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New FN Hi-Power with SFS System

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Dorrin79, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Dorrin79

    Dorrin79 New Member

    New FN Hi-Power with SFS System - plus Range Report!

    Well, I successfully traded my nickel hi-power for a new SFS FN 9mm yesterday.

    First impressions:

    Finish - very nice. The gun has the black matte finish, like a MkIII - smooth but not slick, looks much nicer than parkerizing but has the same non-reflective appearance.
    Fit - slide moves like the rails are made of glass, zero rattle, no discernable play between slide and frame.
    Controls - simple 3-dot fixed sights, large white 'dots' easy to pick up at speed. Slide release is different than other HP's I've seen - it's a longer version, easy to reach without shifting grip. SFS 'cocking lever' ambi safety is positive but not too stiff, easy to thumb off from shooting grip. Grips are black plastic military style; probably will replace with pachmeyers.
    Trigger - this is the part i was worried about - some reports of new Brownings had complained about trigger pulls. Mine was extremely stiff right out of the box, 8lbs +. Puttting a couple of drops of CLP into the various fire control parts (trigger, mag safety, hammer/sear) and dry firing a few times brought it down to 6 lbs, clean break, minimum take-up. Not perfect, but plenty good (by comparison, the trigger in my FM is lighter, but has a bit of mushy take-up)
    Xtras - gun came with 3 ten-rd :( parkerized mags. They are the new type with the ejection assist spring dingus on the body of the mag - they don't drop free, they fly across the room! Hopefully I'll be able to score some 13 rd versions of these now that the ban is dead. Gun came in hard case with cleaning kit, etc.

    Overall I'm happy with it. I'll be sending it to Don Williams as soon as I get the funds together for trigger job, reliability package, and night sights. I may or may not get it hardchromed; this mattte finish is kinda growing on me.

    Tomorrow it goes to the range with 200 rds of 115 blazer to make sure she runs as good as she looks. I'll post an update then.

    PS = one oddity: I had heard that the SFS were supposed to be more expensive than the normal SA models. Not the case at McBride's - the SFS was less than a used FN MKIII that they had.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2004
  2. BHPshooter

    BHPshooter New Member

    Don't you fret about 13-round magazines, Mec-Gar is selling them. They are also selling flush-fitting 15-round mags, too.


  3. Marshall

    Marshall New Member


    Congrats, I would like to have one. I just bought a FN/Browning HP-SA in 9mm and would like to have a HP-SFS as well. I actually prefer this FN over my Browning Pratical but, my Browning Std is still my favorite. Must be the high polish blue.
  4. Dorrin79

    Dorrin79 New Member

    Marshall - I agree that polish blue is gorgeous, but not my pick for a carry gun. I'd be too worried about scratching it!

    Wes - do you know if the mec-gars have the assisted ejection widget? I have some various 13 & 14 rd HP mags already (a couple of mec-gars, a couple of KRDs, and a couple of factory Brownings) but the drop-free effect on these new FN's is amazing!
  5. Dorrin79

    Dorrin79 New Member

    Range Report

    Went and shot 100 rds 115 blazer, and 50 rds 124gr Golden Saber this afternoon.

    Gun performed perfectly, no failures of any kind.

    Accuracy was good, although the sights will take some getting used to - they have enormous white rectangles instead of the traditional dots, and it is (perversely) harder to tell when they are lined up correctly - my first three mags were all 2 inches low at 7 yds until I realized this.

    I'm out of practice, so my groups sucked. Towards the end, in slow fire at ten yards, I was able to wring a 2" 5-shot group out of it, which is as good as I can do with any pistol that's not a .22 target pistol.

    So, in short, 2 hearty thumbs up!

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