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New Rem. 700 sps Varmint in .308!!!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by T-Ray, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. T-Ray

    T-Ray Well-Known Member

    Went to Dick's the other night, on my way to academy. I was gonna go to academy and get the 700 sps in .30-06, but stopped by dicks on the way to see if they had anything good. The guy at the counter seemed a bit bewildered when i asked if they had any 700's in the back b/c they didn't have any on the racks. He comes back with a 700 sps varmint in OD green that comes with leupold bases and a remington 4x12-40 scope chambered in .308. After some consideration about whether or not it was too heavy for its intended purposes (white tail), i ended up buying it because it wasn't too heavy, and it was $200 less than what i was going to pay for the normal sps with a nikon prostaff, and the heavy barrel will be nice if i ever end up varmint hunting. Paid $499 + tax. It also has the new x-mark pro trigger, which the regular sps doesn't have

    Does anybody know of a way to level a scope with just common household tools? I might not be able to get a scope leveling tool anytime soon and am going hunting on christmas, hopefully with my new rifle, if not then with my marlin 336.

    And of course, the pics:





  2. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    T-Ray, congratulations on the new rifle. I think you'll like the trigger which is easy to adjust. Don't forget to mail in your $40 rebate (see form below). When you ask about "leveling" the scope, do you mean getting the reticle level?

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
  3. Yozho

    Yozho Member

    Ok. I haven't had much interest in rifles other than milsurp until lately so my question may be obvious to some but I really don't know.

    How does a .308 qualify as a "varmint" rifle?
  4. plinky

    plinky Well-Known Member

    Some varmints are bigger than others?

    Nice choice on the rifle. Mine is the most consistant shooter I've ever owned. It did need a few break in groups though.

    The X Mark Pro trigger is nice. Heavy out of the box but easy to adjust. The other two adjustments would not break loose which in hindsight is fine. They did not need adjustment. Enjoy!

    PS, Don't take crap from anyone about the stock. It's purty. :D
  5. T-Ray

    T-Ray Well-Known Member

    Yes, i'm talking about getting the reticle level.

    No clue, but it was a good deal in one of the two calibers i was looking for (.308 or .30-06).
  6. Delmar

    Delmar Well-Known Member

    For mounting the scope, find a way to get your rifle secured-if nothing else, use a carboard box and cut the two sides so it will hold the rifle. I secure the scope mounts and ring bottoms to the rifle and then use a small bubble level across the rings to make certain its okay. If your rifle scope has flat adjustment covers, place the level across the elevation knob and tighten the rings carefully. Home Depot and most hardware stores carry a small level which works very well for a few dollars.
  7. Geno

    Geno Well-Known Member

    I use a Picatinny rail on my rifles. I mount the rifle on the cleaning rack, grab a simple bubble level, and level the rifle/base. I hang a target on the basement wall at about 20 yards, and assure that the target is near-perfectly level.

    Loosen the screws, adjust the scope's crosshairs to as-level-as a human can againt the target's pattern. Snug the screws (all 4 or all 8) and assure the rings' gaps are bi-laterally equal. Use a gap tool if you need. Take 2 wrenches, and tighten the screws simultaneously (left & right at the same time, by 1/2 turn increments). Alternate between rear and front ring's screws. The scope should stay true.
  8. caseypj

    caseypj Well-Known Member

    My father got the same thing today, the scope is actually pretty nice. I had a harris bipod laying around and put that on, I can't wait to shoot it.
  9. Envisaged

    Envisaged Well-Known Member

    Gunsmith loctite on the screws!
  10. T-Ray

    T-Ray Well-Known Member

    I finally get to get out and shoot it tomorrow, so i'm really excited

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