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New GP 100

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by rikman, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member

    I got this stainless Gp 100 3" to keep my Blue 4" company ....

    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  2. lowercase

    lowercase Well-Known Member


    I have two of those babies! (Just in case I need a spare) :D

  3. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member

    Nice Lower!

    I bought my blue 4" used. It's got those wood grip, I think they look better.

    The shop had a Talo in January but I didn't have enough saved.
  4. lowercase

    lowercase Well-Known Member

    I used to have a 4" blued model with the wood insert (Lett) grips.

    I sold it off like a dummie, and regretted it so much that I got a 3-inch stainless model. The second one was a "rescue" from a local gun shop's used gun counter.

    Those Talos are awesome-looking guns, but a bit outside of my normal budget.

    For grips, I ordered the compact grips (that used to be stock on the 3" models) and "grip locator" from Midway USA. I then ordered the cocobolo inserts from an eBay seller named "1Chig" who does outstanding work. As soon as Midway gets more of the compact grips in stock, I will get a set for my second GP100. Right now, it is wearing the Uncle Mike's combat grips that you see in the picture. They are actually pretty decent, but I want the other style.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  5. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    Actually it does on for a range session with hot loads. But they are a little "meaty" for a carry gun. I have a 4 in. stainless GP. I always wished I had bought the blue one instead.
  6. roaddog28

    roaddog28 Well-Known Member

    Nice revolver. Ruger GP100 is to me the best value in a 357 double action that can handle any factory load.
    Good luck,
  7. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member


    I agree....I was saving for a S&W 586 but it disappeared in the panic before I could buy it. The GP100 was substantially less.

  8. Revoliver

    Revoliver Well-Known Member

    You appear to be in need of a front sight. Great buy otherwise!
  9. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member

    You mean like this?

  10. Revoliver

    Revoliver Well-Known Member


    My apologies for that and still a great buy.
  11. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member

    lol Lousy pic...
  12. Frank44

    Frank44 Well-Known Member

    That's a mighty sweet revolver, congratulations!
  13. Orion8472

    Orion8472 Well-Known Member

    At first, I thought, . . . "what the crap is that under the cylinder?" Then I realized it was a "hide the serial number" cut/paste.
  14. Texshooter

    Texshooter Well-Known Member

    The GP-100 in 3" is one of the sexiest guns ever made. Was & is.

    Esthetically, I put it up there with BHP, 1911, CZ.

    LOVE EM!

    Now, is it not relatively easy to put a front Big Dot or Fiber Optic on this model?
  15. rikman

    rikman Well-Known Member

    It is a sexy little tank :)

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  16. jfurlong

    jfurlong Member

    I have the blued 6". Great shooting gun, but in low light or pointing at a black silhouette target (with my old eyes) the blue sights disappear. i have ordered a fiber optic front site from Hiviz and am hoping that will resolve. Anyone have any experience with Hiviz?
  17. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    My solution was always a small bottle of Testor's model enamel and a toothpick. Just a tiny drop on the front sight makes it show up on those dark backgrounds. Black sights are only useful for light backgrounds or targets. You can always scrape it off if you want to go back to black.
  18. rookorami

    rookorami Well-Known Member

    Nice buy I just picked up a GP100 4" a few months ago. Haven't gotten to shoot it much lately but love it!
  19. Frank44

    Frank44 Well-Known Member

    The GP-100 is one of my favorite revolvers, in any barrel length.
  20. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    I use the Hi-viz front blade sight on both my Ruger wheelguns. it is a great sight. nothing but good things to say about it. I am comfortable out to about 30 yards against any target that could be a threat to me.

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