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New Gun Pics!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by coloradokevin, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    So, I finally picked up my new S&W MP15T today! Thought I'd share some pictures with my friends here at THR, since I always love having a new toy around the house :)

    I've equipped the new gun with an Eotech 512, which I also just purchased:


    Here's my lovely roommate, Amber (Darkhorse84), who agreed to help "model" the gun for me. She's normally not this tacticool, but was still wearing BDU's from her police academy when I took these photos:



    The only concern I have with the gun so far is that the sights are not set to center. I'm not sure if the weapon was factory zeroed or not... If it was, I'm concerned about why the rear sight is so far left of center. If it wasn't factory zeroed, then it isn't a big deal. This is a picture of the Troy folding rear sight, set as I received it from Smith and Wesson:


    Anyone know if these rifles are factory zeroed, and if so, why this sight would be so far left-of-center for an initial zeroing?

    Otherwise, it feels like a fine gun, and I can't wait to give a range report in a few days!
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  2. lionking

    lionking Well-Known Member

    what gun?:cool:
  3. dirt_j00

    dirt_j00 Well-Known Member


    I pickup my M&P15A on Sat. and can't wait to take it to the range. Be sure to post a range report after you go too.

    I'll stay tuned to find out about the rear sight issue...
  4. Geneseo1911

    Geneseo1911 Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah; nice rifle, too!:p

    No idea if S&W zero's them at the factory, but I would hope if it was that far off, they would fix it rather than shipping it that way. I recently bought a Colt which, when I zeroed it, was farther out of whack than that. The general consensus around here was that the barrel was canted, and to fix it would require filing and peening the notch in the upper to rotate the barrel slightly. I know the rifle was test fired (brass marks on the shell deflector), but they apparently were only function testing it, not actually aiming. AR15.com has a very good building section if you don't know how the barrel and upper mate. If you know how they go together, you can see how easy it would be for a tiny offset to throw the sights out of alignment.

    My guess would be if they zeroed it and it was that far off, it wouldn't have made it out of the factory. Don't lose any sleep over it. Maybe you should shoot it....:D

    Let us know what you figure out!

    Edit: What is it about a picture of a woman holding a gun? Especially an EBR...
  5. husker

    husker Well-Known Member

    good lookin gun better lookin room mate
  6. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was hoping the same thing. I have a quarterly qualification tomorrow, and will hopefully get this gun cleaned up and ready to go by then. I'd like to find out if there are any issues that I need to deal with!
  7. Eightball

    Eightball Well-Known Member

    I don't see a gun in the 3rd and 4th pictures............:D
  8. franconialocal

    franconialocal Well-Known Member

    Yeah....I was going to say "Sexy....and the rifle is nice too"....but someone beat me to it!!

    Tell your roomate good luck at the Academy!:D
  9. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member


    A quality, handy AR carbine is a necessary accompaniment to the 20" rifle. The EOTech was a good choise as well. I need to get one myself.

    We should go make some noise in the mountains again sometime, and you should definitely bring the new one.
  10. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    Almost didn't recognize you with the new screen name! We definitely need to get out and throw some lead around again sometime!

    I'm also looking to add on one of those grip-pod vertical foregrips, like you had on your rifle.... seems like a nice accessory for such a pretty new toy :)
  11. Kind of Blued

    Kind of Blued Well-Known Member

    If it's a toy, go for it. I think Command Arms makes a copy, and VersaPod makes an original-ish one. If you're going to use it on duty... that's a different story...

    I killed mine. It's between here and Boulder in the landfill. :)
  12. skidooman603

    skidooman603 Well-Known Member

    God I Love a Woman with an AR :p Nice new toy brother! Like the 512?
  13. usmc1371

    usmc1371 Well-Known Member

    Good call going with the custom gun rack for your new custom gun.
  14. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    congrats, on the rifle. thanks for sharing.
  15. yosarian

    yosarian Well-Known Member

    Nice rifle and let us knoow how she shoots.
  16. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    Wait there was a gun in those pics... mmmmm must have missed it.

    Nice M&P, hope it works out well for you.
  17. amwdc

    amwdc Active Member

    wow ,nice rom.... gun
  18. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    So, I took the new gun out to the range yesterday for sighting. I worked on this at the range where my department conducts quarterly qualifications, and only had 50 yards and a bad-guy-shaped target to work with...

    Nevertheless, the rifle performed well, cycling it's first 250 rounds without a hitch. I was shooting from an unsupported prone position, without a sling, at 50 yards, in gusting wind conditions with light snow flurries.

    My better of the 3-5 shot groups could be covered by a quarter, and I was quite happy with the initial accuracy that this gun displayed.

    It was hard to get a real feel for it though, as I was freezing my butt off out there, and not shooting from a supported position. As a result, several groups were quite a bit wider, though they all remained within the target's head, and mostly within the ocular cavity. I'd attribute any loss of accuracy to the trigger-puller, rather than the weapon itself. Still, shivering and shooting don't seem to go so well together, so I called it an early day.
  19. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    sounds good, thanks for sharing, and please continue to keep us updated later down the road.
  20. darkhorse84

    darkhorse84 Member

    Kevin, don't downplay it. Yes, there's always room for improvement, but I'd take that 100% accuracy you got and run with it. I'm very proud of you! (And your new toy!) ;)

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