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New CZ75b

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Kyle, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Kyle

    Kyle Member

    The last thread I started was about how I was underwelmed when I looked at a cz75 at a local gun shop. Since then, I found another 75B at a different shop, and I liked it much better. I don't know what the deal was with the first one I handled, but there was no comparison. I ended up buying a brand new CZ75B, From Bud's online, because my local shop wanted $699 for the one they had. The one I got is very nice. I finally got it out to the range today, it is the first day in a while we have been above 0 degrees around here. I love this gun. It is now my favorite 9mm. I put my first magazine worth of ammo into a hole about 2"x2" right on the center of the target, with the exception of my very first shot which hit about 3" high and 3" left of the bullseye. The group was shot at approximately 30 ft. For me this is really good shooting. I shot 200 rounds through the gun today. The first group was my best of the day, but overall I shot very well with this gun. Much better than most of the guns I have spent a lot more time with. No malfunctions of any kind. The thing that suprised me most was how soft shooting this gun was. I thought my berreta 92 was the sofest shooting 9mm I own before this, but I would say the cz seems to reduce recoil for me by at least another 30%. I am absolutely loving this gun right now, and I don't know how I ever disliked the first one I picked up. I may have to go back to the first shop and see what is wrong with their gun. Thank you to everyone who has continually recommended this gun.
  2. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the cZ world. Glad to hear you like your new acqusition. Unfortunately, it will lead to another cZ, and another, and anotherm and ........
    Have you checked out the two cZ forums? Lots of good folks and good information on them.
  3. JDGray

    JDGray Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new CZ! They do multiply, and for good reason:)
  4. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    CZs are excellent pistols, though I am a little biased.... :)
  5. st_albert

    st_albert Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that you have fallen into the CZ75 trap! Your plans for acquiring other handguns are now thoroughly SCREWED! You will find it hard for anything (with the possible exception of a High Power GP-35) to measure up to the standard you have adopted.

    And if that weren't enough, there's probably no going back at this point.

    BTW, have you seen how many CZ models there are out there? Good hunting!


    (note for the humor-challenged: I'm a died-in-the-wool CZ fan. Interpret my post in that light, if you please :) )
  6. jlbraun

    jlbraun Well-Known Member

    Now go get a .22LR upper called the Kadet.
  7. Treo

    Treo member

    I used to think all those warnings about buying CZs leading to buying more CZs and more CZs were hype , until I bought a CZ & another CZ & another CZ Welcome to the club
  8. Craig M. Arnold

    Craig M. Arnold Well-Known Member

    NO, it's true. One CZ is never enough!

  9. Comanche180

    Comanche180 Well-Known Member


    It's not that bad for everyone. I bought my first CZ, a 97B, a couple years ago. It took a couple more years befor I bought a CZ75B. They are beautiful guns and good reliable shooters. The 97B is particullarly accurate besides being very attactive. But I am a shooter and not a collector and I have not got caught up in wanting every variation.
  10. Treo

    Treo member

    I really can't afford to be a collector. My 75 B is my CCW my wifes CZ82 is her CCW & she bought it because she couldn't get used to the 2075 which may well become my summer gun. there are no safe queens in my house. That said, the 97B is my "if I ever get a 600$ windfall I am sooooo gonna buy that gun" gun
  11. <SLV>

    <SLV> Well-Known Member

    Congrats! I just got the P-01 last week. Fits my hand like a glove. I'm just waiting for the holster to come in, then it will be my carry gun. (The curse of being left-handed...)
  12. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member


    The CZ97 I bought was just at 500 dollars. Where are you seeing it at 600?
  13. SDDL-UP

    SDDL-UP Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your CZ-75B, and thanks for "taking the plunge"! There is really very little to dislike about the CZ-75 line, and most are very fine weapons in every regard. I've got to hand it to you for giving CZ a chance even after you handled one and didn't care for it. Perhaps old stereotypes and misconceptions die hard? Glad you are enjoying it now!

    Also $699 for a CZ-75B is insane to be quite honest with you. You should be able to get one for $500 just about anywhere.
  14. Zesty

    Zesty Well-Known Member

    I just picked up my new CZ75B in .40 on Thursday. Cost me damn near $600 out the door, but I live in California and it seems like trying to get someone to transfer a gun from the 'net for any sort of reasonable price is simply out of the question. I think I paid $520+taxes/fees. Ouch!

    Anyways, I love the gun! It is the first .40 I have shot, and also the first CZ. The gun definitely absorbs a ton of recoil, and I found that the .40 was a pleasure to shoot, and the SA trigger on the gun is about as good as you can expect for a gun this price.

    Probably the only thing I don't like is the DA trigger is a bit "stiff"....seems like it takes some decent force to "get going", but is very smooth and breaks cleanly once it does.

    I can definitely see how these guns can become an obsession. It is addicting when a gun shoots where you want it. When the gun is also reliable, affordable, and comfortable it's just that much easier to fall in love.

    CZ75B in 9mm is definitely one of the next 3 handguns I will buy.
  15. <SLV>

    <SLV> Well-Known Member

    I have noticed it is easier to pull the trigger from a de-cocked position (for CZs with a de-cocker) than from a lowered hammer.

    Did you do the 1,000 DA dry fires on the included snap caps? I'm still getting over the blister. :D
  16. Treo

    Treo member

    I bought my 75B at a gun show for 400 $ that was W/ a spare mag & a cheesy Uncle Mikes holster. The only place in town that carry's the 97B wants more than 500 less than 600 I rounded up for NCIS , some ammo, a holster & a trip to the range.
  17. Calhoun

    Calhoun Well-Known Member

    Good on 'ya. You're gonna love that pistol.

    Craig M. Arnold- Got enough CZs there? Nice collection.
  18. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    I have the BD in 9MM and wouldn't trade it for anything. Very dependable, solid gun.
  19. Blue .45

    Blue .45 Well-Known Member

    The original grips are alright, but I like the Hoge's a little better.

  20. vzenmn

    vzenmn Well-Known Member

    Hogue grips are pretty nice but the cz75 looks so damn sexy in cocabolo and walnut. That is one of the main reasons why I bought mine.

    And Craig you seriously need to consider getting some help.
    Do you have enough money left of after buying all them CZs to sustain you and your family?
    How do you like them .25 cent Ramen Noodles? I perfer the beef flavored ones myself.

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