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New LNL Progressive Comments.....

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Vartarg, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Vartarg

    Vartarg Well-Known Member

    In the last couple of days I've gotten my new Hornady LNL progressive press up and running, worked out a few minor issues, and overall I'm very happy with it.

    I've been reloading for about 15 years, mostly rifle cartridges, and have been accustomed to priming with a couple of Lee hand primers, a Sinclair hand unit, and an RCBS bench mounted priming tool.

    I like everything about the LNL progressive....except the priming. It just doesn't have the "feel" of the primer seating home in the pocket that I'm used to.

    Is this normal with a progressive? Does anyone out there have the same experience?

    Compared to making .45ACP on a single stage press, I could still make a lot of ammo by using the progressive to size and deprime, then prime in a separate hand or bench unit operation, and then use the LNL to expand, drop powder, seat the bullet and crimp.......just a thought.

    I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

    Happy Independence Day!
  2. hAkron

    hAkron Well-Known Member

    I would give it a chance. The advantage to a progressive is the speed of not having to handle the inprogress cartridges more than nessasary. I started with a Rock Chucker and I hand primed. Once I figured out how to use the on-press priming arm even though it didn't give the same tactile feedback, almost all of my primers were seating just as good as with the hand primer. The few that didnt could be set aside and redone. After getting more comfortable with it there were only the occasional follows primer issues. It turned out to be a real time saver on my single stage.
  3. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I hand prime everything. Slower? Yep. Better? Well, I like it better. :)
  4. HK SD9 Tactical

    HK SD9 Tactical Well-Known Member

    I use the RCBS press mounted priming system. I like the tactile feel of the priming that it offers.

    However, I am going to give the LnL its due chance on priming before I decide on either one system or the other.
  5. petrey10

    petrey10 Well-Known Member

    i too disliked the priming system on the LNL but after loading some more and getting the feel i really like how simple it is...

    keep it clean and dry lubed and it will be reliable...
  6. BYJO4

    BYJO4 Well-Known Member

    Primer seating on the LNL has a different "feel" than a bench mounted RCBS priming tool and requires more pressure on the operating handle. But it doesn't take long to adjust to it. I now have over 10,000 rounds loaded on my LNL without any primer failure.
  7. raddiver

    raddiver Well-Known Member

    With some practice you'll be able to feel the alignment, the slide, and the seat. It becomes second nature. my first 500 rounds or so, i would have 1 or 2 in a 100 that had a high primer and needed a second shot to fire. In my last 6K or so, that hasn't happened once.
    You'll get it, it will just take some time behind the handle.
  8. floydster

    floydster Well-Known Member

    I don't prime on my LNL, I just don't like it and it's a pain to keep clean.
    I hand prime all my brass, much better and I am more confident in my reloads.
  9. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    Some primers work better than others....I have only had trouble out of Tula LP primers. I bought 5k large and 5k small in Tula. The large are more difficult to seat and take a good amount of force using the LNL. I've not had any troubles with any other brands of primers or even the small Tula. The LP Tula seat good with a Lee hand tool.
  10. HK SD9 Tactical

    HK SD9 Tactical Well-Known Member

    I just primed 100 rounds of 9mm using the LnL. No problems what-so-ever. Found it to be comparable in tactile feel to the RCBS press mounted priming tool which is mounted on a Lee Reloader Press seen here: http://leeprecision.com/xcart/Reloader-Press.html However, I only primed on the LnL without any other function being engaged (no resize, no powder, no bullet feed, no seat, and no crimp). Using Wolf SPP.

    The only question I have is when I load the pick up tube with the 100 primers, the last primer that has been pick-up'd stays engaged in the white bushing (white plactic piece on the pick-up tube). I do not like to push the last primer into the pick-up tube with the fiberglass rod to free it from the bushing but see no way else to get all 100 primers in the tube at one time. Any suggestions?
  11. ColtPythonElite

    ColtPythonElite Well-Known Member

    I just leave the last one in there.
  12. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    I use only the press primer feed system, over 15k loaded. Once you get accustomed to it it's 100% function. I do use a brass pusher rod instead of the plastic that is now supplied. When I go my press they supplied no rod to add weight to the primers. I took a brass rod and epoxied a Small primer and larger primer cap on each end. The works very well and will lock the slide back when the last one is used. You can add a flag/tape if you want to know where your level is. If you have alignment problem you need to check to make sure the sled is going fully forward, powder and brass shavings collects in the base. If your alignment is off on the load rod you will have feed problems. The biggest mistake is going past, to far back. If your in this state the primers do not drop in the sled cleanly and hangs up.

    Use it, once you get accustomed to it, you will like it.

    You bought a Auto progressive use it that way.

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