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New Gander Mountain opening...what can I expect?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by stevekl, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. stevekl

    stevekl Well-Known Member

    A while ago, we started getting conflicting information about a new sporting goods store opening here in Richmond. First they told us they would be opening a Bass Pro Shop, and then there was something about a Cabella's. And just today I drove by a big store that said "Gander Mountain...coming soon"

    So what kind of gun-related things does Gander sell? Do they do reloading supplies (please say yes)? Is there a good selection of guns?

    Whatever happens, I hope this drives down the prices at a certain big, green gun store around here *ahem*
  2. RNB65

    RNB65 Well-Known Member

    The owner of Green Top better start praying cause in a few weeks he's going to have a brand, spanking new Gander Mountain about 400 yards straight out his front door.

    I know the GM in F'burg sells shotshell reloading supplies, so I assume they also sell metallic cartridge reloading supplies. Green Top and DeGoffs have better handgun selections, but GM has them beat on pretty much everything else.
  3. jefnvk

    jefnvk Well-Known Member

    Yes to all your questions. Gm is probably the best chain firearms place, IMHO better than Cabelas or Bass Pro (they don't command the tourist prices).

    They do have a good selection of new and used guns on hand, sometimes can find bargains on their used racks (passed up on a nice used .30-30 Win 94 scoped for $130 a few weeks back, had no money). Nice thing is, they will often order a gun if you want to see it, and if you don't want it, they're a chain so it don't hurt to throw it on the shelf and wait for it to sell.

    Got great deals on clothes and such at teh end of the year too, got a new pair of Carolina boots for $25 last summer.
  4. Dorryn

    Dorryn Well-Known Member

    Gander Mountain are significantly anti-CCW. I refuse to give them my business.
  5. JWarren

    JWarren Well-Known Member

    This is good to hear. We are getting a new Gander Mountain here as well.

    The only Bass Pro Shop I have routinely gone to is the one by my parents condo in Destin. Seems like everything there is overpriced. I hope that the GM is better.

    -- John
  6. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    If it's like the one sorta near (~45 miles) me, shotguns, rifles and handguns, ammo. Accessories including magazines, scope mounts, cases, utility grade holsters, stuff like that. Reloading equipment (mostly RCBS) and supplies.

    None of it terribly cheap, but watch the sale fliers.

    Absolutely irrelevant here in the Illinois People's State.
  7. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    Cite please?
  8. yhtomit

    yhtomit Well-Known Member

    The one near me used to have a sign that said something along the lines of "all weapons must be disclosed to store management and walked back to the firearms department." (That's a *very* rough paraphrase!). I asked about whether this applied to CCW, and they told me "No, that's just unfortunately phrasing." The next time I was there, there was a similar sign but worded much more intelligently, such that it obviously did not disallow CCW permit holders from carrying.

    However, I've not thought about that in a while, and I may be fuzzing things in my memory. (I'm an old 32 ;)) However, I'm talking about the one in Harrisburg, PA, if anyone near there can confirm or deny my account ...

  9. Dark_Harvest

    Dark_Harvest Well-Known Member

    GM is CARRY FRIENDLY!!! the policy stated above is only for guns being brought in to sell or service.

    and they have lots of reloading supplies, manuals, etc. and tons of used!
  10. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    lots of good things to be had at a gander mtn, get there during grand opening, and score some good specials. Also at the very end of the year, first couple of weeks of January, they will run some more good sale specials, to dump last years inventory.
  11. baz

    baz Well-Known Member

    Not where I am. If anything, the make it clear that CCW is okay.
  12. BB93YJ

    BB93YJ Well-Known Member

    They sell pretty much most shooting related items. Lots of shotguns, new and used, lots of rifles, new and used, same on the handguns. Lots of reloading supplies. If they don't have what you want, ask, they'll generally try to find or order it for you. Not anti CCW, heck, they're a firearms dealer for heaven's sake.

    You can have them search the inventory of all stores and have a firearm shipped to your location if one isn't in stock or available at your store. Like a previous poster said, you aren't obligated to purchase it if you don't want it. This applies to new and used firearms.
  13. Daemon688

    Daemon688 Well-Known Member

    Maybe because you live in New York because out here they welcome us. Gander is ok if you're into the hunting rifle/shotgun stuff. Their handgun selection is pretty decent and the prices are ok. The only evil black rifles they carry are the ar. Still the best gun prices in town are to be had at my local gunshop. And they carry all the evil toys I like :evil:
  14. Limeyfellow

    Limeyfellow Well-Known Member

    The big problem with Gander Mountain around here is they are really sexist. I spoken to about 20 or so females who gone there and they just ignore them or tell them a few minutes and never get back but for a male they come looking. I pretty much told one guy who ignored my wife off big time in the store who left her waiting for 15 minutes while he was serving nobody until he saw me pick up an Ar15 he came running over asking if I needed help. Well it ended up no sale. They done the same in the boots section acting flippant to at least three females I know of.

    It may just be the Mooresville, NC Gander Mountain, but the customer support by the staff there is awful from my own experiences and others.

    As for firearms they have an okay display there. A number of hunting rifles. About 30 or so second hand rifles and shotguns. They had an okay M44 Mosin that was quite nice and one battered to pieces yet both being sold for the same price. The firearms you do see are more expensive than alot of places, but still better than Bass Pro in Concord.
  15. Catsailor

    Catsailor Member

    The Gander Mountain in Wichita, Ks is CCW friendly. They even offer classes for CCW and defensive pistol. The sign on the front of the store says all firearms and bows must be checked in at customer service but exempts handguns carried concealed by permit holders. I cannot remember the exact wording but it left me with the impression of concealed means concealed.
    That being said I seldom shop there due to thier prices on firearms being among the highest in our area. I have bought some of thier sale priced clothing at what I felt were good prices though.
  16. john1911

    john1911 Well-Known Member

    Less than impressed with the one in Paducah, KY.

    Limited selection of reloading supplies, most of the help is much less than helpful, the local guys can beat them on guns and ammo prices.
  17. 230RN

    230RN Marines on Mt. Curibacci

    Not so at:

    9923 GRANT ST
    303 450 8122

    They clearly and emphatically (almost joyfully?) exempt CCWers from checking in their firearms.

    Great selection of stuff, too. Their rifle rack reminds me of a long picket fence, gun after gun after gun. Sales folks pretty knowledgable and courteous. And they don't assume you're an idiot --even though I actually am.

    Although I am no longer interested in archery (arthritis in left shoulder), they seem to have a pretty good archery section.

    I have zero financial or other interest in this store --just letting you know my experience.
  18. martinc64

    martinc64 Well-Known Member

    The one here in Fayetteville, NC, just opened a couple months ago.

    Huge firearms selection. Lots of ammo, lots of optics, decent selection of reloading gear and such. Lots of hunting and fishing gear.

    Not a cheap place but not absurdly priced either.
  19. CNate

    CNate Member

    I used to live in Ohio. GM was worth the 40 minute drive from my home, past two Dicks Sporting Goods, and one Bass Pro Shop. Absolutly beautiful store, huge firearm selection, helpfull staff, and good pricing on ammo.

    Then I moved to the Peoples Republic of Wisconsin.

    The GM here reminds me of a Wal-Mart after midnight, on a fullmoon. It's filthy and they don't even try and hide it. Although we have zero CCW rights, the store in Madison feels the need for a big "NO FIREARMS" sticker on the door. But, they have a 'gunsmith' in the back..so..you have to drop through the ceiling mission impossible style to give this guy your weapon?

    Ammo is kept behind a couter on a shelf with no pricing on it. If you can find one of the 16 year olds (Not being age-ist, I'm a younger guy myself) that work there, your in luck, you get the honor of explaining to them that even though two boxes have the same "number" (seriously...I told the kid I need ammo and he asked what "number I need it in"...) on the box they are for totally diffrent tasks.

    After my last trip I refuse to go there. I waited 26 minutes for the employee behind the counter to stop flirting with the cashier so I could ask him where they kept the jags...after he told me "Dude, that show is awesome!"..I walked out.

    So, in sumation, here's to hoping you get one of the good GM's, not one of the bad ones. If you get a goodie, you're gonna love it.
  20. Titan6

    Titan6 member

    Everyone I have ever been in also has a gunsmith in the back. I have never utilized the services of their gunsmiths but it is nice to know they are there.

    Opening across from Greentop? Greentop is already a big store. I like the selection at Greentop better than any GM I have ever been in. Not the GM is shabby but Greentop has way more variety and is more focused on guns. Prices are similar right now so this should be interesting.

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