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new marlin 45-70 wont chamber

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by rem700nut, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. rem700nut

    rem700nut Well-Known Member

    always wanted a marlin 45-70 guide gun. bought one thru. shoot it sat. But when i chamber a round it only goes 1/3of the way in putting a bigscrap/dent in cartridge on ejection port side seems cartridge isnt being lifted up high enuff ,or it is tomuch of an horizontal angle with the rim to much toward the ejection port.Never had it aprt ,bought new at Dicks sporting goods.Any suggestion before sending it to Marlin .BIG DISSAPOINTMENT:cuss: . thank you:
  2. MassMark

    MassMark Well-Known Member

    I'm not trying to be an A-hole R700, but this is what happens when you buy a gun at Dicks...I have a .450 Marlin and my buddy has a 45-70. Neither of us have ever had any problems with ours, but if we did, our first line of defense would be our local dealer who may be able to figure it out. Not saying that Dicks does not have qualified people, but that has not been my experience there. Sorry, really no flame intended. I understand the ease of buying big box, (believe me - I'm guilty too). Not lecturing from the pulpit - been there - done that.

    On to your issue. The first thing I would do is strip this puppy down and give it a thorough cleaning. It's likely been sitting for a long time and probably needs some TLC. The cartridge may not be getting grasped completely on the way out of the tube. It's possible your bolt is gunky from the manufacture/shipping process.

    Also check you ammo - what are you shooting?
  3. rem700nut

    rem700nut Well-Known Member

    Iam shooting factory winchester 300 gr.jacketed hallow points
  4. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Well-Known Member

    I assume it is doing the same thing no matter how many rounds are loaded in the tube? I have Rossi .357 that doesn't feed right if you overload the tube. Different problem I guess.
  5. mainmech48

    mainmech48 Well-Known Member

    I'd second the suggestion to field strip it and do a thorough cleaning and close inspection of the extractor, chamber mouth, etc. first.

    If no obvious reason presents itself, and the problem persists, use the contact info in your manual and call Marlin. They'll honor their warranty, and almost certainly arrange to do so at no cost to you.

    It's very uncommon to find a problem like this in a new Marlin LA, regardless of caliber. Lever guns are still their bread-and-butter. They will want to determine how it got past QC and make it right with you.

    FWIW, the magazine tube has a capacity of four rds. The total five rd. capacity listed in the ads includes one in the chamber. If the problem goes away when there are four or fewer cartridges in the tube, MecAg nailed it. If not, see above.

    PS: On any new LA, you have to operate the action with a little extra 'oomph' to ensure full travel and best function. It's a new machine, and it's going to need a bit of breaking-in before everything works together smoothly.
  6. MassMark

    MassMark Well-Known Member

    Amen mainmech48 - Marlin is one of thos compaines who still hangs onto great customer service in my opinion. I had some newbie questions when I bought my .450 and they were very patient and nice - even offered grip suggestions to keep my knuckles from getting smashed...
  7. HK23BEACH

    HK23BEACH Well-Known Member

    Hey,Was the 45 70 one of the stainless new guns?or the blued?
    Never owned a 45 70 but have been thinking about one in stainless.Also the new Marlin 308 Lever action ....
    I have several Marlins never had any major problems.Did send one back to marlin to check out...there was no charge!
  8. rem700nut

    rem700nut Well-Known Member

    it is the stainless one
  9. chad1043

    chad1043 Well-Known Member

    The guy at my Dick's is a qualified gunsmith. I would think he would be able to help. But maybe that's just mine...

  10. 351 WINCHESTER

    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    Make sure all of the screw's are tight. A friend of mine had the same problem and there was 1 screw that took 2 full turns to tighten. Worked fine ever since.
  11. rem700nut

    rem700nut Well-Known Member

    took apart cleaned it good and made sure all screws are tight still wont work

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