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new Hickok45 video boys!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Jonny V, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Jonny V

    Jonny V New Member


    Out shooting a gorgeous 1886 Winchester 45-70 (Browning 1986 remake). Slow and rapid fire, big holes in Mr Pumpkin!

    I know what the next rifle on my list is!:evil:
  2. RugerFirepower

    RugerFirepower New Member

    Same here! I love my Henry .22, and I'm looking forward to buying a rifle caliber lever action next year. A Browning like that would be awesome :D
  3. Mp7

    Mp7 New Member

    oh jees 650k views!!!!!
  4. Jonny V

    Jonny V New Member

    I've always wanted a really fine quality weapon. Don't really have one now, and no way I'll be able to afford a true 'safari' type rifle.....The Browning is our American equivalent to the great double rifles and Mausers used in Africa though. I'll be very happy when I can get one:D

    The wife says that if it's worth that much to me, then it's worth her getting three more pairs of shoes...........:eek:

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