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New Baby Eagle range report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by [FH]K96, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. [FH]K96

    [FH]K96 New Member

    Hi all. I recently picked up a full-size Baby Eagle chambered in .40sw. I went to a local range and shot 300 rounds of WWB in 165 gr fmj. there were no problems of any kind. I also shot 50 rounds of Double Tap 135 gr. jhp's- more on this ammo later. It is also quite a good looking pistol imho.

    This DA/SA pistol was very accurate- I suppose due to the polygonal rifling. The DA was very long, but smooth. I would feel fairly comfortable carrying it in this mode with the safety/decocker off since it is such a long pull requiring quite a tug (I am guessing 12-14 lbs?). But, in SA it short and crisp. **first time firing the BE resulted in a double tap inadvertently to my surprise... result of not being use to this type of action** When the safety/decoker is engaged the trigger is disconnected. The ergonomics were very enjoyable and the combat sights were adequate for the intended use. I would like to try a set of night sights on this in the future.

    Now to my experience with the Double Tap ammo. There were some spent casings that had jagged serrations on the edge. I have not seen this before in any ammo of any caliber in my short experience. I tested the same ammo in my Steyr M40 to see if i got the same result- I got brass that had deformation in the case walls. I have another box of DT ammo in 165 gr gold dots that I am weary of using in either pistol. Any thoughts on what happened with this ammo?

    Here is a pic, although not clear (old digital camera) of a jagged brass.

    and some pics. :D

  2. Storm

    Storm New Member

    Thanks for the range report. For me it is timely. Tuesday I will be picking up the same gun but in a semi-compact. Mine is used and is from the period around 2005 when they temporarily used the typical land and groove barrel.

    Did you find the weight of the gun as a benefit in the firing of the .40? Those grips, did they come with the gun?
  3. [FH]K96

    [FH]K96 New Member

    Yes I liked the weight of it and does handle the snap of .40 quite well imho. It also points well for me. As for the grips, I got them from Magnum Research's website- they are listed under accessories menu. They are made by Hogue and feel great. Good luck with yours.... if this .40 keeps performing well I might look into the semi-compact .45 :D
  4. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula New Member

    Thanks for the report.

    Just stay away from that ammo. Guns are very particular about what goes in them...just like women.:neener: If you're gun doesn't like a certain ammo brand, stay away from them.
  5. briang2ad

    briang2ad New Member

    Compared to the Steyr...

    Could you tell us exactly how it compares to your Steyr M40? Accuracy? Feel? Thanks.
  6. [FH]K96

    [FH]K96 New Member

    Interesting analogy Count':D

    I will try Winchester Super-X and Cor-Bon next. I will try the remaining Double Tap in 165 gr. in the Steyr (it has an over-built chamber) and see if the result happens again.

    @briang2ad- The BE is quite accurate, probably more so than the Steyr due to its polygonal rifling. But, I have grown quite accustomed to the M40.. I get on target much quicker. The M40 does appear to handle recoil slightly better even though it is lighter polymer pistol. I believe this to be the low bore axis in play.

    In regards to feel, I believe you mean ergonomics. The BE definitely lets you know it is a service-size pistol, which I like. It is very solid and would surely give someone stars if knocked on the dome:D It is quite comfortable shoot, but lets you still know that what caliber it is. The Hogues are great on it. That being said the Steyr is still the most ergonomic pistol I have held... funny- I do not like the feel of "compact" pistols, which to me the M40 is. Go figure (I am bigger than average guy 6-4,210).

    Hope that helped:)
  7. Silvanus

    Silvanus New Member

    Thanks for the range report. I'm glad you like it. Nice pictures too. It's one of the coolest looking semi-autos I've seen so far. But they are quite a bit more expensive than CZs around here, so I don't know if I would buy one.
  8. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula New Member

    Hey [FH]K96, I'm in CA also, where do you go shooting at?
  9. MIL-DOT

    MIL-DOT member

    i bought a jericho ( baby eagle) .40 from the son of an old buddy, alost new in box, for $200 !! i LOVE that pistol. now if i could remember where i hid it when i went to colorado for a month. no kidding:banghead:
  10. [FH]K96

    [FH]K96 New Member

    I am in the West Valley. I mostly go to Angeles Crest. Sometimes a small, dumpy indoor range in Agoura.
  11. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben New Member

    well...if I were a handgun, where would I hide....?

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