheSaint Well-Known Member

  17. kurt123angle

    kurt123angle Member

    saint nice video !!!!

    hahhahaha no1 ascertained me with even a subjective attempt to rank or rate the safes I mention yet lol even when i gave specific for both burglary and fire!
  18. Sgt_R

    Sgt_R Well-Known Member

    I think black safes are best, followed closely by green ones. All other colors are roughly the same, and rank slightly below green for my purposes.

  19. FAS1

    FAS1 Well-Known Member

    Probably because this is a gun forum and not a jewelry store forum. :D
    Seriously, I don't think too many people research TL30x6 safes to store their guns in. Seems hard enough to get most people to see the difference in a plate steel door and the "composite doors" that are on all the less expensive gun safes.
  20. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    "Ascertained" doesn't mean what you think it means and this is going no where.

    We're done.
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