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Never ending EDC search....

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by nebeel, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member

  2. JShirley

    JShirley Administrator Staff Member

    They feel great, but good luck finding one for $100. Jeff at Cutlery Shoppe usually has the best prices, and I don't know the last time he's had them in stock. They can be found for $125 or so, though...

  3. nebeel

    nebeel Well-Known Member

    Wow, thanks for all the replies and suggestions!

    I think I've narrowed down my search a little. I went back to carrying my Gerber PF II for the last day or two and I'm remembering how nice it was to have something lightweight and THIN. That thing just disappears in my pocket even clipped on.

    Took some measurements and found:

    Just over 4oz
    Only 5/16" thick! (.3125")

    I'm really liking the idea of an all metal frame folder for simplicity and sliding in the pocket easily.

    I like the looks of the Kershaw Shallot, but a little worried about the steel used. Is 14C28N steel decent at all? I'm not that up on metallurgy...

    I actually seriously considered the Benchmade 943, but at .41" it's a full 1/10 of an inch thicker which makes me hesitate a little. Also being ~$100 more than the Kershaw, haha...

    Thanks for all your advice!
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
  4. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy New Member

    The 94x series of Benchmade is only at .410 in the center of the handle scales. Much of the scale is relieved to much less than that in most areas. I have had probably a half dozen variants from base production to exotic Limited Editions. This design carries with a very slim footprint in your pocket. Much smaller than a Spyderco Native or Benchmade Griptilian even though it has more cutting edge than either. The minimum steel is 154CM, which is a premium US made steel and the options go up from there to D2, S30V and other variants including Damascus stuff.
  5. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Well-Known Member

    I should have mentioned I bought mine off of here secondhand. And another off bladeforums a week prior both for around that price. Gotta buy used.
  6. nebeel

    nebeel Well-Known Member

    Well I think I've made a decision... sort of...

    I'm going to go ahead and get the BM 943, a little bit more money than I was looking at originally, but it will be my first Benchmade so I'm hoping it will be worth it.

    I may end up getting a Shallot or Leek (or both) just to have something to compare.
  7. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy New Member

    Post pics when you get it! If you really don't like it (I'd be shocked), I might even be interested in buying it. Having another one couldn't hurt :)

    I've got a 941-D2CF in my pocket right now. It's a very cool variant of the 941/943 design made with carbon fiber handle scales and a mirror polished D2 blade. Out of my whole collection, it's one of my all time favs and the only production knife that that I carry on a regular basis.

    PLYSWKNVS Member

    Hey P B Walsh - if you call Kershaw (503-682-1966 ) they will send you another pocket clip free. If you want, I have a gold one, for a Leek, that I'd let you have for a good deal.
  9. bubba in ca

    bubba in ca Well-Known Member

    I`ve gone thru a lot of knives looking for the perfect EDC. I think I have finally hit upon it-- a Swiss Army knife in my pocket and a short machete in my truck tool box, house, and shed. Before I retired I carried a Leatherman tool at work.

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