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New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Justin, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Okiebate

    Okiebate Active Member

    Hi everyone! I enjoy hunting, fishing, being outdoors and especially being able to go shoot. I joined here because every time I had a question about guns this is where I ended up at.
  2. Ronhall

    Ronhall member

    "Hello Members.......

    I am a new member of this community........
    My name is Ron Hall.....
    I like to Join forums and Communities to share and get knowledge as well as to make new friends.... "
  3. bigrico92

    bigrico92 Active Member

    Hello my name is Rico, I am somewhat new to guns. (about a year) But I know a decent amount about them so far. Every time I had to look something gun related up I ended up here, so today i finally decided to join so I can gain some wisdom from some people who actually have it. I love all guns. And will appreciate any wisdom shared.
  4. bender01

    bender01 Active Member

    New here! Grew up in northern NH. Hunting was normal and I also hung around some trappers(in 1981 they were common) Live in SC now and love the deer season we have!
    In 8th grade(1985) i received a ruger 77/22 from Dad! He is a Winchester man that turned me on to Ruger rifles.
    Im a NRA member since 92 and will try to coax anyone who wants to shoot at my place. I have had many people say thanks for teaching them how to shoot! The most common reply is" thanks for helping me feel comfortable with a (gun)! "I hear often that" I went to a gun shop and they just handed it to me!" 'I felt like an idiot".
    Im here because of a new /old Colt. I like this site!
  5. Index

    Index New Member

    New member here from Bakersfield, CA. I'm a machinist at a job shop serving a number of different local industries, and the boss, who is an avid shooter, has just made the decision to take the plunge, get the required licences, and add a gunsmith shop as a sideline. So I find myself in the position of needing to climb the steep learning curve of gunsmithing knowledge, as quickly as I can.

    For my part, I've been shooting since early youth, and as of late I've been enjoying trap and sporting clays with my Weatherby 12 ga. pump action.

    Looking forward to learning from the fellas around here... looks to be a very comprehensive and well-run board!
  6. castillofa

    castillofa New Member

    Hi all,

    I am in Texas, formerly from the people's republik of CA. My interest is in anything about firearms. From C&R to polymer. Got started late in life, but am working a bit at a time in building my collection.

    I have a 91/30 MN that I have put a Timney Trigger and Mojo Peeps on that I use for hunting. Got a decent hog with it this week.

    I hope to aquire a M1903A1 Springfield or a Garand. Just have to run it past the CFO to ensure continued marital harmony - lol.

    As a lot of the tag lines state, I agree that we must all remain vigilant against those who would take away our rights. Without souding like a commercial, it is important to be a member of an organization, numbers count and the politicians know it. NRA, SAF, or your state rifle/pistol organization will do. Be vocal, be intelligent, and most of all have fun!

    NRA Life Member.
  7. Hello all proud to be a member of the high road.
  8. madmagnum

    madmagnum New Member

    a crtfd tx gun nut lookin fer answers!

    was looking for info on my rem 700-p 338 lp mag and came across this site. i dont play with this cmptr very often accept to order reload supls. i type in slow motion, super slowmotion. so anyway i got questions if anyones got answers thanks
  9. BMart

    BMart New Member

    Longtime lurker, recent member. Excited to be here, as I am relatively new to firearms but well educated and excited to dig in.

  10. Aduc

    Aduc New Member

    Hey everyone, new guy here. Just stopping in to say hi.
  11. postalT1955

    postalT1955 New Member

    Hi,, I am a new member 1st time posting. Vietnam are vet. Just started reloading my handgun loads a few months ago, no miss fires yet. Wanted to ask any other reloader out there if I can reload my 38 special using 38 s/w lead rounds. Bought the wife a top break H&R 38s/w started rekiading and the firing pin broke. So I have 489 145 gr. rn lead bullets and was wandewring if it would be safe to reload for 38 special. Probaly not JUST curious.
  12. cgdeleon

    cgdeleon New Member

    Hi, Newbie here from the Philippines... Am previously an airgunner and had upgraded to powder. I used to hunt(small preys only) sometimes also and I have a Remington 870 shotgun. I have a second hand Anschutz 1415/16 I bought from a friend. Quite a good rifle, I won some trophies and medals with it in our local 22lr competitions. Just recently bought a 1911 format 40 S & W pistol and would like to try joining our local pistol shooting...:)

    Just be given an old Dillon reloader by my brother n law and I'm trying to use it now for my own pistol shooting... quite an interesting hobby I may say and its still working well although it has a broken bracket before. I tried around 18 rounds already of my own load and I think its ok. My next steps would be to know their fps..:)

    My first gun by the way is a compact two-tone Tanfoglio I bought with y first salary after I graduated from college.. A nice compact gun and hard to hit a first but now after some practice I'm hitting with it at around 15 yards..:) Its a 9mm by the way...no troubles with it so far...:)

    Thanks for approving me, I'm glad to be here Guys!
  13. the jinkx

    the jinkx New Member

    Hello.new man.Im looking for Dr. Sterling Pollock.to get in contact jinkx62@yahoo.com..also looking for hollywood gun shop remers for 30mpvfb.and specs of the venturi shoulder and ect.thank you.
  14. Blood_Mink

    Blood_Mink New Member

    The name's Matt. Interests include anything that goes bang, long range target shooting and anything handgun related that doesn't deal with hypothetical self defense daydreaming.
  15. SWSS

    SWSS Member

    learning more

    SWSS here from the Volunteer State!

    I own more guns han my MIL likes, but she has no problem shooting any of them!
    I work for Smith&Wesson Secutiy Solutions - yes, THE SMITH&WESSON, no, I cannot get you any killer deals, but i might do some trading on my bargain purchases...:neener:

    Over the last several years I have noticed my patriotism rise as our country sinks. I love the freedoms we enjoy and it is truly the land of the free because of the brave!

    I have been in various roles of national security and law enforcement but now i am enjoying the "fun" of it, if you will.

    I see a lot of information here and look forward to gleaning some.

  16. woostescot26

    woostescot26 New Member

    Help with a research study

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to complete a research study for my masters program. My study focuses on concealed carry laws. I have a simple questionnaire that I am hoping people will able to fill out and return to my email address at the bottom. It is completely confidential and at no point will anyone's personal information be asked. I look forward to seeing some of your responses.

    Attached Files:

  17. RScott

    RScott New Member

    Hi from Alaska! I don't know anything about this site other than a string of arguments about COP 357 pistols. Does anyone know how to get into the action and clean it up? It looks like there's a pin on the backstrap than can be removed for disassembly but I wonder how hard it is to get back together? Thanks, RScott
  18. fisheral87

    fisheral87 Member


    Hello THR,

    Been reading posts on google searches for some time and felt that in general there was good info to be gleaned and fair discussion on THR.

    Hope to be a responsible contributor.


  19. A good reserach study guide on this subject is the latest edition of Jon H. Gutmacher's book: "Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership". Published by WARLORD PUBLISHING, it is the authoritative guide that explains Florida & Federal Laws on firearms, weapons, and Self-Defense issues. It describes everything about Concealed Weapons Permits, civil liability and insurance issues, what you can and cannot legally do to defend yourself, and much, much more. Best wishes for a successful paper. Ralph "HUNTER" Lauretano - P.S. I have responded to your questionnaire and have E-mailed it to you at: asampson08@gmail.com
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011
  20. Check out http://stevespages.com/pdf/cop.pdf for info on the COP pistol

    This site will give you gun manual info on every gun.



    Ralph "HUNTER" Lauretano
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011

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