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Need suppressor advice

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Greywolf, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Greywolf

    Greywolf Well-Known Member

    I have an HK P9S in .45 and have an extended barrel that I am going to get threaded for a suppressor.

    I also have an AR .45 upper with an 8" barrel (yes, I have an SBR registered lower) that I also want to get suppressed.

    What would you all recommend for a suppressor that would work with both applications? I really don't want to buy 2 suppressors and pay two taxes.

    Any suppressors out there that would work well in this situation? I would love one that wasn't so damn big that it would weigh my pistol down a lot, or get in the way of its sights. Quiet is also important.
  2. Byron Quick

    Byron Quick Moderator In Memoriam

    Go to the Gem-tech site and look them over. They're pretty good about discussing matters over the phone and you know you've got up to date information. I think the sight deal on the pistol may be a problem.
  3. GreenFurniture

    GreenFurniture Well-Known Member

    We've got Gemtech SOS 45 suppressors in stock and ready to go.

    Swing by and check them out.

    We can also thread your AR barrel to accept the pitch if it doesn't accept the 28lpi. (which if it accepts the A2 FH it will)
  4. Greywolf

    Greywolf Well-Known Member

    John - I am getting the threading done 5/8x24 tpi - is that OK? I may be able to get that changed, though, since it hasn't been done yet.
  5. 444

    444 Well-Known Member

    Let me offer you a very conservative approach to this whole thing.

    #1) I would call a number of suppressor manufacturers and ask them what they recommend. They KNOW, most of the rest of us are just guessing. I have purchased 4-5 suppressors so far this year, but I have never owned the guns you are talking about, so I would just be guessing: the manufacturers arn't.
    #2) I would read the on-line forums that specialize in NFA weapons. AR15.com has an NFA section and suppressors are discussed frequently as an example. There might be things you never thought of, you can get ideas about customer service etc.
    #3) I would be very careful who I got to thread that barrel. The suppressor MUST be perfectly straight and in line with the bore. Many (most/all) suppressor manufacturers will NOT warranty their suppressors unless the barrel was threaded by them or their authorized gunsmith. If you have a baffle strike and destroy the suppressor, they probably will tell you too bad if you had Joe's Shade Tree gunsmith do the barrel work.

    Suppressors arn't real expensive, but, they ain't giving them away either. The tax stamp isn't all that much, but it is probably like 25% of the purchase price of the whole deal. The wait for the tax stamp is a real PITA.
    SO, don't make a quick decision. Don't try to save a few pennies on something that you might later regret. Take your time and do everything right. It will pay off in the long run just like it does every time with every thing.

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