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New G23

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Thlax, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Finally picked up my first! This will be my everything gun. HD, CCW, and range. ( until I get another by the end of the year! )

    Walking in I was going to get a G19 Gen 3 but by the time I walked out I had a G23 Gen 3:) can't complain! Now I have the option to get the lone wolf barrel in 9mm for it if I care to.

    Picked it up charged to card for $530. Wanted to build a relationship with the shop 2 miles away.

    And with out pics, no proof:)


    Can't wait to fire it this weekend. And then next weekend I have my CCW course! After too many to count trips to the range shooting, it's great to finally be an owner.

    Be safe-
  2. george d dennis

    george d dennis Well-Known Member

    i have one g23, great pistol. good luck with it.
  3. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Cheers! (sound of Kool-aid glasses clinking)

    The G27 is soon to follow :)
  4. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    What are the 2 casings it came with from glock for? Just showing it was shot and tested? Was dated 1/5/11

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  5. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    Test fire casings are sometimes required in some states.
  6. Finn1916

    Finn1916 Member

    Very nice, hoping to get a g23 myself soon, have fun with it let us know how it shoots.
  7. randytrapper

    randytrapper Well-Known Member

    Just curious, what swayed you to go with a .40?
  8. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    I was 50/50 between the 19vs23. They ran out of Gen 3 19 last week and wouldn't have any in for a week. So being split down the middle I saw no loss getting the 23. Especially since I can make it a 9mm still!
  9. randytrapper

    randytrapper Well-Known Member

    Honest answer, thank you. I'm between the 2 myself but about a month from purchase so I have some time.
  10. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Best of luck. I could've gotten it cheaper online but as said I wanted to start a relationship with the LGS 2 miles away...especially since I've drooled in there a lot ha.

    Have my CCW course coming up so didn't want to wait and not be able to get a couple hundred rounds through it before.

    I was never a lover or hater of 9vs40. I adapt.

    Being my first gun, in the next 12 months I'll probably get 1 or 2 more pistols so one could be a 9mm
  11. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know when PZP date code was? My two test rounds were fired 1/5/11. I think the first P means august? So maybe agaust 2010?
  12. REAPER4206969

    REAPER4206969 Well-Known Member

    You have chosen...wisely.
  13. Diggers

    Diggers Well-Known Member

  14. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Haha yes, love hickok45. The g23 is his favorite gun after all too...!
  15. md7

    md7 Well-Known Member

    the g23 was my first "defensive" handgun. great choice.
  16. bruzer

    bruzer Well-Known Member

    With the G23 you have the ability to go 9mm, 40 S&W and 357 Sig. Trying myself to get the G23. They have one on sale up North of me but I am still a few hundred short. Thanks for posting and the picture.
  17. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    At first I was still a little...ehh I should've gone with the 19....but it makes so much more sense now having gone with the 23. Having the ability to have three guns in one? Awesome. I'll probably still mainly use .40sw so I can become proficient in it (since it'll be my CCW)..i shoot ~1000/month at the range but when I get my first 9mm I'll also pick up a lone wolf barrel for the g23 so I have the ability to switch.
  18. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Glock said manufactured october 6, 2010. My test shots were fired 1/5/11. Cool

    ....nice I can just call vs having to pay like some other co's....
  19. fmcdave

    fmcdave Well-Known Member

    I have a G23C (compensated). I've had it for years and it is still one of my most reliable pistols. So much so, I bought one for my daughter as a college graduation present. She loves it. However, her older sister is pissed off because she got a SW40.
  20. Thlax

    Thlax Well-Known Member

    Good to hear! I just picked up XS big dot sights and installed them tonight but wasn't able to make it to the range, so tomorrow I'll be out for a couple hundred through it for it's first range session:)

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