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New Guy looking for advice

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by HomeandRanch, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. HomeandRanch

    HomeandRanch Member

    I am glad I found this website. Just reading the threads has probably tripled my knowledge of guns. That still leaves me with hardly any..

    I am going to buy my first gun very soon. I want to get a rifle and here is what I would like the rifle to do.

    1.) Reliable and simple enough to use and take care of for a novice.
    2.) Accurate enough to kill pigs and coyotes at 100 yds ( I chose 100yds arbitrarily)
    3.) Home defense. If the " hits the fan" I want to be able to take care of the badguy.

    Cheap ammo would be nice! As far as price goes Lets cap it at $700.

    I realize this rifle does not exist but there has to be something close. So far a friend of mine recommended a mini 30. When I went to the gun store they said no way get a Weatherby vanguard 25-06.

  2. Vicious-Peanut

    Vicious-Peanut Well-Known Member

    I think the Ruger mini-14 (.223) or the mini-30 (7.62x39) would be a good choice. They are extremely reliable firearms and either cartridge is fine for coyotes and others out to 200 yards. The Mini-30 would be better for hogs however. The new minis have no issue shooting accurately enough to protect you either. (2ish moa usually)

    Alot of people will also recommend to AR-15, I know nothing about them except they are also good reliable firearms (I have seen one jam, never seen a mini jam, but in honesty I believe the AR-15 jam was operator error)

    A Saiga is also a good choice, they are an AK made currently in the original AK factory the only difference is the trigger and they have a normal rifle style stock over a pistol grip like the AR or normal AK. They are obviously extremely reliable firearms and shoot the proven 7.62x39 caliber.

    For home defense a semi-auto is far better than a bolt action like the weatherby. Whatever you get learn it well and practice alot, and have fun!
  3. cp1969

    cp1969 Well-Known Member

    A lever action .30-30 will do all three of your requirements.
  4. alemonkey

    alemonkey Well-Known Member

    I think a Saiga in .308 or 7.62x39 with a 16" barrel would be great.

    Hmm...why don't I have one?
  5. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Basically everything you require points to a semi auto, pump, or lever action not a bolt action. A reliable semi auto would get my dollars. You should first find out if it is legal to hunt with a semi auto in your area. Also how PC you intend to be. All of the above rifles are available in calibers that will take most any game in North America. The Mini 30 is just about right. But an AR platform could give you 223 & 6.8SPC with the purchase of an additoinal upper and magazine.
  6. High Planes Drifter

    High Planes Drifter Well-Known Member

    All the requirements you have mentioned can be filled for a fraction of the cost of the Weatherby.

    Buy an SKS and be happy.
  7. 357fan

    357fan Well-Known Member

    Another vote for a Saiga. Heck, for the price of a good mini 14 you could have a saiga in 308 and enough left over for one in 223 or x39. Do it. You know you want to.
  8. HomeandRanch

    HomeandRanch Member

    OK thanks guys. I am in Texas and I still need to get the FFL. As far as being PC, I am way past that point. I think I may go with the Saiga just for the price difference if all else is equal. The mini 14 was $600 and the mini 30 was even more here locally.

    Can anyone recommend a good online dealer? I saw classic arms has a Saiga .308 in stock for $329. Thanks again

    I noticed the 7.62/30 was about $80 bucks cheaper and the ammo is cheaper. Whats the big difference as far as I would be concerned?
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2008
  9. creekerdoug

    creekerdoug Well-Known Member

    First, welcome aboard. The High Road is a great place to learn and hang out. It is difficult to help you pick a rifle because everyone is different. Unfortunately, there is no cheap ammuniton left on this planet. It is only going to get more expensive so stock up when you make a decision on a gun.

    I like AR15s and AK47s for plinking and FAL's for other stuff. I really like the Schmidt Rubin K31 rifles for all around fun but the ammunition (7.5 X 55 Swiss) is going to run you about .50 cents everytime you pull the trigger.

    Good luck and shoot safe.
  10. Guy

    Guy Active Member

    IM gonna second the 30 30 it was my first

    Is reliable and simple to maintain.

    it will hit its mark at 100meters

    its under 700 dollars and the ammo is affordable.
  11. cbrgator

    cbrgator Well-Known Member

    if your 3 conditions are in order than as far as reliability and ease of use the the AK47 is your best choice. I don't know that you would want to use a rifle that can kill a pig at 100 yds for home defense, at least not in your home. Over-penetration could be a major issue, depending on where you live.
  12. cbrgator

    cbrgator Well-Known Member

    if your 3 conditions are in order than as far as reliability and ease of use the the AK47 is your best choice. I don't know that you would want to use a rifle that can kill a pig at 100 yds for home defense, at least not in your home. Over-penetration could be a major issue, depending on where you live.
  13. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    Go with a lever-action 30-30. They can be had cheaply and will provide far better accuracy than the SKS.

  14. chauncey

    chauncey Well-Known Member

    if you are looking for accuracy, based on my experience I'd stay away from a Mini-14 or anything in 7.62x39.

    .308 or .223 ak accuracy may be questionable, but I think it will still be better than any of the above choices. heck, I'd even recommend a 5.45x39 over "all of the above".
  15. WinchesterAA

    WinchesterAA Well-Known Member

    Ignore everyone else... You will never regret buying an AK-47. If you do manage to say it, it'll probably be a tongue in cheek comment about "aww, I feel like I'm missing out on all the drama your rifle gives you, that's not fair!"

    I bought an AK. 10k+ rounds through it without a hiccup from dirty wolf to more dirty wolf and some occasional walmart x39 and yet more dirty wolf. Flawless

    I've killed coyotes with it ~the 100yard mark with favorable results. 1 hit puts em down nice, pigs the same way though I've yet to shoot one for myself with my AK, I have been present when someone else shot one with his AK though.

    If SHTF, AK's the first one in my hand. Cheap too, ultra simple, very very reliable in my experience, and a whole lot of fun.

    I've shot stuff with a very wide range of firearms, and the AK has served me very well. I cannot speak highly enough of it, but I will recommend highly that you get one as it IS what you want.

    The accuracy thing? I've won group initiated competitions with my AK, I won't say it's a tack driver at a mile, but from 0-400 yards I feel pretty good about killing something.

    Nonsense, you just described THIS rifle - [​IMG]

    As far as the Weatherby Vanguard goes..

    Well, here's mine in .270 -

    Hasn't let me down yet, with well over 30 deer under it's belt since 1994. It is the rifle I feel most comfortable with.

    if you DO want an alternative to the AK though, guess what else fits your description to a T?


    M44, I picked that one up for 50$ from a gunshow and have since put several thousand rounds through it. It's a blast to shoot, and by far the most eventful rifle I own. Accurate enough, packs a WHALLOP (the penetration is rather insane), ammo is even cheaper than x39 for the AK, and, well.. It's a beautiful rifle that feels like home to the touch. I'd still say go with the AK though, but if you want a boltgun that's great and cheap to shoot, grab an m44? It's cheap!!!! why not? You could buy 7 or 8 really good ones with 700$. Or 1 and a few thousand rounds of ammo.

    Decision breakdown -

    Ak-47 - 300$ to as much as you want to spend on an AK. Mine was 300$ and is viewed as a POS AK. I LOOOVE my AK.
    7.62x39 for the AK is probably around 200-210$/1000 now vs 5.56x45 running in at probably 280-400$/1000 compared to .308 which is even more expensive.

    7.62x54r for the m44 rolls in at about 170ish/1000. Note also that a LOT of people talk a LOT of crap about wolf .223 AND it's way more expensive than the x39.

    If you really want the rifle you described, you want an AK. My favorite ammo for my AK so far has been the wolf 154gr x39. That's what I tagged the yote with as well as several other critters. It's my workhorse round and runs about 20$ higher than the other stuff per 1000rds.
  16. sarduy

    sarduy Well-Known Member

    you can get an AK or you can get a Saiga both rifles are great because they are almost the same, another good option would be the Mosin Nagant or a SKS

    AK 300/400 dollars (7.62x39)
    Saiga 300/400 dollars (depending the caliber .223 7.62x39 or 308)
    Mosin nagant 70/110 dollars (7.62x54R)
    SKS 200/250 dollars (7.62x39)
  17. 41magsnub

    41magsnub Well-Known Member

    CMP M1 Garand would meet those needs and gain you style points. We all know how important style points are!

    Or.. not what you asked for, but a 12 ga pump shotgun of your choice and a spare slug barrel with rifle sights. Use an 18.5" cyl bore barrel with buckshot for HD and the slug barrel for hunting. There aren't many guns much easier to maintain than a pump action shotgun. Granted 100 yards is about at the upper end for a slug, but it does meet all the requirements.
  18. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    That would be my suggestion as well. Such top notch rifles as the Marlin 336 can be had for ~$300, and .30-30 isn't much more than 7.62x39mm these days. The quality you're gonna get with a $300 Marlin vs. a $250 SKS or $300 AK is night and day.

    The .30-30 is superior to the 7.62x39mm not so much for energy, though it is about 25% higher, but for it's ability to use a much wider range of bullets. And since Hornady came out with their Leverevolution ammo, you can now use spitzers in a tube fed levergun.

    If I had to choose between my Marlin 336 and my WASR 10, it'd be the Marlin all day, any day. And I love my auto's.
  19. BozemanMT

    BozemanMT Well-Known Member

    Ohhh, i was all set to vote AK/SKS, but then someone mentioned the CMP M1 Garand.
    And honestly that's probably the better deal.

    1. CMP (Civilian Marksmanship program) M1 Garand. 30-06, 8 rounds in a clip. historical, brilliant sights. nice lines and hurry because they are running out. Hell of a deal.

    2. AK for the reasons above. 7.62x39 Not brilliant sights, but good enough for 100 yard work. still lots of ammo available as affordable as ammo gets nowadays

    3. SKS, same rifle, not as good with magazine issue as the AK, lot cheaper though.

    4. Lever action 30-30 for the reasons mentioned above.

    Lots of brilliant choices, good thread.
  20. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    I think you really need 2 rifles to meet your goals. With $700 and careful shopping you should be able to pick up a good used bolt rifle in a caliber to meet your needs for hunting. There should be enough left over to buy an SKS or a used 30-30 for self defense purposes.

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