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New 'nade Launcher!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Commissar Gribb, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Commissar Gribb

    Commissar Gribb Well-Known Member

  2. KriegHund

    KriegHund Well-Known Member

    Looks just like an MM1 but with rails and stock attached.
  3. max popenker

    max popenker Well-Known Member

    I wonder if anyone has more info on MM1, such as history of development, and who (which countries/units) actually use it...
  4. Joejojoba111

    Joejojoba111 Well-Known Member

    The MGL-MK1 is a lightweight, semi-automatic, shoulder-fired launcher for the widely standardised, 40 mm low velocity family of grenades. It's unique six-chamber, revolver-type design gives it vastly improved firepower compared with conventional single-shot types. It was specially conceived to meet the need for an area weapon with a high rate of fire and an ability to handle ranges beyond the reach of hand grenades.
    The convenience, simplicity, safety and reliability of the MGL make it a most practical and economical choice for any modern security force. Its combat effectiveness makes it the first choice. The MGL-MK1 is equipped as standard with an Occluded Eye Gunsight (OEG). The mount provides for rapid range adjustments and compensates automatically for the spin-induced natural drift of the grenades.

    The quadrant is graduated in 25 metre increments up to the practical maximum of 400 metres. Aiming with the OEG is simplicity itself. Looking into the sight, with one eye, a vertical red bar is seen. This mark has only to be aligned with the target, which is viewed with the other eye. The bar appears the size of a standing man at 200 metres and, by proportion, can be used to estimate the actual range to a target. The OEG is operable under any conditions, as long as there is sufficient light to see the target.

    Facts & Specs:
    Caliber: 40 mm
    Function: semi-automatic, shoulder-fired grenade launcher
    Weight: 5,3 kg (empty)
    Length: 778 mm (stock extended), 566 mm (stock folded)
    Barrel: 310 mm
    Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
    Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s
    Sights: optical
    Maximum effictiv range: 400 m
    Maximum range of fire: 3 rounds per second
    Practical rate of fire: 18 rounds per minute
    Minimum range: 80 m
    Maximum effictive range: 400 m
    Manufacturer: Milkor; South Africa"

    Just don't ask where from... (cough cough soldner cough)
    Oh that one hurt.
  5. Commissar Gribb

    Commissar Gribb Well-Known Member

    arnie used an MGL in terminator 2 during the escape from cyberdine(sp?) when he shot the cops with the gas grenades (oowwwwwie!)

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