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New Hunting Rifle- Need some help

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by VFSniper, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    I'm looking for a new hunting rifle, used primarily for hunting whitetails though I'd like to consider hunting some larger game.

    I've got a couple of criteria:

    I'd preferred a bolt action
    Caliber: .308 Win
    Wood stock (synthetic just doesn't feel right)
    Price range $700-$1800 (wide price range I know)
    Iron sights

    I've already spent several hours in the various sporting goods stores trying out different rifles and I'd like some recommendations on what rifle I should get, with my given criteria.
    I've spent even more time looking through reviews and various rifles online.

    Thanks ahead of time guys.
  2. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    For that price just about anything you want. My first choice would be a Sako or Steyer. Then Tikka and, but you can't go wrong with the Browning A/X-Bolt. I have a Fantastic 1968 700 Rem. in a 7 mag I can't wait to try.
  3. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    Remington BDL.
  4. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    Surjimmy, I was looking a Tikka T3 (love the smoothness of the action) but I found the plastic trigger guard and magazine sort of worrisome. I do like the look of the Sako 85 Hunter though.

    Fremmer, I might be wrong didn't think the BDL was offered in a chambering for .308 Win.
  5. redneck2

    redneck2 Well-Known Member

    Personally, I'd get whatever was the best buy (not cheapest) on the used gun rack. If you're going to hunt with it, you won't have to worry about being the first one to ding it up.

    Take the difference in money an put it into a REALLY good scope. Hunting rifles are going WAY cheap around here. Local dealer has an unfired Rem 700 classic NIB condition for $479.

  6. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    Suppose I should have posted this in my first post but I've already got a Leupold VX-I 3-9x 40mm that I was planing to mount on whatever rifle I purchased.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2009
  7. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    I have a Tikka T3 in a 300wsm, now I don't abuse my weapons but I'm not as careful with the T3 as I would be with my Rem 700 with the real nice wood. Think about this Glocks, H&K USp's, Springfield are mostly plastic. The mag and trigger guard will give you no trouble. Using cheap factory Power Points I can put 3 rounds inside a penny at 100 yards, and as you said butter smooth action dead on accurate.
  8. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    You are planning on putting a Rifleman scope on a $1800 rifle!!!

    The iron sights rule out most everything being made today. I think some CZ's still have them. For around $100 or a little more you could buy a set and pay a smith to drill and tap your rifle for them if it is a must.

    For that money I would look at the FN Winchester Featherweight and spend the left over money for a GOOD scope. Perhaps a Leupold VX-III or a Zeiss Conquest.
  9. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    Yeah I know, but it is just sitting around collecting dust after I took it off my Enfield .303 (the scope mounts on that wouldn't hold a zero worth a dang). It seems like iron sights are just hard to find on any of the mid-range hunting rifles or high range, and as I subscribe to Murphy's Law, I think that iron sights an are important feature in a nice rifle.

    The CZ 550 American is rather nice looking does any one have any experience with this rifle? Getting sights fitted maybe an option, does anyone know a decent gunsmith in KCMO?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2009
  10. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    OK, scratch the BDL. How about a Remington 700 Classic in .308? That's the rifle I use for deer, so I have personal experience with it. Shoots sub-moa (better than I can), and beautiful wood and blued finish. It comes without irons, but I have a Leupold VX III scope, and it sounds like you'll be using a scope, too. Something a little different, and I highly recommend it.
  11. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    Fremmer, I'll check into the Remington 700 Classic, it's the same as the 700 CDL I think. How are the trigger and action on that rifle?

    Also, after double checking my scope isn't a Rifleman, but a Leupold VX-I 3-9x 40mm so still not as nice as a VX-3 but it will get the job done. I'd planned on mounting a scope to whatever rifle I purchase, I guess the ironsight thing is just a personal preference.
  12. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    The action is outstanding. Very smooth, and very short. Tell that to a Tikka! LOL. :neener: The trigger was very crisp out of the box at about 6 pounds. It cost $40.00 to have a Smith lighten it to 3.5 pounds. It is a great rifle that probably needs a more skillful shooter to really wring out its accuracy potential. And it is a great looking rifle, with a nice dark polished blue finish and a very nice stock. Not exactly like the CDL, but close (you'll have to check a pic of one, I've seen them on gunbroker). I really like it because it is not just another ADL, BDL, or CDL. Even though it is still a model 700, it isn't something you see that often, which I kind of like. I've never missed having irons on it, and that scope you have will work just fine for now until (or if) you decide to upgrade.

    If possible, see for yourself in person, and compare the Classic's action and appearance to that of a CZ, and you'll understand why I prefer the Classic. :cool:
  13. NWCP

    NWCP Well-Known Member

    CZ550 FS. .308 is a great choice for your caliber. The 550 FS has iron sights and is scope ready. It weighs just over 6 pounds. Mine was accurate right out of the box. You'd be looking at $725-$750.
  14. Smith357

    Smith357 Well-Known Member

  15. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    I found a used Sako 75 Hunter .308 Win no irons for $975 going to check it this weekend and check on the condition of the rifle. Does anyone know what a used Sako 75 is going for nowadays?
  16. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    I sold my Finnbear in a 270 for $1250
  17. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    Very few guns come with irons. Savage makes one. Weatherby will add them as a custom option, but I wouldn't bother with .308 in a Mark V; just get a long-action cartridge like .30-06, or a different rifle. Sako makes some guns with sights. CZ, also. Ruger's International fullstock guns come with sights.

    Instead of paying extra for sights, I'd consider getting QD rings and a second scope (which needn't be top-of-the-line, just a good, working scope). Sight both scopes in, carry the spare. If your first one breaks, pop it on.

    A quality modern scope doesn't break easily. Sights are generally just as vulnerable to damage as a scope is.

    Check out the new Model 70s, too.
  18. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    Thanks for the help guys, I purchased a "like new" Sako Model 75 Hunter in .308 Win, for $975. I'll post pics soon. I can't wait to get it to the range.
  19. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    Outstanding, but you know how we are. With out pictures we tend to get upset.:fire::cuss::banghead::mad:
  20. VFSniper

    VFSniper Member

    My "New" Sako Model 75 with my Enfield and M91/30


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