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Need some 10mm Hunting Loads

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Zero, May 12, 2003.

  1. Zero

    Zero Well-Known Member

    Need some input on 10mm Hunting loads. I'd like to get a 180gr XTP up to about 1275fps, and 200gr XTP at or close to 1200 as I can. In a stock G20
  2. bpisler

    bpisler Well-Known Member

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  3. Cal4D4

    Cal4D4 Well-Known Member

    Do a search here and on Glock Talk for MCNETT. Several excellent threads on exactly what you seek.
  4. Tusker10mm

    Tusker10mm Well-Known Member


  5. bedlamite

    bedlamite Well-Known Member

    That kind of velocity shouldn't be a problem, Try either Blue Dot ot AA#9. You may also want to contact Wolff about heavier weight recoil springs.
  6. Zero

    Zero Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reponses

    Thanks for the suggestions of reloading sources, but I've been there done that. I was wondering specifically if anyone had worked up any loads in that range for their G20?
  7. bpisler

    bpisler Well-Known Member

  8. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Ditto on GT...

    Mike must not be on the forum right now. He posts here and GT.

    he's got some really nice 800-X and Blue Dot loads

    dunno what you're after, but his stuff will work for about anything. He's got good loads for the G20 for 180 XTP's. Gets into the realm of the 41 mag

    I bought 4# of Blue Dot to duplicate what he's developed

    Go to the 10-ring forum

    MCNETT Well-Known Member

    9.5gr 800X will keep you within SAAMI specs as well as get you 1225fps from your stock G20. 10.1gr 800X will get you 1280fps from a stock G20 with 180XTP's
    1.26" OAL
    CCI 350 primers
  10. MCNETT

    MCNETT Well-Known Member

    Also, if you have BD, try 11.2gr BD 200XTP, and 11.8gr BD 180XTP these two combinations have both taken deer to my freezer.
  11. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy Well-Known Member

    The following chrono data is from my stock G20 in about 95 degree weather. Data breakdown is as follows:

    Bullet / Powder Weight / Powder Type / OAL / Primer / High Velocity / Low Velocity / Average Velocity

    Speer 200 TMJ 14.0g AA#9 1.260†CCI300 1294 1285 1288

    Precision 200 FP 10.5g AA#7 1.260†CCI300 1179 1152 1166

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 11.5g Blue Dot 1.260†CCI300 1285 1260 1279

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 9.5g VV 3N37 1.255†CCI300 1222 1210 1214

    Speer 200 TMJ 9.6g Vectan SP2 1.250†CCI300 1179 1117 1144

    Hornady 155 XTP 15.9g AA#9 1.260†CCI300 1377 1332 1360

    Win 175 STHP 11.5g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1262 1200 1228

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 11.0g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1215 1154 1196

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 10.5g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1219 1139 1161

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 10.0g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1151 1103 1131

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 10.8g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1257 1093 1167

    Hornady 200 XTP 7.7 Power Pistol 1.260†CCI300 1116 1097 1106

    Star 165 FMJ-FP 12.8g AA#7 1.250†CCI300 1339 1291 1314

    Star 180 FMJ-FP 9.2g Power Pistol 1.260†CCI300 1297 1271 1285

    Sierra 135 JHP 11.5g Blue Dot 1.250†CCI300 1220 1179 1203

    Rem 180 GSHP 10.3g 800-X 1.260†CCI350 1317 1225 1260

    Hornady 200 XTP 10.5g HS-7 1.265†CCI350 1285 1247 1266

    Edited to add the standard disclaimers: use at your own risk, cross check data with loadbook, start low and work up, etc. Use your head

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