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New Romanian PSL-54C 7.62x54

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jpwilly, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Just got one of the New Romanian PSL-54c Rifles. Came with a cleaning kit, 3 piece cleaning rod, oiler, PSO-1 scope, scope pouch, 2 10rnd mags, 4 mag pouch, and of course the rifle. Here it is...just needs cleaned up. I'll post a range report.

  2. SomeKid

    SomeKid Well-Known Member

    Looks really good. What did it set you back?
  3. SpeedAKL

    SpeedAKL Well-Known Member

    Awesome! A Dragunov/PSL is definitely on my list of guns to acquire eventually.
  4. nwilliams

    nwilliams Well-Known Member

    Nice looking gun, congrats!

    BTW did you pick that up at J&G by any chance;)
  5. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    Yes...got it at J&G for $749! I figured I should get one while they are in stock. Lost out on too many deals in the past sitting on the fence.
  6. SomeKid

    SomeKid Well-Known Member

    $750? DAMN! I wish I had the money for that!
  7. LeibstandarteAdH

    LeibstandarteAdH Well-Known Member

    Best Mil-surp semi auto value for the money these days that wont turn out to be a POS are these in my opinion. Just make sure it dosent have the Y axis hole welded over...

    knock knock... heh
  8. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    I saw one of those at the last gun show. Drooled of course.

    Now I was under the impression those are SVD's...?
  9. esmith

    esmith Well-Known Member

    No sks?
  10. jpwilly

    jpwilly Well-Known Member

    No, they aren't Dragunov SVD's but they are capable of similar accuracy and shoot the same 7.62x54R round. The Romanian PSL's are different designs read up on them here think of an upsized AK with a better trigger and your on the right track. SVD's from Russia cost around $5K now...the Chineese model is around $2500 YIKES!

    SKS's are good deals especially the Yugos for $150ish. I have both a Yugo SKS and a NIB Norinco SKS that I'm not planning on shooting anytime soon. Of course I have the obligitory AR's and and an AK...this kinda rounds out the collection. Did I mention 3 Mosin Nagant live with me too? Just picked up 3 cases of the Bulgarian Light Ball Surplus (900rnds) from J&G to help feed them.
  11. Bartkowski

    Bartkowski Well-Known Member


    I don't know about anyone else, but I could have a few sks's for the price of that gun.

    Sure is a nice looking gun though.

    KINGMAX Well-Known Member


  13. Ash

    Ash Well-Known Member

    You could get several SKS's for that price, but they are not a current-issue DM rifle firing the 7.62x54R round with optics made by IOR-Valdada.

  14. LeibstandarteAdH

    LeibstandarteAdH Well-Known Member

    Exactly. But maybe the SKS means so much less to me just because they are all around. When the SKS was 79$ unissued out the door a few years ago back when i was first getting into the game, it was without a doubt the best surplus rifle value. These days at $210 or so for a similar condition SKS ill pass. Thats getting into WASR teritory and id spend the extra 90$ for an AK.

    I still think the PSL-54's are the best mil surp for the money at $750 with all the trimmings (scope, small parts, ect..)
    Especially sience its a current issue high powered rifle round that is still not any more expensive than 7.62x39 in terms of what it eats.
  15. doubleg

    doubleg Well-Known Member

    I would love to go hunting with one of those. :D
  16. deerslayer40

    deerslayer40 New Member

  17. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    I hope to get one eventually, but I've heard bad things about some of them being put together out of spare parts and passed off as imports. Wasn't there also some stink with the BATF over a batch of them?
  18. JHansenAK47

    JHansenAK47 Well-Known Member

    Ya, there was a stink. Century recalled a bunch of PSLs that they imported direct from the factory in romania. Mine was amongst the recalls; I sent it in and got a rifle back with a pinned on flash hider and ground down bayonet lug. I was pretty steamed because now I can't use a bipod that attaches to the bayonet and clean the little gap between the crown and back of the flash hider. On the plus side the rifle I got back had better metal finish. I don't know about you but I think the stock trigger on the PSLs is as bad as any AKs. I got an adjustable one from Redstar Arms and it functions vastly better than the stock trigger. I highly recommend their triggers in any AK type rifle.
  19. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Shotgun news has a great write up on these in the Nov. 5th issue. Not it's not an SVD, but it looks like it.
  20. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    How is the build quality on these lately?
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