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Need some AK advice please gents

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Collector0311, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Gettin one. My entire collection is all American made weaponry and I'd like to keep it that way. Two questions. Who manufactures the best homegrown AK variants? And is there a "mil-spec" for AK's? Don't want to buy some company's version that they have tweaked in some small way to make it "better" that then won't allow me to find readily available parts. Hit me with some knowledge boys.
  2. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Oh and just to clarify I would like the standard (scary, ooooh!!) look. No polymer for this one.
  3. Aaron1100us

    Aaron1100us Well-Known Member

    Why do you have to stay all American? Arsenal has the USA milled SAM-7 for around $1,900. I just bought their SLR101s which has a Bulgarian milled receiver for$1,000. The SAM-7 does come with wood furnature. But you can put wood furnature on any AK for cheap.

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  4. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    I'd just prefer my business went to an American company, that's all.

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    I bought a AK74 from Interarms who is owned by High Standard. While it was put together by an American company, it is still largely Polish. You will find that all AKs have foreign parts in them. Century Arms claims to make a 100% American AK but I am still unsure about that plus it is made by Century. All AKs go through an American company. I would avoid Century Arms and I.O. and go with a company such as Interarms.
  6. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Thank you FIVETWOSEVEN, I'll look into interarms more deeply. Just out of curiosity though, with AK's being short-mid range weapons built on the "accuracy by volume" mantra, what is it about those other manufacturers that you find unappealing? If its ill manufactured parts that is one thing, but I'm not looking for a hole driller, I want the nasty, inaccurate, run til it melts, then light your cigarette with it AK
  7. Aaron1100us

    Aaron1100us Well-Known Member

    I heard to stay away from InterArms from others on here.

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    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    Only once or twice I have heard about Interarms AKs being bad. I have nearly 4,000 rounds through my AK since I got it back in May so it is a hard use AK. Never had an issue or even a jam despite rarely oiling it. The build quality is superb and I don't have a single complaint. The issues I have seen with Century is about the quality of their builds. Canted front sights and magazines being difficult to insert. I.O. makes nice looking rifles that come with loose gas tubes which would bug me and a lot of times come with function problems. You could look those issues up. Centurys work most of the time but build quality suffers a lot of the time hence why I look down upon them.
  9. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Not all AK's are created equally. Like any rifle, quality of craftsmanship, fit, finish, etc. is what you're paying for. If you want an AK that simply shoots, a WASR 10/63 will be just fine. If you want accuracy, fit/finish, quality of parts and craftsmanship... look at Arsenal. IO falls somewhere in between, in my opinion. You can buy an Arsenal without seeing it and being confident it'll be a solid rifle. Some IO's I've seen make me think it's a "check it out first" thing, but I could be wrong on that. Not a lot of hands-on IO experience. If you want full custom work, look at Rifle Dynamics or Kreb's Customs. Lot's of options out there.

    EDIT - what's this? No tantal/gf pic? You're slipping, FIVETWOSEVEN.
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    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    I need a new picture now since I've added a Midwest Industries rail and a Primary Arms Reflex sight and asked my GF to marry me. :cool:

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    Plus I am on my Cellphone which lacks the ability to post pictures. Couldn't do it even if I wanted to. :p
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  12. Inebriated

    Inebriated Well-Known Member

    Don't bother, no one wants to see a rail with ring scratches everywhere! :D Congrats

    FIVETWOSEVEN Well-Known Member

    Her left hand is on the pistol grip, she's wrong handed. No ring scratches on the rail yet. ;) Thanks. Going back on subject, if you don't care about small things like a canted front site or mags being difficult to seat (both are fairly easy fixes) then a Century WASR will serve you well. Make sure to inspect one before buying for best results.
  14. Davek1977

    Davek1977 Well-Known Member

    You aren't going to find anything that resembles a 100% US made AK in today's marketplace. Such a beast doesnt exist
  15. JFtheGR8

    JFtheGR8 Well-Known Member

    My suggestion would be to buy a Saiga and see just how many American parts YOU can put in it during the conversion process.

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  16. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    I've seen more than a couple Arsenal screw ups as well. Things like canted sights and horrible finishes. I'd wager they happen in lower percentages than say CIA guns but they certainly still happen. Personally I wont buy from Arsenal for their politics alone (campaign donors to Harry Reid). That said there are, for what I like and want better buys anyhow.

    As said there are no real 100% US made guns. You can find kit builds that US us receivers and barrels and a few other parts. However, quality wise, these tend to be the worst guns on the market. I'd have a Russian imported barrel/receiver/BCG and then put US FGC and furniture on it, either a saiga or a vepr as a base gun.

    It will surely go towards the vendor who sales it too you and the US importer of the gun. I'm not sure their is an AK that doesn't begin with at least an imported parts kit. I guess there is difference in degree of what goes to a non US company, however, its not a big enough difference, or enough money that on a one time purchase I would worry about it or sacrifice owning a better gun. You can even get your converted Russian gun from a US company that has done it and support them too.
  17. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    Arsenal has their milled receiver SLR-101S out right now. Not something that's normally available.

    They clean up right nice, too!



  18. Collector0311

    Collector0311 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a ton fellas, when it comes to AR's I'm usually one of the guys responding to posts like this, but AK's have never demanded my attention until recently.
    I guess I shouldn't be surprised to learn that myriad parts from overseas find their way into US assembled AK's.
    I guess I am just not looking to replace any parts out of necessity y'know? But rather, future preference. But I also don't think I'm willing to throw down $1900 for a lead slinger. Seems like a delicate balance.
  19. Babarsac

    Babarsac Well-Known Member

    There is no thing as an American-made AK, and I have serious reservations about what Century says about their M10. It's going to come to two choices, a kit-build or a straight import from overseas. Now there are some very good kit builds out there, or you could buy a kit and receiver and have a reputable builder assemble exactly what you want. As for the imports they are less common but are the real deal. The VEPR's are pricey but very nice. If you look around on the forums your can pick up a Romanian SAR rifle for a good price.

    Last year I picked up a Romanian SAR-2 (5.45x39) locally for $350 , makes for a great lead chunker.
  20. curtix

    curtix Well-Known Member

    IO Sporter - "Our SPORTER rifle is made to true Polish blueprints. It comes with one 30 rd I.O.INC waffle pattern magazine and accessories. It is made to highest quality standards. The rifle is made in the USA and backed up by our LIFETIME manufacturers warranty."
    From their site and just want you want. ( www.ioinc.us )

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