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New .454 Super Redhawk in the house

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Slow, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Slow

    Slow Well-Known Member

    Picked up my latest addition on Tues. and got to the range on Wed. It was a beautifully warm day for Indiana this time of year (sunny, 5mile/hr breeze approx. and 50+ degree F). I shot a couple different .45 Colt loads (240 gr.lrnfp 750fps, 260jhp 850fps and .454 Winchester 250 gr.) The 2 .45 loads were from Georgia Arms Ammo. (I can heartily recommend them). The Cowboy load felt like .22 mag. from my 5.5 Super Single in perceived recoil the 260grn. jhp felt like 158grn. .357 from my 4" GP100 and the .454 surprised me.... Every person was claiming these had unbelievable recoil... granted this particular load is probably light in comparison with a 300grn. or larger bullet but it compared roughly in MHO to shooting 125 grn Speer Gold Dot .357 from my 2" Rossi. I think I'll continue to shoot .45 Colt mostly as they were incredibly nice and continue to work up to the stout .454 loads that are available. BTW I was ringing the 50yd gong easily with 260 grn loads ,100yds hits were much harder and fewer at this point but, I'm gonna keep on tryin'...The gun has a 7.5 barrel and will be cleaned between the Colts and Cassull's...
  2. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the New Redhawk,Happy shooting.:)
  3. GW45

    GW45 Well-Known Member


    Congrats!!:D I too have a Ruger Super Redhawk .454. I love mine and do the same as you with the .45 Colts - around here it's $22 for a box of .454 (20) and $19 for a box of .45 Colt (50) - and recoil is nominal with the Winchester Cowboy loads.

    I have on order the Cor Bon 265gr, 300 gr, and 335 gr .45 Colt - just to experiment with.

    The Magtech and Winchester .454 loads are very accurate out to about 50 yds - far as I can get here - so they might help.

    I have a box of the Winchester Silvertips .225 gr .45 Colt for just in case......granted it wouldn't be my first choice - but I like to be cautious.

    Have you any plans to hunt with it - scoped or not? I'm looking into a Bushnell 3200 2x6x32 and plan to go deer hunting next year in KY.

    Again Congrats and happy shooting.......
  4. RCL

    RCL Well-Known Member

    I've shot my brothers SuperRed .454 back to back with my Freedom Arms .454, same load, and the perceived recoil is less with the Ruger. He likes his, has put a scope on it, and pretty much all he shoots is heavy .45 Colt loads in it. Good shooting guns.;)
  5. Dennis Olson

    Dennis Olson Active Member

    When I was shopping for a Casull, I looked at both the Ruger and the Taurus. Ultimately I went with the Taurus because I hated that greenish finish that the Redhawks had on them. (I dunno if you can get it in different finishes now, but back in late 1999, that was all you could get.)

    What really sold me was the factory compensated barrel, as well as the nich grips on the Taurus as well. FYI, I owned a redhawk in .44 mag for many years, and I do like Rugers. A lot.

    As for a use for the gun, I would only use the .45 LC's for a personal defense round, and the .454's if in the field.

    But I do love to shoot that .454, and it's a really great shooter...

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