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New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Justin, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Darius Medea

    Darius Medea New Member

    Darius Medea

    Hi, all. I am a 64 year old, avid gun collector and shooter, who would love to afford many more guns and gun vaults, but finances are limiting in these days of the Obaminator. I am married with 3 adult children, 1 of whom is married with a 1/5 year old son. A second son has a 4 year old daughter (no wife), while the 3rd son (actually the oldest) has a long-term live-in, almost a common-law wife. All 3 are also into guns. I am an Ordained Pastor in a conservative Presbyterian church, a retired Registered Nurse (Psychiatric specialist), a licensed electrician, carpenter, and presently work as a Bank Protection Officer for one of the best known security contractors. I work as an Armed Officer, which for us means a .38 cal. revolver, with the old 158gr. solid point loads. I also ride motorcycles and take photographs, both digital and film. I've been married (to the same lovely woman) for 42 years and counting. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Pleasure to meet all of you.
  2. stevo629

    stevo629 Member

    New member!

    I wanted to stop in and say hello from upstate NY. I am an avid shooter and reloader for 14 years. Got more than a few manuals and a little bit of knowledge. Always looking for help and giving it as well.
  3. alfon99

    alfon99 Well-Known Member

    Not new, but never introduced myself

    Hi, I am 13 years old (Probably the youngest in the forum) Well I like all kinds of weapons, but specially big guns. I live in Uruguay, In the country and the closest village is 25 km away, so I have lots of space for shooting. (That's good for shooting, but getting ammo is hard) I've been shooting since I was 3 years old, and then I became a gun-addict. I just love shooting, but specially when I hit the target. I love hunting, but I still didn't hunt any big animal. (The largest was a fox) But I want to start hunting wild boar. This is my first time in a forum, and I find people very nice and helpful.
  4. Caleb Isaacs

    Caleb Isaacs New Member

    Hello Ladies and Gents

    Folks..I'm new. I found this site researching an old trusty " plinking " pistol. I enjoy Hunting and fishing and really enjoy " plinking". The pistol i was researching is an old family ruger Mark 1 with a 5 in. bull barrel, I also own a Browning Buckmark 5+ in bull barrel , a Beretta tomcat and a 50's Single action cowboy style Colt Frontier Scout. A Marlin 39 A completes the 22 rimfire collection. You guys seem to have a lot of info and I look foreword to having a source to contact for those " odd" gun questions we all have. Speaking of questions did anybody ever buy a COLT 1911 and KNOW right then that they were gonna spend money and start customizing it ??? We all can't own a kimber but if ya got the platform , Patience , and money.. you just wanna make it nicer 'cause ya can. Peace , love and spent brass.
  5. Rick McC.

    Rick McC. Member

    Hello From Weeki Wachee, Fl

    Long time shooter, reloader, and 1911 afficianado.

    I like to work on my own, and occasionally work on other folk's 1911's.

    I'm a retired ombudsman, and also am into boating, spear fishing, fishing, hunting, IDPA, bicycling, kayaking, and playing guitar (going on 50 years of playing).

    In my spare time, I play in a rock band.

    Just checking in, and giving a big hey! To Y'all.

  6. CrocDuntoc

    CrocDuntoc Member


    New member, newish shooter (3 years) from rural NSW, DownUnder. Bit of iron sights fullbore (308 Musgrave with peep), but mostly ISSF handgun (Ruger Mk II & S&W617) and blackpowder (Ruger Old Army). Bit of a magpie, got a thing for stainless!
  7. talspaugh27

    talspaugh27 New Member

    Looking for an active forum

    Hey there I am Tom, I am on several of the other forums but looking for one with more of a activists as well as enthusiasts POV. Have been into shooting and hunting since I was young and have a building collection that we are about to add my wife's first pistol to.

    Look forward to getting to know a bunch of you.

  8. dazed

    dazed Member


    Heya all,

    I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I have been getting back into firearms the last few years and found this site while googling some info about an older marlin 22 i got from my great uncle.

    I live in a north burb of Denver.

    have a great day all.
  9. banshee_00

    banshee_00 Member


    Heh how are you all... Well i have been looking about for a bit to try to find out what make/model my .308 is and this site seems to be popping up in all my searches. Hope someone out there can lend a hand...Oh from Queensland, Australia ...
  10. Quilbilly74

    Quilbilly74 New Member

    Brand new

    Hello, I've read some good stuff on this site over the years and have decided I should get with you guys. 3 kids (14-12-9) that love to help load and of course shoot! Enjoy hunting, target sports, and reloading. Love all guns. My latest thing is a G20 with all the interchangeables. Mostly rolling up 10 mm and 9x25 Dillon.
    Happy to be here!
  11. supergrub

    supergrub Member

    new here

    I go by supergrub.I`m retired plumber.I was raised in Arkansas. Have owned a lot of guns in my life.Do not care for a tyrannical gov. or its employees.They are takers & users.I own a few guns now.A Mauser 1914 pp.& one I bought at an auction this year is a MAB p-15 from France. First 15 round clip made. Pretty Neat. My Fav is a Thomson Center Renegade ,54 cal. with buffalo slugs. 75 gr.of triple fff powder.Love the gun. You only get one shot.Have a good day , & keep your powder dry!
  12. capmo

    capmo New Member

    Howdie Freedom Lovers, Proud to join you. Here in People's Republik of California, taking a stand, will not conform not obey. Good luck and G-d bless us U. S.
  13. sk8r

    sk8r Member

    New Gal

    Hey All

    I'm an ex-pat from west Tx., now living in Canada. Been shooting almost my whole life - long guns mostly - and I'm an avid hunter. Looking forward to chatting with y'all on here. :)
  14. jasonsch

    jasonsch Member

    Always Wanted to be on "The High Road"!!

    Hello everyone from South Dakota!! Looking forward to exploring this site and talking with some of you - and maybe learning a few things along the way!! I have heard this is an excellent site with a lot of good friendly people. :)
    I guess will soon find out!!!
  15. StorminNormin

    StorminNormin Member

    New member: StorminNormin

    Hey Folks,
    New forum member. I enjoy target shooting with rifles and handguns (all types).
  16. slamtoo

    slamtoo New Member

    Hello everyone, been reading this forum for about 2 years and finally decided to join .
    I enjoy pretty much everything firearm related and learned a lot here and hope to learn more!
  17. gibble888

    gibble888 Well-Known Member

    HI ALL..im from lancaster co. Pa....im all about hunting with archery,flintlock,inline,rifle,pistol,and shotgun...i would use a speer but its not allowed in pa. I got into reloading out of necessity and love to be able to custom my own loads...ive never been able to shoot so good! Thanks. Dan
  18. lbsthapink

    lbsthapink New Member

    hello. name is mike. live in Prescott az. getting back into the scene. love sites that I can get good info from and not have too many smart ass remarks from know it alls. used to shoot a lot then crappy life events happened. now getting back into it slowly. love all guns. so far this site is really awesome with lots of info. yall keep up the good work
  19. sylviasimpson

    sylviasimpson New Member

    Hi Guys!! Newbie here!! Forum seems nice. Hope to make some friends as well.
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  20. WhispersGhost

    WhispersGhost Well-Known Member

    Hello All


    Thank you for having me aboard.
    Sorry for my not introducing myself here sooner.

    i am in my early 50s retired Locksmith.
    i play PS3 games a lot and still live as a teenager in my head.

    Well lets see .ok

    i Love collecting and taking apart all sorts of guns and putting back together again.

    As for Cap and ball i have

    ***Uberti 1849 Pocket (my 1st uberti)
    ***NAA Super Companion Magnum .22 Cap and Ball
    ***1858 New Army Brass Frame
    ***Many Air revolvers .22 and under.
    ***Blank Ekol 9mm Pistol
    ***Pietta 1858 New Army Buffalo in Stainless Steel with Kirst Conversion
    that i had put in using a Dremel and file.
    If anyone would ever like to see it i can take pictures of it.
    i also i have many good quality air Pistols Air Rifles my Favorite Air rifle is the QB57 it comes in a cool case kind of llike james bond and the rifle breaks down into 3 pieces with the scope included

    i have always been a slow learner but seem to sometimes be pretty good with mechanical things.

    IF i take something apart i love to learn how to put them together
    i am so glad this forum exists also youtube helps alot as well.

    For example yesterday i had gotten an Uberti 1849 my 1st Uberti ever.
    At first i had regrets i had ordered it because i heard bad reviews on DGW. and i was worried :uhoh: what UPS was bringing me yesterday.

    i ordered it from Taylors and Company.

    When it arrived came i opened it up and noticed the nipples were very clogged so i decided to strip the revolver down But not the Trigger assembly.after A Good cleaning i Polished it up to a nice Mirror like finish the way i like it.

    i had the hammer on half cock when this was all apart
    when i tried to put the cylinder on i could not.the Hammer was Locked.
    i said to myself oh no this is one of the things mentioned on Taylors if i have a Hammer lock to return it for repairs,

    i decided to take the plunge and look through YouTube videos the closest i came to was the 1851 Navy and i guess the parts are almost the same.i watched several videos and finally took the Trigger Guard apart and put it back together.what ever i did and i am not sure exactly i did but the trigger was working the way it should be.

    i had them put it all back together again
    All Mirror Shined up i fell in love with it.

    i was so happy i had the right Screw Drivers as well

    i am so glad to be part of a community like this to get help and advices from.

    Thanks Again All
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2013

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