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New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Justin, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. LelloBeetle

    LelloBeetle New Member

    Hi all. My name is Laura. I'm 40-something from Houston, Tx. and living in Pittsburgh, Pa. with my husband. I own a Mossberg 12-gauge, Ruger 10/22 Carbine and a Bersa BP9CC. Looking to learn a lot on the forums. Thanks very much.
  2. carver patriot

    carver patriot New Member

    hi all

    Well I have been reading this forum for years and never joined. I grew up around fire arms in the communist state of massachussets. Hope this site will help me network with other ma gun owners. I love my country I love the constitution and hate our politicians. Thank for this great site!
  3. Dean Weingarten

    Dean Weingarten Well-Known Member

    Dean Weingarten

    Not completely new to THR. I was mentioned a couple of times in 2003 when I wrote a review of Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matt Bracken. I also bought a couple of cases and distributed them.

    I retired last year and have turned more energy toward restoring the Constitution. I have taken over the Gun Watch Blog and have been having some success with original content articles. Dr. John Jay Ray is the originator of the blog, and he has volumes of great scholarly articles about the psychology of "liberals" or "leftists" linked to the site.

    The most successful article so far as been my compilation of Mass Killings Stopped by Armend Citizens.

    I just posted it on THR.


    I have posted over 9,000 self defense and gun related articles on the freerepublic.com banglist.

    This looks like a great site.
  4. akv3g4n

    akv3g4n Well-Known Member

    Hey guys-

    Been reading the forum for a while now and figured I should probably stop being a spectator and get involved in the discussions.

    I've been shooting most my life but just started to become more of a collector/enthusiast the last 5 or so years. Escaped from NJ about 7 years ago and now live in rural NE Ohio southwest of Cleveland.

    Hope to learn and contribute a lot.
  5. WCT

    WCT New Member

    my name is deacon im looking for some answers or things to try to improve some of my rifles so we ll see what happens thanks
  6. rl2013

    rl2013 New Member

    New member; have already found lots of interesting info here. Midwest gun enthusiast. Looking to gain knowledge on hunting, protection, and reloading. Also any topics relevant to firearms and family activities & safety (youth hunting, sporting clays, etc..).
  7. greybeard57

    greybeard57 Active Member

    Hi...I'm a noob, glad to be here

    Just started reading THR and find it has some really good info. I'm going to be a noob doing some reloading which is how I found the site. Been playing with firearms for near half a century but just recently got serious with it.
  8. Pete7

    Pete7 Member


    I joined a while ago, but haven't posted. I'm a NJ resident, so I'm used to prohibitive, poorly thought out gun policy. I find myself worried that lawful, responsible AR owners are becoming targets of reckless media intent on "selling newspapers" with little regard for victims of senseless violence or the constitution.

    All the Best,
  9. MNOD Glocker

    MNOD Glocker Member

    Hello all! New member here from Minnesota! I am just lurking around here to get a feel for how other people shoot, reload, use their firearms ect. I have shot since I was very young and own several firearms of different makes and models. I also love handloading and have done that for several years as well. I hope to meet some members from MN too!!! -Andy
  10. silentsilas

    silentsilas New Member

    New member

    I'm a new member from Kentucky, pleased to meet you all.
  11. Hello ,Airbrush Artist aka Mike..Kettering,Ohio retired GM, currently Driving School Bus past 12 years own My Own Airbrush Business /Artist,along with Staff Manager at The Fraze Pavillion one of the Top ranked Outdoor Amphitheatres in the Country,Pleased to find such a Great friendly Group of Weapons Enthusiasts, appreciate the opportunity of learning from the best.Thanks for the Friendly Welcome God Bless Each of You...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  12. Lethal Threat

    Lethal Threat Well-Known Member

    new member to HR

    I am a new member, even though been reading post's from search functions for years. Decided to add this one to my list.

    I load 308, 223, 222, 45acp, 380, 9mm. I have a couple of Muscle Cars as a hobby also. And love to metal detect.
  13. Hi Silas - welcome to the THR forum. I hope you find lots of useful information here. There are many knowledgable people who love guns and gunstuff here, who are willing to share their passion for firearms with everybody.

    I've always wanted to explore the possibility of hunting in Kentucky's "Land-Between-The-Lakes" , but have never known anyone from Ky. to ask about it. Are you familiar with that part of your state? And if so, would you give me some general ideas about going there for deer and other samll game hunting please? As a total novice to the area, I have no idea where to start or if it would be something that I'd care to do after I get more knowledge about the place.

    I flew over it once, many years ago, on a private flight from Nebraska back to South Florida, where I live. It looked very interesting from 1,500 feet up.

    Any information you'd care to share with me would be appreciated.

    Ralph Lauretano, (AKA: "Hunter") rlauretano@aol.com
  14. deputy dog

    deputy dog New Member

    Hi new member I go by deputy dog. I have some questions about S&W guns. I love them but don't know where to go to find out what year the guns I have were made by serial numbers. any body have answers? I live in Oregon I shoot rifles, pistols, shotguns. Retired law enforcement and my wife said I can get another job after retiring or I could fish, hunt, play golf, or go to the range,( the range I belong to we can shoot out to 1000 yards ) but if I stayed home she was going to kill me. So now I drive a school bus so I can buy more toys.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  15. night driver

    night driver New Member

    Good evening.

    One of your MOD's (Lee Lapin -- err Fred Fuller) drug me over here when our ongoing (decade long?? or close) discussion included discussions of JY and TR...
    Here to learn just like I was when I joined the X and one of their mods took me to the Karakorams...
    I've PRETTY MUCH got a solid definition of my lane, and attempt to RARELY stray.
  16. ZombieFromDU

    ZombieFromDU Member

    I just joined a few minutes ago.

    I learned about his forum on Democratic Underground.

    I live in Montana. I used to own a hunting rifle, but I didn't really enjoy hunting, so I sold it. I love guns in movies and video games, but I have little interest in owning an actual gun.

    I love to debate, and I hope to have a good time engaging in some fair debates here on THR.
  17. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    This is not a debat forum so I think you will be disappointed . If you come to learn about firearms, the 2nd amendment, RTKABA ,and the shooting sports in general , you came to a good place for information.
  18. ZombieFromDU

    ZombieFromDU Member


    rule four says we can attack arguments, which in my opinion, is debate.

  19. rchery59

    rchery59 Well-Known Member

    Hi, Gerry from NY, western NY not the other end of the state. Just joined after finding out how much this site has to offer. I'm impressed. Into traditional archery(have been building recurves and longbows for 20+ years) bamboo fly rods, handguns and just started reloading for my wifes 380. Ford auto tech by trade
  20. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Active Member

    Joined awhile back but have only posted a few times. Remodel carpenter, firearms enthusiast, and former Marine in the Denver, CO area.

    Posted from Thehighroad.org App for Android

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