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New Glock 29SF

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by wheelgun6T9, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. wheelgun6T9

    wheelgun6T9 New Member

    Santa was good to me this year! On Christmas Eve, I picked up a new NIB Glock 29SF for $558 out the door from a semi local FFL. Been wanting to go 10mm for a while and it was time to just pull the trigger.

    Got to the range yesterday and it was lots of fun. Ran a box of Remington 180gr UMC though it flawlessly (as expected) - At 10-12 yds, I consistently hit slightly high left (~ 2" L and 2" H) so I just need some more time with it. I also fired my Springfield 1911, Smith 686 and they were dead on. I figure it might be the different feel of the G29 I need to get used to.

    The real shocker was the ammo... I reload for everything I own and haven't bought anything but 22LR in a couple years (and some 7.5 Swiss). The $33 price tag on 50 "cheap" target rounds almost made me crap my pants! :what: I planned to reload for 10mm but figured I'd ease into it. Dang brass is backordered - guess I'll wait to hit the range once I can crank out some ammo on the cheap. At least I have 48 pieces of brass to start with (yeah 2 were MIA).

    Anyway - really like the G29SF a lot. I'm a pretty small dude at 5-7 and I don't have large hands at all. The SF fits well and the only mod I had to do was add Pearce extensions to the mags. That hanging pinky was just no good for me. Recoil was very manageable - considering I was shooting semi-weak Remington loads, at least from what I read about factory loads.

    Might do something with the sights - never was a huge fan of the half box rear :D I have XS sights on my G19...but I'm thinking a colored fiber optic front on the 29. Any recommendations?
  2. olderguns

    olderguns New Member

    Congregations, you have a great gun, I have truglo TFO sights on mine 29, and love them at night they give a very bright glow and the fiber-optics make it a breeze to pick up the sights in daylight, as for ammo the only place I buy is from Underwood it's real 10mm. And it just a little trigger time to get used to 10mm and/or glocks grip but it is well worth it .
  3. PabloJ

    PabloJ New Member

    He could also try Winchester 175 grainers. It's perfectly good JHP ammo and in todays market not unreasonable at about $18/small box.
  4. olderguns

    olderguns New Member

    Pabloj, Where can I find winchester 175 grain , Every place I try is out-of-stock, I love the 175g silvertips, not being able to find them is why I go to underwood, my 2nd choice is Hornady.
  5. ku4hx

    ku4hx Active Member

    Looking through my invoice copies yesterday I noted that just a few years ago 180 grain 10mm/40 cal Remington Golden Saber bullets were $43/500. Today they're $121/500 at MidwayUSA.

    Like you, the only thing I don't hand load is .22LR but if it weren't for that ton of casting alloy I have. shooting would be a sometimes sort of thing and not weekly outing for me and the wife.
  6. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Member

    I have a 29SF too

    Op: here is the ammo you shot, on sale a little cheaper:

    contentID=productDetail&brand=RT&prodID=RT23706&prodTitle=Remington UMC 10mm Auto 180gr FMJ 50/box

    They have brass in limited availibility:

    Loaded ammo, limited availibility:

    Maybe some of that ^ will be helpful for you.

    Prior to the rush on components, I could handload a 50 round box of Hornady 155 XTP for about $26 using all new components. I duplicated the factory velocity: 1,278 fps average out of my 29 SF.
  7. wheelgun6T9

    wheelgun6T9 New Member

    You guys are awesome. Thanks much for the info here. Really appreciate the links!

    I'd also like to try the Silvertip 175s if I can get my hands on some. I'll keep my eyes open.

    I think the smaller volume (i.e. < 1000 pieces) reloading supplies have dried up with the recent ban language...though I've seen nothing that indicates any moves toward restricting components so I assume inventory will loosen up again.

    olderguns - where are you getting your Underwood ammo from? And I looked into the Truglo TFOs and they look really good. All metal with both fiber optic & tritium....very cool.

    Thanks again guys!
  8. PabloJ

    PabloJ New Member

    I picked up some at local gun show and Greetop Sporting Goods few months ago. Last time I seen some was at Colonial Shooting Academy and it was priced at around $27 per small box.:eek:
  9. obx-shooter

    obx-shooter New Member

    If you want to bring that 29 to it's full potential check out Underwood http://www.underwoodammo.com/ Ammo . Their ammo meets advertised specs and is first rate quality. I use it in both my 20 and 29sf. I was going to reload but saw no point once I shot Underwood...
  10. olderguns

    olderguns New Member

    The only place to get underwood ammo is online, wish they could go more commercial so at least a few gun store would stock it. Unfortunately the last four or five times I've checked all his 10mm has been out of stock. By the way Thanks Obx-Shooter for the link to them..
  11. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Member

    I have Meprolight green front / yellow rear on my 29 SF; this is my favorite combination in "regular" night sights.
    You have XS on a 19.
    I have the XS Big Dots on a couple of other Glocks and IMO they offer the fastest (fractions of a second) sight acquisition, tested at 6-7 yards.
  12. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Active Member

    Wifey got me my G29 3 years ago for Christmas. Been using it ever since for my woods gun, replacing my still pristine Delta Elite. My load is generally 200 gr XTP Double-Tap. Have also some 180s, but they are less accurate in my gun.

    I've long been a fan of PMC's 170 gr load-try that if you can find it. Not nuclear, but not wimpy by any means, and inexpensive.
  13. wheelgun6T9

    wheelgun6T9 New Member

    Truglo TFOs on the G29!

    I got my TFOs delivered yesterday (Cabela's..I think about 99 bucks) and I put them on tonight.

    So far - I'm loving these sights. The tritium is bright in the dark - I'm anxious to see how bright the fiber optic is at the range on Sunday.

    Thanks all for the recommendations as far as sights and ammo.


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  14. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard New Member

    He had me at "7.5 Swiss".:p
  15. Dan-O

    Dan-O New Member

    If you're ordering your brass from Starline, I've found that the actual wait time is much less than they're advertised wait time. In fact the last time I ordered brass from them it came two weeks early when the original wait was over a month.

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