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New Ruger SR9C problems!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Biggums, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Biggums

    Biggums Well-Known Member

    Just picked up my new Ruger 9mm Compact. When dry firing it riding the sear while pulling the slide and simulating rapid fire the trigger and hammer only sometimes engage. Whenn I fire and jack the slide keeping trigger pressure on and then releasing to find the sear I refire and the hammer just click and doesn't fully fire. Then once is maybe 1 in 5 tries the hammer will actually fall which if loaded would fire the gun.

    Nice little gun. Some what rough in detail internal finish and smoothness but I like the overall feel. Just wish I didn't have problem gun already. I would amagine the disconnect is screwed.

    I called the factory in Arizona and they will ship me a shipping return slip so I can send her in. I'm just thinking I should of bought a Glock or used Sig for the 400 I paid Buds for this. Like I say though I like the feel of this gun but it definatley feels mass produced compared to my German Sigs and other guns.

    Any Ruger owners out there that can encourage me? I'm still optimistic and would llike this to work out. I do like the reset when it works.

    Thanks for feedback on the SR9 series!!!
  2. ohwell

    ohwell Well-Known Member

    Clean the trigger group and the striker area with clp or outers triblube, spray them both work both back and forth a few times spray them again and turn them over and let them dry .
  3. barneyrw

    barneyrw Well-Known Member

    You should shoot it before you send it back, there may be nothing wrong with it. Your dry firing is not the way a gun is supposed to operate.
  4. LightningMan

    LightningMan Well-Known Member

    Quote: You should shoot it before you send it back, there may be nothing wrong with it. Your dry firing is not the way a gun is supposed to operate.

  5. Runningman

    Runningman Well-Known Member

    I've only had my Ruger SR9c about 4 weeks. So far I like it.

    What I did with mine was field strip it when I got home. Found a big mess of grease up in the slide in the striker area. Hard to believe this is a good idea?

    I Cleaned the slide and barrel off with some kerosene let it dry. Sprayed the inside of the slide and outside of the barrel with some Dry Lube. Went out and shot it. So far 350 rounds zero malfunctions.
  6. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    It would seem there is some problem, otherwise I would have said to actually shoot it first.
  7. Biggums

    Biggums Well-Known Member

    Yes I when I got her home I field stripped it and cleaned all the parts with Gun Scrubber. Then I lubed it all with CLP and started playing with it. At first the trigger was gritty and kinda rough feeling. As I continued to dry fire it I noticed that often it would not fully fire just click off to a non firing cycle. The more I fiddlled with it the more it continued this 1/2 firing pin cycle and would fully fire down with the firing pin about every 5 tries. It seems when I try to fire, cycle and ride on the sear it just clicks away over and over never fully grabbing the hammer so it can fall deaply into the slide this firing the hypothetical round. I called Ruger and they emailed me a shipping tag for repair.

    Here we go with a new litany of American quality craftsmonship stories to tell I'm afraid.

    I'll advise of the outcome asap. They seem interested in a turn around time of 10 days since its anew gun.

    My used German P229 is 1000 times the gun in smoothness and quality.

    I'm not sure why I bought this Ruger after my last experience with the Ruger M77 rifle in 223 that couldn't shoot 10 inches at a 100 yards.

    I will wait to see what happens with this as I really like the feel of this gun and hope things work out at the end.
  8. 3leggeddog

    3leggeddog Well-Known Member


    Your not suppose to dry--fire that SR9c WITH OUT a snap cap. Thats a sure way to break the striker after a while. I had a SR9 , the barrel peened , Ruger replace it .But the trigger never got better than a 9 lb. pull, I traded it in on a M+P 9compact:) , way better made inside + out. Ruger is not the same company they where 10 yrs. ago. Buying one now is a crap-shoot.
  9. Biggums

    Biggums Well-Known Member

    In the op manuel it says you can dry fire the gun all you want if you always have the mag in it.

    I know I should of bought others in the market place.
  10. Runningman

    Runningman Well-Known Member

    According to the manual on my SR9c you can dry fire if the magazine is in.

    Myself I cannot stand magazine disconnects. I removed the magazine disconnect before I even fired mine. It is easy to remove and you can dry fire with or without the magazine after the modification.

    I do agree the trigger was bad on the older SR9. I did not buy one because of the bad trigger on those.
  11. Runningman

    Runningman Well-Known Member

    Biggums sorry to hear about your issues. Hopefully Ruger will take care of them for you. Curious what date is on the fired case that came in the box on yours?
  12. ohwell

    ohwell Well-Known Member

    well im guessing if you clean it like we said move those parts back and forth a few times while its wet clean it again you may not have to send it back to Ruger. Mine was the same way when i got it a good cleaning and that gun hasnt missed a beat since.
  13. bigthunder

    bigthunder New Member

    i can't believe someone would send a gun back for repair before even shooting it. i could understand if it was a failure to come into battery or some other unsafe problem. but to expect no problems when manually operating a slide in rapid fashion while dry firing on a new gun is just silly.
    it's designed to FIRE REAL BULLETS not to be used as a simulator.

    i'll bet after you run 3-400 rounds throught it. all the little parts will be all snuggie and mesh into a smooth functioning weapon. you will come into enjoying this fine pistol just like many of us who own one.

    if there is actually a problem, i'm sure ruger cs will make it right.

    no its not a $900 sig either, its a $400 ruger. i think the fit and finish is just fine at this level. it also has features that many higher priced guns don't have.

    i will admit that mine had a couple failures of the trigger to reset in the first 100 rounds. it has just over 1500 now and working like a swiss clock. the trigger is very smooth and breaks clean at just under 6 lbs. i wouldn't want it any lighter on a carry piece. my wife who actually owns the weapon and shoots it well. has done the bulk of the shooting. she just loves her "rudy" and i'm fine with that. when they bring out an SR .40/.45 i'll be all over it.

    good luck
  14. Biggums

    Biggums Well-Known Member

    I agree with some that its kinda wierd to return a new gun as inoperative before even takin g it to the range. With this little guy though and my 40 some years of shooting experience I can positively see that there is something wrong. This morning I picked it up and it mostly cannot fully drop the firing pin when dry firing it. The tech at Ruger seemed to understand my description as he told me quickly there's something wrong and to send it in. This made me think maybe they know of an issue already.

    Anyway I could return it for refund but its too cool of gun to give up on. I know Ruger will get it right and they said they would do a special 10 day turn around. The emailed me the UPS shipping label which is cool.

    I'll let you all know the outcome.
  15. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    First off the SR9s do not have a "hammer!"

    If it's been dry fired without the magazine or snap cap in place YOU have created the gritty trigger and testing the gun the way you are doing it is all wrong! Take it to the range and shoot some real ammo before you condemn it.

    IMO the SR9 is a quality gun at a very reasonable price and it is one of my favorite 9mm range guns.
  16. Biggums

    Biggums Well-Known Member

    I read the OM it it said you can fire these by dry fire with a mag in place. That's what I did and when doing it it fired with each pull of the slide with the mag inserted enough to fire the next round. But in 8 out of 10 times the striker fire pin did not engage fully and just clicked which would never fire a real round in the chamber. Then maybe 2 in 10 would fire the pin down all the way that in the real world would fire a round.

    Now the situation gets worse if I ride the sear when jacking the slide.

    The gun goes in Monday!

    I'll advise to the results as Ruger has promised me a 10 day turn around.
  17. barneyrw

    barneyrw Well-Known Member

    You really need to actually shoot the gun. Nothing you have posted means anything. If it doesn't shoot properly then you have a complaint, until then it's just meaningless speculation.
  18. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    I suspect you'll never be happy with it no matter what they do. Return it or sell and get what you wanted in the first place.
  19. Kymasabe

    Kymasabe Well-Known Member

    Thaks for the review and keep us posted on what happens. I have a like-new Sig P250 that I'm selling because I can't get used to that looooong DAO trigger. It's smooth as glass, just way too long for me. When trying to do double-taps, I often don't let the trigger out far enough to reset. Not the kinda situation I want to deal with if I ever need the gun to save my life. So, been lookin at other compacts and the SR9c was high on my list of possibilities.
  20. PT1911

    PT1911 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with what everyone is saying... SHOOT THE GUN!!!! if there are problems, so be it, send it in... As things are, if they receive the gun and it shoots without error it will be sent back to you in the same condition that you sent it off...

    Are you at least pulling the slide aggressively all the way to the rear? Or are you short pulling it?

    Your continuous use of phrases like
    , and
    is confusing as you HAVE NOT FIRED THE GUN and really have no clue as to what it should or should not feel like...

    Dry fire a Glock, Taurus Millenium, 1911, CZ 75, PA 63, SR9, 24/7, 24/7 OSS, CZ P-07, Steyr M9-A1, and an XD side by side by side... and you will notice a strange thing... they all feel DIFFERENT!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2010

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